The 377 pill is an elliptical or oval-shaped, white-colored tablet computer with an imprint the "377". It has been identified to contain tramadol hydrochloride in the toughness of 50 mg. This tablet is produced by sun Pharmaceutical industries Ltd. The dimension of this tablet computer is 13 mm. That is only easily accessible as a prescription native the doctor. This medication is known to belong to the narcotic analgesic drug class. This drug has actually several brand names, but the most typically used brand is Ultram.

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The 377 pill is mainly used for dealing with moderate to severe type of pain. This pill tends to alter the method our human body feels and responds come pain. The is recognized to it is in quite reliable in regulating pain. This pills are well-known to be extremely effective since they are narcotic in nature. However, this drug is largely prescribed just for short-term use and also should no be supplied for a much longer duration to avoid leading to drug abuse.


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It is usually given after an individual has actually undergone surgical treatment or one accident. That is offered to relieve pain for a brief duration during the healing process. Below are the other species of pain, which deserve to be treated with the help of the 377 pill:

Pain related to depression

Few individuals additionally use this medicine recreationally. These people must have actually initially obtained a prescription to control their pain and must have ongoing taking the pills even after your prescription had expired or just start come abuse the drug.

This medication is very addictive and also taking it just to get high can lead come serious consequences or next effects. It can even lead to death if erroneously abused.

Important Information

Do not misuse this medicine due to the fact that it has a tendency to slow down one"s breathing and can additionally turn the end to it is in habit-forming. Save this medicine out of reach from kids or any other person who has actually not been prescribed this medicine however has the tendency to misuse the drug.This medicine is not recommended for youngsters younger 보다 12 year old. The brand Ultram ER must not it is in prescribed for anyone that is younger 보다 18 years old.Let the doctor recognize if you space pregnant or planning to conceive due to the fact that this drug have the right to be life-threatening and also may also cause details withdrawal symptom in the child baby.If this medication is used together with the intake of alcohol, then it have the right to lead come dangerous side impacts such together drowsiness or sluggish breathing.Those who have actually a medical history of seizures must use this medication with caution because the usage of tramadol is known to reason seizures.Let the doctor understand if you room breastfeeding or parenting a baby.

To ensure that this medicine is safe for you, permit the doctor recognize if you ever before had any type of of the medical conditions: 

Stomach-related conditions or disordersKidney problemHad suicidal attemptsIntake that sedatives such as tranxene, diazepam, lorazepam, alprazolam, clonazepam, and also midazolam


This medication should it is in taken specifically as prescribed by the doctor. Make certain to follow every the doctor"s accuse or you can additionally check the brand of the medication for an ext details top top its usage and also dosage.

There are possibilities that tramadol deserve to slow under or prevent the breath of an individual. It typically occurs once you start using this medication or anytime the dosage the this medication is changed. Avoid acquisition larger quantities of this medicine. Moreover, it have to not it is in taken for a much longer duration.

Let the doctor know if the medicine is not functioning the means it have to be as soon as it pertains to providing pains relief. Once you start taking this medication with the guidance of the doctor, prevent taking other species of around-the-clock drug pain medications.

The 377 pill have the right to be bring away either v or without food, but ensure to take it the same means on a continual basis. Store this medicine at room temperature and also away from heat and moisture. Ensure to store track the the quantity of medication being offered from the bottle, so that you are aware if anyone has been utilizing the medicine from the bottle without a suitable prescription.

Since this medicine is greatly used because that pain, there are less chances the it deserve to be missed, yet in case you miss out on a dose, then take the missed sheep as soon as you remember. Skip the missed dose if that is already time because that the next dose. Execute not take extra sheep of the medicine to avoid an overdose.

This medicine is recognized to impair your thinking and also reactions, so stop driving or using any type of machinery until you are well aware of the impacts of this drug. An additional side result of this drug is dizziness, which may lead to drops or accidents. For this reason, protect against carrying out any tasks that would certainly need mental alertness.


Adult Dosage because that Pain: The immediate-release dosage would be 50 mg to 100 mg to it is in taken orally with an interval of 4 to six hours or on an as-needed basis to relieve pain. The maximum sheep recommended by the doctor have the right to be 400 mg every day. In the instance of individuals who are over 75 years old, the maximum encourage dose have to not exceed 300 mg every day.Pediatric Dose for Pain: This sheep is for individuals who are 17 years old and above. The immediate-release tablet dose need to be 50 mg come 100 mg to be taken orally every four to six hours according to pain experienced. The best dose the end here can be 300 mg a day.

For those patient who room suffering from moderate to moderately significant chronic pain and not needing a rapid onset that analgesic impact can at first start a dosage that 25 mg to be taken orally when a day. This can be titrated in the increments that 25 mg in every 3 days to with the dosage level the 25 mg to be taken 4 times a day. Thereafter, the dosage can be enhanced to 50 mg together tolerated by the separation, personal, instance in every three days to reach the sheep of 50 mg to be taken four times a day.

Side Effects

Below are several of the typical side effects that deserve to occur during the food of tramadol treatment:

HeadacheVomitingDrowsinessFeeling lightheaded

Although rare, the drug additionally has some severe side impacts if the dosage instruction and also usage room not appropriately followed. The serious side effects may include: 

Seizure assaults or convulsionsNoisy breathingWeak pulse InfertilityImpotenceLoss of attention in sexMissed menstrual periods

Immediately educate your doctor if friend experience any type of of these next effects. Another probable side effect would be low levels of cortisol, within the adhering to symptoms are experienced:

Loss that appetiteVomiting Nausea

At times, couple of individuals may additionally experience severe skin reactions resulting in symptoms together as:

Burning emotion in the eyesPainful skin complied with by a skin discoloration (turning red or purple)A skin decision that quickly spreads, particularly on the face and upper bodySkin blistering and peeling 

Seek instant medical help if anyone encounters symptoms concerned the serotonin syndrome. The symptoms would include:

SweatingFast love rateStiffness in the musclesMuscle twitchingVomitingGetting quickly agitatedLoss of coordination or balance 

An elderly individual would have actually an enhanced risk of suffering from the drug"s serious side effects. Aside from older adults, civilization who space overweight, debilitated, and also malnourished must take this medication with a lot of care. Acquisition this medicine for a lengthy time may also influence the fertility that both men and also women. However, that is tho unclear whether the effects of opioids on fertility is irreversible or temporary. 


As formerly mentioned, this pill deserve to be addictive. People who have recently taken big amounts that opiate agonists tend to suffer withdrawal symptoms after tramadol treatment. This drug is no recommended for people who are inclined to drug abuse, those who have a background of opiate agonist dependence, and also those who space taking opiate agonists for a long time. 

The drug"s extended-release tablets could be abused through injecting the liquified pill, snorting, crushing, or chewing, which regularly lead to an uncontrolled distribution of opioid that could an outcome in an overdose or even death. 

Few of the symptom of a drug overdose incorporate a slow-moving breathing pattern and also an rarely often rare or slow-moving heartbeat. In worse situations, an overdose deserve to lead come coma, seizures, or death.

Drug Interactions

These white-colored pills can lead to some deadly drug interactions if they space taken along with other medications. Thus, the is essential to educate the doctor around the medicines you have taken or currently taking whether over-the-counter medicine, prescription drugs, vitamins, or dietary and herbal supplements.

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Moreover, do not start, stop, or change any dosage or medicine without your doctor"s recommendation. Below are the varieties of drugs that have the right to lead to serious drug interactions with the 377 pill:

Medications that deserve to slow down the rate of breathing or can make friend drowsy: These medications would incorporate sedatives, muscles relaxers, resting pills, antipsychotic medications, and tranquilizer.

HIV medicines such together ritonavir and MAO inhibitors can additionally cause serious drug interactions as soon as taken through tramadol.