Vintage sewing devices are actual workhorses. While they perform not have all the bells and also whistles the the modern-day computerized sewing machines, they were constructed tough. Those old vintage devices last and also last if they room taken care of properly and also White sewing makers are no exceptions

It wasn’t lengthy after the development of the sewing maker that the White sewing device company came right into existence. The company started in 1858 in Templeton, MA, and also later moved to Cleveland, Ohio whereby it was included in 1876.

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To learn much more about the background of the White sewing maker company all you need to do is spend a few moments analysis our article. It tells the story the this company and why you can’t discover their machines anymore.

White Sewing maker 101
Who make White Sewing Machines?
Does White Still make Sewing Machines?
When to be White Sewing makers Made?
How to date White Sewing Machine
White Jeans an equipment Sewing an equipment History
White Sewing an equipment Models List
White Jeans maker 1810
White Sewing device Serial Numbers
White Sewing machine Value
How much is a White rotary Sewing maker Worth
How good are White Sewing Machines?
Where have the right to I buy a White Sewing Machine?
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Who made White Sewing Machines?

It was thomas White who started the White Sewing machine company in1858. Only ago then that was dubbed the White manufacturing agency and only changed its name when it was included in 1876.

The firm was family-run until about 1955 as soon as Edward Reddig became president and also started to make wholesale changes to the operation. The agency used to do cars yet in 1906 that manufacturing strategy was be crazy off and also became a separate agency known as the White engine Company.

Through the year White to buy many significant appliance brands prefer Kelvinator, Philco, Westinghouse throughout those year of operation change. In 1964 the company readjusted its name to White Consolidated Industries and in 1975 purchase Frigidaire.

In 1986 Electrolux bought the White Industry and renamed that sewing equipments Husqvarna Viking in 2006. The is as soon as the White name was permanently gotten rid of from existence.

Does White Still do Sewing Machines?


Dating the White sewing an equipment is no going to be that daunting once you know the procedure. However you might face some confusion as White bought the end Husqvarna-Viking in the 1960s and continued to produce their makers under that added brand.

The procedure is not hard as every you have to do is watch on your sewing device and uncover the sign that has the manufacturer’s information. The tag can be on the former of the machine, the back, the bottom or ~ above the motor.

After you uncover the tag, copy down the serial number. Next, you discover the Husqvarna-Viking website and also click the call us button. Tell the customer business rep you desire to find out the age of your sewing machine.

2021 Update:Unfortunately, Husqvarna-Viking is not providing any age-related information. That looks like they don"t have actually that information.

Make certain you give the rep the serial number and also other personal information they may ask favor zip code, phone call number and also so on. Offer the rep a small time and also they should come ago with the day your machine was manufactured.

White Jeans an equipment Sewing maker History

The background of the jean maker is difficult to separate from the to produce of every the other models White produced over the years. The company was producing around 60,000 models in 1882 do it daunting to discover exactly when and also where those machines were produced and what technological changes came about.

From the reviews, the White Jean an equipment remained a simple sewing machine that was an alleged to manage denim much easier than a regular sewing machine. Lock did not come through a most stitch varieties and also a right stitch.

Many the the reviewers uncovered that this model of sewing device was not the best they can get and opted come buy various brands the sewing makers that operated with heavier fabric better than the White.

While the device sewed through layers of denim, the results were not always satisfactory and also that is more than likely why no one has actually written background about that machine. Its power did not stand out in anyone’s psychic making that worth composing about.

White Sewing an equipment Models List

Here is a perform of design numbers that White produced over the years. The is not yet been figured out if this is a complete and also definitive list and some models might be missing:

White Jeans device 1810


Part that the worth of a White sewing device will it is in in just how it was initially made. If the came v a cabinet, climate it would certainly be worth a little an ext money than a model that came with its carrying case.

Then the condition of the machine plays a function in exactly how much a White sewing machine is worth. The better the problem the better the price. One more factor the plays a role in identify the worth will be how plenty of machines were made at the time and how many still exist.

Of course, the value is only as high as the buyer is willing to pay for it. Some Whites have been recognized to go for around $300 or more most seem to be lower in value. EBay has one in ~ $300 and two at around $140 and also one much more at $175.

You space not going to do a most money turn off a White sewing an equipment unless you have actually a rare model in tip-top condition and also still working. The negative news is that the models 1422 & 1717 are selling for less than $50. Sentimental worth plays a small role in determining the yes, really value.

How lot is a White rotating Sewing an equipment Worth

There is no a lot of of an excellent news in this group for you. A vintage White sewing maker advertisement because that sewing equipments for sale is more valuable 보다 the actual rotary sewing machine.

Antique shops may have actually their prices significant a little higher but their worth is an ext on the historical element of the an equipment and no the maker itself. EBay has a couple of rotating sewing machines detailed and your prices variety between $20 and also $160.

Keep in mind that the sewing an equipment when attach by its initial cabinet, you may see the price soar to $450. However every market in the nation is different and the place of the seller dram a role in just how high or short the price will certainly go.

A similar machine in a various market marketed for only around $155. In the end, the value is the price the industry is ready to bear and also pay for.

How great are White Sewing Machines?


In 1858 dollars the original equipments sold for $10. Over a hundred years of inflation later and that amount may not buy girlfriend a great machine today. In fact, $10 in 1858 money equals around $300 today so you deserve to still bought a low-end maker today.

That conversion tells you how good the White sewing machines are other than for one factor. The pre-war years saw the equipments made from steel parts. That construction the White and other sewing equipments of that era to be strong, long-lasting and also capable of act a lot of sewing.

Many early White sewing devices still work-related 100 years later. In terms of performance, that is highly doubtful the White surpassed the performance of the top devices of that is day.

Their contract with Sears tells you the they were not making a the majority of top quality machines however wanted every house to have one at an affordable price. The White sewing machine while reliable were no made to it is in super performers choose Singer or Bernina.

Where have the right to I purchase a White Sewing Machine?

To get this list began there room some places you can go that won’t price you a lot of money to acquisition a White sewing machine. Thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales would certainly be your ideal bet because that an inexpensive purchase price.

Auction houses may have a White indigenous time come time and that option might be rare. EBay is one place and while friend can’t gain rich marketing your vintage White with that company, girlfriend can discover some cheap purchase prices if you want to include to your collection.

Antique shops are next on this list but expect to pay a higher price than several of the various other options. Component of their marketing price will include the money they spent restoring the sewing machine. They will certainly also include some historic value come cover their costs and also make a tiny profit.

Finally, newspaper divide ads, Craigslist, and comparable selling outlets are a great place to find White sewing machines. Friends and family might be a an excellent opportunity but that may be rare as well.

If you want a contemporary White sewing an equipment at a reasonable cost, every you need to do is purchase a Husqvarna-Viking brand maker as that brand has actually been making Whites due to the fact that the 1960s.

Keep in mind that the Husqvarna-Viking models are on the lower end of the top quality scale.

Some final Words

The White Sewing an equipment Company and sewing machines have had a really long and also rich history. Beginning in the 19th century the company made affordable machines so the every sewer could find relief from their sewing duties.

The good news is that countless of those old-time makers were constructed with meta parts and also continue to work-related today if you can discover them. The poor news is White was not making Bernina high quality sewing machines.

His devices may no perform as well as other brands and many sewers have actually made similar statements. A bright keep in mind is that White devices are an extremely dependable and can acquire the task done even if the outcomes are not as good as you would like.

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These days girlfriend will uncover Whites under the Husqvarna-Viking name as the use of the brand White finished in 2006. The final chapter the White stays unwritten.