This article contains numerous comedy writing tips and also advice to help you pen a effective funny quick story.

I’ve used some real-life humour composing examples, acquisition extracts from my own published stories to plainly illustrate just how the tips were supplied in exercise to attain success.

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I’ve additionally highlighted some usual mistakes do by authors trying to write humorous story so you have the right to avoid them.


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Comedy need to Be used to assistance an impressive Story

Writing comedy no easy. Numerous authors struggle to location humour so it sits naturally and unobtrusively in ~ a story.

I run and judge come Hull & Back, a humorous brief story competition giving a £1,000 top prize. Since of this, ns fortunate to review all kinds of various styles that comedic story from writers residing anywhere the world. The ideal funny short stories I check out all have the complying with in common:

The writer supplies humour to assistance a an excellent story.

They carry out not shot to it is in funny because that the benefits of being funny.

Think that a story favor a roast dinner. The main focus is the meat – beef, lamb, pork, chicken or whatever. Gravy is used to compliment the meal. In this analogy, the story is the meat and also the humour is the gravy.

If the beef is chewy, or the chicken dry, an great gravy is no going to do the meal enjoyable, even if the cooked through Nigella Lawson.

A story is the same. The personalities need to it is in excellent, the plot gripping, the idea original and engaging, the presentation professional. The humour should simply complement the story, providing it style and also making it much more enjoyable come read.

The same principle can be used to any style or genre the writing. Because that example…


Just since you have actually a vampire, a derelict castle, some screaming virgins and copious quantities of gore, walk not median you have produced a horror story filled v suspense and also intrigue.


Just because you have a handsome hero who can drive really fast without crashing, was standing in the center of gunfight without obtaining shot and also blow shit up without hurting any type of innocent bystanders, go not typical you have actually an entertaining activity thriller.

Etc. Etc.

The story chin – its subject matter, its moral, its definition – is the many important facet of any type of successful tale.


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How to usage Humour in Stories

I find the best way is through:

Character situation Dialogue

Let’s look at at this individually. I’ll use some real-life instances in this section.


If you give your personalities a sense of humour – an especially the main character whose philosophy you are likely to be creating from – your voice can add a comedic tone to the story in a natural way. For example, they could make funny observations around events, the case or various other characters and also use funny synonyms.

In my story ‘Devil’s Crush’, the key character, Joshua, has actually a solid sense that humour – it’s all that’s enabled him to keep his psychic after shedding his foot at battle in Afghanistan. This allowed me to include a tinge of dark humour to the story, in spite of its serious subject matter.

In the story, Joshua encounters a demon. This is his summary of the demon once it very first appears:

I know the demon is a he because he’s naked. He is a he with the best to it is in proud of just exactly how much of a ‘he’ he is. His skin is the color of burned rust, his body slender yet muscular and he wears a goatee on his chin an ext like the pet it is named after than a man. His 2 horns space long and also curved prefer warped knives of molten rock, his hairline a fixed of flickering flames and in his eye sockets room two glow coals i beg your pardon ping and also hiss favor the embers that a dice fire in the breeze. He is the source of the acrid stench which filling the room.

The 2nd sentence in this i delivers an element of humour there is no detracting native the description. This comes from Joshua’s voice – the way he sees and describes things. As the story is told in the very first person, I supplied this tone throughout. It’s not laugh the end loud hilarious; it just adds an amusing undertone the helps interact the reader. Joshua’s feeling of humour also helps build his character, including depth and believability to a fantasy story in a ethereal manner.


The instances characters uncover themselves in deserve to be amusing. This is often used an extremely successfully in sitcoms.

The danger right here is making the case slapstick in one unbelievable way, with characters acting the end of personality or a plot being manipulated to generate a laugh. This can feel unnatural and also disengage a reader. While typical in map out shows, this is not suitable for a brief story. Readers expect an ext depth.

When writing, I find it’s the means the personalities react come the situation that makes it funny, not the case itself.

An example can be checked out in the video below. This is a really famous scene from the UK sitcom Only stupid & Horses.

Del falls through the bar - famous Only fools & equines clip

It’s the means Trigger (played by roger Lloyd-Pack) reaction to the case after Del (played by David Jason) has actually fallen end that provides this therefore funny.

Here’s an instance from one of my stories. In ‘Shot in the Head and also Left because that Dead’ the key character, Dave, is in a band. He’s playing at Wembley stadion in London and half the crowd have actually turned right into zombies. That the way Dave observes, describes and reacts come what he’s seeing that renders the case amusing.

There’s a gore-fest of pandemonium walking on in the audience that would make Quentin Tarantino proud. Fifty percent of the crowd are trying to eat the other half’s brains. The persons who are reluctant to have their heads ripped open are trying to run away and, or, death their attackers v anything they can use as a weapon, consisting of bits of various other people. Points couldn’t be red – it’s choose a tomato puree production factory.

Before ns can totally digest the scene, a fixed of smoking cigarettes devilry dives out of the sky and starts munching zombies choose a ravenous bulldozer. It’s around the dimension of a three-bed semi. The teeth space as huge as buses and also it stinks favor sulphur.

I look in ~ the remainder of the band. None seem to be zombies, return it’s constantly hard come tell with the rhythm section. At the next of the stage I notification two the the roadies eating one of the sound guys, while mine guitar tech is using a preventive Les Paul to shot and behead what used to it is in our A&R man. Whatever is transforming to shit faster than swill through a pig.

I take Maiden’s arm. "Fuck the fuck," the says. "What the bastard?" Eloquently put. Sort of sums up what i was thinking.

"Noise," i scream. "We need to make many it."

He looks at me prefer I’m mental. To it is in fair, he could be right. Bollocks come it. This zombie-monster-fest is coming to an end. Now.

The events that are emerging are fantastical. Dave’s voice bring humour right into the situation. The characters are confused, no acting quickly, which seemed believable to me. If the situation might it is in so ludicrous it’s amusing, the personalities remain in character – they don’t act how I want them to act; lock act how they should, provided what’s happening approximately them.

I frequently write without too much plotting together I uncover this allows me to build characters naturally in this manner. I constantly write v an finish in mental (it help steer a plot in the ideal direction) yet don’t setup the detail. It functions for me. Why not try it yourself?


What characters say and also how they react to what is said can be really funny. Dialogue is the method I usage most typically to include humour into a story.

‘Death the a Superhero’ is a story that includes a most amusing conversation (it isn’t available to review online, yet is in the first To Hull & earlier short story anthology or you have the right to hear the on YouTube). While what is claimed is amusing, the main purpose of the speech is to expose the story and develop characters.

In this story the main character is Death. He is challenged by a recently deceased woman who is pretending to it is in Batman.

“You’re provided here as Doris Claymore,” the said.

“Never heard the her,” stated Batman.

Death got to out and stroked the decaying blade of the scythe the rested versus his desk. “This is rather simple, Doris. To development peacefully into the afterlife, you need to confirm her name. It method I can be specific of who you are, what you’ve accomplished in life and, therefore, where you need to spend eternity.” death dished out his best glare. Together glares go, it was pretty impressive. In the past, it’d made stars think twice around shooting. “Can friend tell me your actual name please?”

“Already told you. Ns Batman.”

“How deserve to I put this politely?”

“No should be polite,” said Bat-Doris. “Got skin as thick together armadillos, us crime fighters.”

Given the invite, fatality decided to be blunt. “Not only is Batman fictional, he…” death left a pause which he hoped would scream with meaning, “…is a man.”


“You have actually breasts.”

“They’re pecs.”

“No, castle breasts,” said Death, “and Lycra does little to mask your magnitude. Ns feel i should add that Batman was constantly depicted as an strong individual, in ~ the optimal of physical fitness. Clearly, she not.”

A tear trickled from in ~ Doris’s mask, arguing her skin could not be as thick as she’d led fatality to believe. “OK,” she whispered, “point taken.”

Despite the scythe, the rotting cloak and also the distinctive lack of flesh coating his wrong bones, fatality was a sensitive individual. That disliked bring about upset. Most world found the suffer of dice traumatic enough, there is no him being disagreeable.

In a much more gentle tone, that said, “Good. What’s your actual name?”

“Bruce Wayne.”

As you have the right to see, the dialogue in this extract help to build character and also reveal the plot, do the reader want to discover out what wake up next. Death and also Doris have clear voices – fatality has one underlying feeling of humour, when the humour is Doris’s indigenous come from she defiance to admit the truth. The inquiry is, why is she behaving like this? Well, if you review (or listen to) the whole story you’ll find out.

"Death the a Superhero", a funny short story carry out by Christopher Fielden

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Things to prevent in Comedy Writing

Being Funny because that the sake of being Funny

Don’t try and it is in funny for the sake of it. Humour demands to evolve and also present chin naturally. If you chuck in a slapstick minute when your story doesn’t require it, it can disengage the reader.

For example:

Arthur is the central character in a story. He’s having actually to come to terms with just how he’s slowly losing his mam to Alzheimer’s. The story is created in a humorous layout – Arthur is an funny character and also his sense of humour enables him to uncover ways of taking care of the pain his wife’s instance is causing him.

If, throughout the story, Arthur is in ~ B&Q and also needs come urinate but is for this reason desperate that he decides to use a display screen toilet and also gets caught by a member that staff, is that funny? Does the fit?

Well, that depends just how it’s handled.

If the situation is put in the story to generate a laugh via bared willies in a liven shop and inappropriate torrents of urine, climate no. The reader will certainly not be able to suspend your disbelief. They will certainly disengage native the story and ask questions like:

Why no Arthur just go come the toilet listed for customers? If he to be that out of regulate of his body, wouldn’t he just wet himself? Why to be I analysis this story? i think ok stop…

The action Arthur is performing i will not ~ seem reality or believable. Yes, I’ve viewed very similar situations gift in stories submitted to the short story competition i run countless times.

However, if Arthur acted prefer this ~ above purpose, to gain attention or help, and the B&Q employee member to be a sort young male named Jim who wanted to help Arthur, then the situation and their conversation can be presented in an amusing manner. That would have a suggest and include to the story, revealing character advancement and plot. In this situation, it’s not the bared willies and also public urinating it is funny, that the result conversation and also reason behind the situation developing in the first place.


Bodily Functions

In daily life, farting, poo, wee and also snot will always be funny. However, in writing, these subjects have actually been covered comprehensively for decades by very talented writers and also actors. It’s really hard come come up v an original method of inserting amusing bodily features into a story.

I’m not saying don’t carry out it, I’m simply saying be very careful if you perform – make sure your story calls for Grandma to fart, for example, fairly than just putting it in there for the services of it.

Because Pauly (a great friend of mine) is a teacher, I’ve been lucky sufficient to referee a children’s humorous creating competition because that his school. 95% that the stories kids aged 7-9 write involve farting, poo, wee, vomit and/or snot. It is what youngsters find funny.

Bear the in mind as soon as writing for adults. While few of us still smirk as soon as we drop a violently aromatic guff in a confined room shared with a loved one, that doesn’t always translate into a gripping emphasis for a story’s plot.

When i judged the competition for the school, i did this short video clip for Pauly to present the kids. I thought I"d encompass it below as it"s around humorous writing.

me, talking around comedy creating


Avoid clichés. When you check out a many of quick stories, choose a newspaper editor or a competition judge might, you conference a many clichés – the exact same hackneyed phrases, supplied time and also again (see what i did there? i’ve highlighted that in blue in situation you to let go it…).

Clichés end up being clichés since they are generally used. This means they space not original. They do not assist a writer create a unique voice. They perform not connect a reader. They are unlikely to assist you end up being a released author. An ext often than no (I did it again, did friend notice?) lock will result in stories being rejected.

Cliché doesn’t just refer to common phraseology. It likewise refers come overused themes and also subject matters. For example, I discover a most older writers have tendency to write about people struggling to pertained to terms v retirement:

Wives that discover their husband’s consistent presence annoying Husbands who decide to take it up DIY to fill their time and make hilarious (often not…) mistakes Couples realising they have actually grown apart now their children have left house and shot to perform something about it

I watch these species of stories a lot of in the competition i run. If you’re walking to handle a subject issue like this, you must come up through an initial angle.

Below is a video clip by InkTears CEO Anthony Howcroft. It’s licensed has been granted ‘How to success a short Story Competition’. It’s worth watching the entirety thing, however pay distinct attention to tip number 1.

Exclamation Marks

Exclamation marks do not do your composing funnier. If you use much more than 1 in ~ a time, they carry out not exponentially add hilarity to the vault sentence. In fact, they deserve to have the opposite effect.

In my experience, plenty of writers overuse exclamation marks, specifically when trying to compose comedy. There is plenty of advice ~ above this elsewhere and opinions execute differ. Still, the ideal comments i’ve seen are by terrycloth Pratchett and also Elmore Leonard i beg your pardon were mutual by the Guardian ~ above Twitter.

The humour in a story must be natural and also obvious. Exclamation marks should not be crucial for a leader to recognize the joke. I don’t usage exclamation point out at all in my own quick stories. As soon as I modify the come Hull & back humorous brief story anthology every year, I eliminate them all. Am I appropriate to do so? Feel cost-free to comment on in the comments below.

Canadian author, Olivier Breuluex, freshly took me up on the sell at the finish of the ahead paragraph. Our discussion was interesting, so I produced a blog post from it. You deserve to read it here.

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Learn from Funny films & humorous Books

You have the right to learn a lot indigenous others. As soon as you read a funny book, or watch a comedy movie or TV programme, enjoy it, yet ask questions:

What makes you laugh? Why? Is it the situation? Is it something someone has actually said? Is it how people interact? Is that the strength of character? Is that gags and also jokes?

I discover watching funny scene a 2nd time permits me to appreciate the approaches used to do someone laugh. An initial time through, it provides you chuckle. 2nd time through, ask you yourself why you found it funny. You deserve to then use the same approaches to your very own writing.


The authors I’d indicate reading space Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt and Douglas Adams. Yes, I choose funny fantasy stories, and these gentlemen space the finest in the field. Whether you favor their layout or not, you deserve to learn from analysis their work.

Here are a list of the funniest publications I’ve read:

A Short background of nearly Everything by bill Bryson repaint Your Dragon by Tom Holt Puckoon through Spike Milligan The Hitchhiker’s overview to the Galaxy (and every the sequels) through Douglas Adams The mystery Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾ by Sue Townsend

TV Programmes

I think only Fools and also Horses is a good TV series to study. The stories are good, the characters incredibly strong. It’s commonly the method they interact and talk come each various other that provides the situation funny. Man Sullivan had actually a talented way of convert from fairly an emotionally scene to something funny in a natural way. You can learn a lot structure character native watching that programme – Del Boy and also Rodney space incredibly solid and identifiable.

Others that have large appeal and have been really successful:

certain Fabulous Blackadder Cheers Fawlty Towers friend Garth Marenghi"s Darkplace i’m Alan Partridge My surname is Earl only Fools & horses Police Squad! Porridge Red Dwarf south Park The new Prince that Bel air The Simpsons The Vicar of Dibley


Well, there are many. The ones the make me laugh the most are:

aircraft Austin Powers: worldwide Man of mystery Bad News Blazing Saddles Clerks Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Dodgeball Dr. Strangelove Dumb & Dumber Ghostbusters hot Fuzz Hotshots Monty Python’s Life the Brian Shaun the the Dead Stir stunner The huge Lebowski The Blues brothers The Jerk The guy with 2 brains The Naked total The Pink Panther Strikes Again The producer There’s Something around Mary This Is Spinal insanity Trading locations Uncle Buck Wayne’s people

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Humour is Subjective

It’s worth pointing out that humour is subjective. What one person finds hilarious might irritate another. You deserve to never expect to please everyone as soon as writing a funny story, for this reason don’t shot to. Pick an audience and shot and appeal to them.

For example, I have tendency to create fantasy stories, and add the humour via the methods described in this post. It’s no ‘laugh the end loud’ hilarious humour, it’s more subtle and underlying, regularly giving the stories a dark undertone. This doesn’t appeal to everyone, yet I have been effective with the style and had a lot of stories published.

So don’t give up if one human doesn’t like your work. Hear to a wide range of opinions before deciding even if it is your usage of comedy works or not.

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Funny Stories

There are a many comedy short stories easily accessible to check out for cost-free in the quick stories section of the site. Numerous are composed by me, yet there are some by other authors. Ns am currently publishing work-related from various other writers. You re welcome visit mine submissions guideline page to find out more.

As a measure of quality control, every story featured on my website has actually been formerly published, one of two people through short story competitions, magazines or composing journals. So each story has been successful and deemed together being publishable by professional editors and competition judges.

Accompanying each story you will find information around how and also why it was successful. This is to assist other authors learn and apply tips and advice that space proven to occupational to their own writing.

You can likewise read numerous humorous brief stories in the come Hull & ago anthologies. So much I’ve released two. At the time of creating I’m currently in the 3rd year of to run the competition.

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You can learn an ext about the anthologies via the links below:

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Useful links to other Comedy Resources

Below are some helpful links to other posts around writing humour.

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How To create a brief Story, get Published & make Money

If you discovered the information in this write-up useful, you might like my publication ‘How to compose a quick Story, gain Published & make Money’.

It consists of lots of an extremely detailed information about my experience of composing funny short stories and also getting castle published. I usage a most real-life case studies in the book, reflecting the reader totality stories rather than extracts, therefore they can completely understand how I used the various tips and advice to accomplish success. I also share details of how much money i’ve made v writing, giving readers a clean idea of just how much occupational is involved and what they have the right to expect to earn from their very own writing.



As always, your comments room welcome and I perform my best to answer to everyone.