The attributes of the Renaissance more important need to do with the an excellent interest that occurred this activity by the assumed of Rome and Greece.

The Renaissance is a period of background that arised in Italy in the fourteenth century, although some historians day it come the regime of Frederick II (1215 - 1250). Through the 16th century, it spread to the north, including England, and ended in the early on seventeenth century.

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Florence is the cradle that the Renaissance movement.

In enhancement to the interest in Greece and also Rome, the discovery and also exploration of brand-new continents, the substitution that the system of astronomy for the of Copernicus, the decline of the feudal system and the growth of trade, and also the innovation or application of developments such as file , The to press press, the compass and also the gunpowder.

For contemporary thinkers, the Renaissance is a go back to the mode of learning and also classical knowledge, ~ a long duration of cultural decline and also stagnation.

People began to rediscover their origins and try to blee them. Latin together language abounded in papers that symbolized the greatness that its past. It can be claimed that that was an attempt by intellectuals to study and also improve the secular world through ancient ideas follow me with brand-new approaches to philosophy.

This period is best known for the artistic development and contributions of personalities such together Leonardo Da Vinci and also Michelangelo, who motivated the Renaissance man. Girlfriend may likewise like to understand The 7 most vital features of Baroque , another outstanding cultural movement.

Highlights of the Renaissance

3 Renaissance artists: Titian, Botticelli and da Vinci

1 - Humanism

the humanism deserve to be identified as the renewed focus given come life in this world, in contrast to the spiritual and also beyond life linked with Middle periods .

The humanists that the Renaissance had actually a great interest in the dignity of man and his possibilities about life in this world. The human being being to be appreciated a social creature that could maintain a significant existence associated with various other social beings.

Humanism represented a adjust from the contemplative life to the energetic life. In the middle Ages, a good value had actually been fastened to spiritual contemplation and distant devotion far from this world.

In the Renaissance, the highest social values ​​were generally connected with active participation in public life, morality, politics and also military action at the company of the State.

The ide of the"Renaissance man"refers to one who participates actively in the public domain, however who possesses knowledge and an abilities in several locations of knowledge.

spiritual values ​​continued to coexist v the brand-new secular values. This association allowed that humanism was not frowned top top by the Church and that the development of this kind of thought was quickly spread transparent Europe.

2- religious beliefs

In the Renaissance it was a concern of knowledge man with his connection with God. The enthusiasm for classical ideas did not necessarily indicate an abandonment the Christianity.

Undoubtedly, over there was an increase in the variety of pieces of art, both visual and literary, managing secular themes. Nonetheless, discovering was aimed in ~ a far better understanding the God together a tool for obtaining salvation.

religious Renaissance arts was developed to accumulate reverence and wonder. However, that can likewise be seen as a structure of principles aimed at ensuring salvation.

within Catholicism, salvation could be got through a combination of belief and good works that bought time exterior of purgatory.

Protestantism brought a revolutionary adjust to the Catholic institution. The transforms generated consisted of a reinterpretation of the new Testament with thinkers together young name Luther .

Under this new conception, there to be no intermediaries between man and also God and also there was no purgatory from which come escape. These brand-new Renaissance worths ​​brought v it a massive devastation of spiritual art in good news countries.

3- Mathematics, scientific research and technology

throughout the Renaissance, humanity was rediscovered with classic Greek studies in the areas of astronomy, anatomy and also medicine, geography, alchemy, mathematics and also architecture.

one of the greatest scientific explorations in this period came indigenous the polish mathematician and astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. In 1530, he released his theory of a heliocentric solar device where the earth was changed by the sun as the center of this dynamic.

Empiricism began to take it the reins of clinical thought. Scientists were guided by experience and also experimentation, and began to investigate the natural human being through observation. This to be the first indication of an incipient divergence between science and also religion.

The Renaissance man began to acknowledge these two areas as independent areas of one another. This developed a conflict between scientists and the Church to the point where they came to be prosecuted through the institution.

manufacturing in science started to it is in demonized or to be treated together gossip and even plenty of were imprisoned because that expressing your ideas.

Galileo Galilei to be the most persecuted scientist that the regeneration by the experiments the realized. This led investigations that sustained the idea of ​​new celestial objects and that the a heliocentric system. The Church required him to stay the last nine year of his life in his residence under arrest.

4- Art and also Literature

The origins of Renaissance art deserve to be traced back to Italy in the late 13th and also early 14th centuries. During this period the Italian artists and also academics witnessed themselves motivated by the principles and advances of classic Roman culture.

Writers choose Petrarch and also Giovanni Boccaccio gave a brand-new look come Greece and Rome, reviving your language, worths ​​and pundit traditions.

The Catholic Church continued to be the key sponsor of the arts during the Renaissance, through popes and also other prelates come convents, monasteries and also other spiritual organizations.

Nonetheless, art works additionally began come be i was delegated by civilian government, courts and also wealthy families. In Florence, much of the artistic production was carried out under the order of the merchant families, most notably the Medici.

The masters Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael conquered the scene during the so late fifteenth century until the early sixteenth century. These artists come from every walks that life, and also usually studied together apprentices before being admitted as professionals and also working under the tutelage the a much more experienced teacher.

In addition to sacred images, numerous of these works portrayed domestic issues such together marriage, birth and also daily life.

5- Exploration and also trade

The tools emerged during the Middle eras for exploration were used throughout the Renaissance. One of these was the astrolabe, a portable an equipment used by sailors to uncover the way.

v the measure of the distance of the sun and the stars in the horizon, the astrolabe helped to recognize the latitude, vital tool in the navigation. Another really used facet was the magnetic compass, i m sorry was created in century XII and was improved in the Renaissance.

Maps became an ext reliable as Portuguese cartographers integrated information compiled by travelers and explorers into their work. The to produce of ships enhanced with the building and construction of galleons that were moved by the wind rather of by the human force.

while the navigation was still imprecise, the seafarers were able come go additional than they had ever come. This was important since it permitted an improvement of the economic situation of the Renaissance by an increasing demand that imported assets and new places because that the fiddle of neighborhood products.

Traders seek the seas as the first choice in the search to fulfill the need for oriental spices. He too eastern Was a location for the production of priceless gems and also silks because that the an ext affluent classes.

6- Music

Music was critical part that civic, spiritual and courtly life. The rich exchange of principles in Europe, and the political, economic and spiritual events the this period led to important transforms in composition style, dissemination methods, new musical genres and also the development of new instruments because that interpretation.

The most vital music of the early on Renaissance was created for the usage of the Church. However, through the 16th century, patronage was prolonged to include Protestant churches, courts, and wealthy world in society.

Sixteenth-century humanists studied the Greek treatises ~ above music and discussed their close relationship with poetry, along with the method it might affect the hearer"s feelings.

influenced by this classic world, Renaissance composers were able to unite words along with music in a quite dramatic setting.

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