If you got a paper from who else, you may be charged v the duty to style the document. One of the very first steps you may want to take is to remove all the tab stops in the document, thereby returning every paragraphs to their "pristine" state where only default tabs are in place.

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If you want to remove all the tabs stop in a document, the quick means is come follow these steps:

Press Ctrl+A. This shortcut selects the entire document.Display the home tab of the ribbon.Click the little icon at the bottom-right of the paragraph group. Word displays the paragraph dialog box.Click the Tabs button, at the bottom-left that the dialog box. Word screens the Tabs dialog box. (See figure 1.)


figure 1. The Tabs dialog box.

Click ~ above the Clear all button.Click on OK.

That"s it. You deserve to now go v the document, top top a paragraph-by-paragraph basis, and collection any tab stop desired.

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