SeasonApril come November
Class I
GaugeJackson Lake Release
Shuttle4.5 miles. OK to hitch or drive 2 cars.Distance from Rendezvous River sports to the put-in: 37 miles

Description: This is a beautiful operation well suited for touring kayaks, canoes, rafts and also dorys. The river meanders the end of Jackson Lake, framed through the towering cool Tetons. Many postcard photos have been taken of this section. Caution should be bring away to avoid snags or log in jams.

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Directions: Drive phibìc from Jackson on Hwy 191/89. After ~ 12 miles you will certainly reach Moose Junction, turn left. Drive across the snake River and also stop at the visitor facility if you need a permit. Turn best out that the visitor center and enter cool Teton, nationwide Park. Monitor the park road north 24 miles till you with Jackson Lake Dam. The put-in is several hundred feet listed below the dam. To reach the take-out, proceed northeast to Jackson Lake Junction. Revolve left and also drive 3 miles to the signed Pacific Creek watercraft access.


SeasonMay to October
Class I+
GaugeJackson Lk. Release + circulation of Pacific Creek & Buffalo
Length11 miles
Shuttle10 miles. Drive two cars.Distance indigenous Rendezvous River sports to the take-out: 24 miles

Description: listed below Pacific Creek, the river flows additional from the road. It also picks up speed and also becomes an ext braided. This is an extremely scenic stretch with numerous methods to check out wildlife. Caution is vital as over there are often snags and log jams. Touring kayaks, canoes, rafts, and dorys every float this stretch.

Directions: To with the take-out journey north out of Jackson top top Hwy 191/89. If you require a allow or information, prevent in Moose. Continue north ~ above 191/89 till you reach the left-hand revolve to Deadman"s Bar. Follow the dirt roadway down come the river. Walk come the riverbank and also make a psychological note the the take-out together it have the right to be conveniently missed. To with the put-in, return to Hwy 191/89 and also continue north to Moran Junction. Turn left and enter the park. Monitor the indications to Pacific Creek boat access.


SeasonMarch to November
Class I+
GaugeJackson Lk. Relax + Pacific Creek, Buffalo Fk.
Length13 miles
Shuttle12 miles. Drive 2 cars.Distance from Rendezvous River sporting activities to the put-in: 5 miles

Description: From Wilson the Snake flow meanders down the valley, included by dikes top top both sides. This stretch flows generally through undeveloped areas and also offers wonderful see of the Teton and Snake flow Ranges. Wildlife viewing is great as well. Usage caution to avoid snags or log in jams. Kayaks, canoes, rafts, and dorys every float this section.

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Directions: To reach the put-in drive west indigenous Jackson ~ above Hwy 22. After crossing the flow turn ideal on Wyoming 390, climate take the very first right. The take-out is reached by driving southern from Jackson ~ above Hwy 191/89 for 7 miles. The an initial bridge you with is the south Park Bridge; turn tough right before crossing the river. Early and also late season boaters may uncover river access difficult.

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