General concerns to get started before focusing ~ above story elements:

What perform you want to share? just how do you feel around ... ? What are you discovering from the story? What carry out you think it is essential literature? Why was it important?


wherein does the story take it place? as soon as does the story take it place? might it take it place almost everywhere else? If so, where? could the story take place in this world? how did the author describe the place? how did the authored define the time? What can you see, feel, hear, smell, together you read? exactly how much time passes in the story? If the story were in an additional time, would certainly it change? How? how did the author make the reader conscious of the happen of time? just how is the setting like a place that you know? Does the time or place affect the characters or plot that the story? exactly how well did the author and illustrator do in creating the setting? would certainly you want to visit the location the character lives?


What space you learning about the method each character feels around each other? do you think each character will readjust in the story? how is a character favor you? just how would you favor to be choose a character? how are you various than the character? exactly how would you like to be different than the character? exactly how would you desire each personality to change? Why? just how do friend think the personality felt? exactly how do friend think the character felt when...? What led to you to think that? exactly how would you feel if that occurred to you? What brought about the character to do the decision they did? What led to the personalities to be together for the story to take place or take it place? could this happen in actual life? can this happen in her life? What led to you to excellent the character? or What brought about you not to excellent the character? What step did you prefer best? What did friend like around it? how did the character show (kindness, fairness, ...) What did the character carry out or the author say to reason you to believe that? Why execute you think the character did that or why the writer had that happen? What room the benefits with being able to ... (make choices, have actually freedom, gift able to execute something, ...) What space the disadvantages? how do authors make characters seem real? What would you like to questioning the character? What execute you think the character’s answer would certainly be? how would the have changed a character? just how would life be various for the characters in the story after ~ the occasions in the story. Is the method the character lives different than the means you live? What perform you think around that difference. would you desire to live at the time, place, or manner? Why? What differences did the characters have? how were these differences commemorated or just how did the differences develop a conflict?Who is the most interesting character? What makes them therefore interesting? who is the most crucial character? Why? What character is the nicest? Why? What personality is the bravest? Why? i m sorry character taught you the most? Why? What decisions did the personalities have come make? How necessary were they for the story? how does the author/ illustrator let the reader know about the characters? What does the writer or personality say or do? What do other personalities say or do that impacts the reader around the other characters? just how do the characters change? Why? Which personalities don"t change? Is character change important for the story? Why? are there characters with little roles that are crucial to the story? Why? What go you find out from a character in the story? just how did the personalities fell around each other? Why? Is it believable the there could be personalities like those in the story? Why or why not? just how well did the author and also illustrator execute in producing the characters?


how did the author begin the story? how did the author cause friend to read more? What is the main difficulty in the story? how did/do you think it would/will be solved? What challenges do the characters meet in the story? just how do they manage them? What options did the personalities have? just how does the selections the characters make affect the various other characters and the story? What execute you think is the many important component of the book? What is the climax of the story? What room the major events in the story? might the order of the occasions be changed? can some it is in omitted or added? If therefore why and with what consequences? just how predictable is the finishing of the story? would you have ended it the same? Why or why not? What ideas did the author provide around the ending? What carry out you think will happen next in the story or after the story? What perform you think will take place to the characters in the story? might the story really happen? Why or why not? how did the author aid you to recognize the scene? What go the author do to make the story seem realistic? how does the writer make the reader think they are really a part of the story. Just how was the plot resolved? What is the shortest review you can produce for the story? make a sketch or picture for an event in the book. What room the most essential events in the story? Why perform you think they room important? What would you like to ask the author? how well did the author and also illustrator perform in producing the plot? What might have taken place differently?


What is the author"s message? What is the story about? Is the location appropriate? Why? What walk the story median to you? Why did the writer write this story? exactly how well do you think the author and also illustrator go in producing the theme? What lesson does the story have actually that resembles life?

Point the view

that tells the story? perform you think this is the finest person to tell the story? Whose point of check out is the story said by? What other point of view might this story be told with? just how would the story be different if told through one more character"s eyes? just how well go the author do in picking a allude of view?


What space some exciting words, phrases, and sentences? What words developed a emotion or snapshot in your mind? define the emotion or picture.

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Exactly how did these functions evoke these images or feelings? Where carry out you think the writer describes something well? Why? What are several of the strongest words supplied by the author? just how did the author begin and also end the story? Was any kind of of the language particularly interesting, vivid, or surprising? just how well go the author and illustrator perform in producing a style?


What execute the illustration include to the story? How essential are the illustrations for the story? just how do the illustrations help provide an interpretation or clarity? What is your favorite illustration? why? might you snapshot what was happening if there were no illustrations? exactly how well walk the illustrator do in illustrating the piece?

Author Illustrator

would you read other publications by this author? Why or why not? have actually you check out other books by this writer or illustrator? how are they comparable or different? What other books might this publication have caused you to read? Why execute you think the writer wrote this book? What walk the author have to know to compose this book? What did the author do to attention the leader so that he or she ongoing to check out to the end. Did the author keep you interested? Why or why not? Why do you think the author began and also ended the book the way that castle did? Why walk the writer choose the title" would certainly you pick the same? If not why not? If yes, why yes?


What is the genre of the book? just how did friend know? Is this text a good example the this genre? Why or why not? exactly how is this book like other books you"ve check out in this genre? What do you find challenging about analysis this genre? just how well go the author and also illustrator do in fitting the story into this genre?

Personal Connection

just how does the story make you feel? have you had similar experiences? walk the book remind girlfriend of another? Do any type of of the characters remind friend of someone in genuine life? exactly how is this story like one more you know? exactly how are the characters, setting, and problems choose those in other stories friend know? What walk this story do you wonder about? What surprised you? exactly how well did the author and illustrator perform in making you think lock can create the type of stories you will certainly like?