31 MLB Players with the many World collection Wins


Some form or fashion of major League Baseball has been about since 1871, and also the an initial World collection took place in 1903. However the very first World collection rings weren’t handed out until the new York Giants winner the 1922 world Series, and also it took an additional decade for all groups to adopt this tradition. But with or there is no a ring, a champion is a champion, and also some players have been a little better than rather at win titles.

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We constantly hear about Bill Russell’s 11 NBA championships or Tom Brady’s 7 Super Bowls, however we don’t hear as lot chatter around the mr of the ring in MLB. Who has won an ext World series than any kind of of the other 20,000 football player in significant League history? that is someone that is a room of Famer and also appeared in a staggering 14 World series in his career, winning the 10 times!

Here space the 31 MLB players v the most World collection championships.

15. Derek Jeter – 5 (Tie)


Career: 20 seasons (1995-2014)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .310 BA, 3,465 H, 260 HR, 358 SB

Championship years: 1996, 1998-2000, 2009

* Players have to have showed up in the World collection for the to win team in bespeak to it is in credited.

Bottom Line: Derek Jeter


The perform starts off v a tie between 17 — yes, 17! — football player who have actually won the World collection five times. So, we’ll begin with Derek Jeter, the confront of the Yankees franchise for many of his 20 seasons in the Bronx.

As a an excellent player on a good team, Jeter had many methods to victory the people Series, together he was constantly in the postseason. In fact, that is the all-time leader in postseason games, runs scored, hits, total bases and strikeouts.

He played in 6 World collection — winning four — prior to the age of 30 but won only one after turning 30. His finest performance come in the 2000 World series versus the Mets once he struggle .409 en path to being called World series MVP.

Winning Words indigenous Derek Jeter


"We simply want to win. That"s the bottom line. Ns think a many times human being may come to be content v one championship or a small bit that success, however we don"t really reflect on what we"ve excellent in the past. We focus on the present."

15. Joe Collins – 5 (Tie)


Career: 10 periods (1948-57)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .256 BA, 596 H, 86 HR

Championship years: 1950-53, 1956

Bottom Line: Joe Collins


This list has 16 room of Famers and also 14 others who made at the very least one All-Star Game. However, Joe Collins is the only one right here who has actually neither success on his resume, and also he was frequently overshadowed by team members Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra.

Collins was also known for disappearing as soon as October rolled around, together he heavily struggled in the postseason. He to be a job .256 hitter throughout the continuous season however hit simply .163 across 36 postseason games.

And he never ever hit higher than .238 in any of the seven World collection he participated in.

Winning Words from Joe Collins


"We just have to take that one video game at a time. We haven"t played our ideal game. We all know that."

15. Lefty Gomez – 5 (Tie)


Career: 14 seasons (1930-43)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: 189-102, 3.34 ERA, 1,468 K

Championship years: 1932, 1936-39

Bottom Line: Lefty Gomez


Lefty Gomez’ actual name, that course, wasn’t Lefty, together he earned that nickname from gift a southpaw. That was one of the finest pitchers that the 1930s and also won two pitching crowns by top the AL in wins, ERA and also strikeouts in both 1934 and 1937.

He to be a big-game, clutch pitcher who performed even much better during the playoffs, as he went a perfect 6-0 in the civilization Series. Those 6 wins room tied because that fifth-most in World collection history, and he’s one of three pitchers ever to have a perfect World collection record through at the very least 50 innings pitched.

Winning Words from Lefty Gomez


"I"d quite be lucky 보다 good."

15. David Cone – 5 (Tie)


Career: 17 periods (1986-2001, 2003)

Teams: Kansas City Royals, brand-new York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, brand-new York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

Stats: 194-126, 3.46 ERA, 2,668 K

Championship years: 1992, 1996, 1998-2000

Bottom Line: David Cone


David Cone is the first player top top this list to victory a ring exterior of pinstripes, as his very first World collection came with the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays. The was got at the profession deadline from the Mets and won one ALCS game along the method to Toronto’s very first of back-to-back championships.

Cone wasn’t on the 2nd of those teams, yet he would collect four more rings with the Yankees. In 1999, the threw the 16th perfect game in MLB background and would go on to win game 2 of that year’s World collection against the Atlanta Braves.

Winning Words indigenous David Cone


"I like to think that the world"s biggest athlete coming as much as bat versus me — Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, i don"t care who it is. And also I"m looking at him thinking, you have no chance."

15. Tony Lazzeri – 5 (Tie)


Career: 14 seasons (1926-39)

Teams: New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Brooklyn Dodgers, brand-new York Giants

Stats: .292 BA, 1,840 H, 178 HR, 148 SB

Championship years: 1927-28, 1932, 1936-37

Bottom Line: Tony Lazzeri


Tony Lazzeri was a steady visibility at second base because that the Yankees and also has a pair of notables on his resume that no one else can claim.

He is the only player in MLB background to complete the organic cycle with a grand slam (hitting a single, double, triple and also grand slam in sequence). He additionally holds the American league record for most RBI in a single game, as he knocked in 11 Yankees in a video game in 1936. Additionally in the game, Lazzeri ended up being the an initial player in MLB background to hit 2 grand slams in a solitary game.

All the those exploits outweighed him making simply one All-Star Game, and as a result, Lazzeri was elected to the Baseball hall of fame no sooner 보다 50 years adhering to his last game.

Winning Words from Tony Lazzeri

"Around new York, I offered to hear that expression, "Once a Dodger, always a Dodger." but how about, "Once a Yankee, always a Yankee?" There never was anything better than that. Friend never get over it."

15. Eddie Lopat – 5 (Tie)


Career: 12 seasons (1944-55)

Teams: Chicago White Sox, brand-new York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles

Stats: 166-112, 3.21 ERA, 859 K

Championship years: 1949-53

Bottom Line: Eddie Lopat


Eddie Lopat was born in new York and attended high school simply 5 miles away from whereby he would play his home games at Yankee Stadium. He invested seven complete seasons v the Yankees and won World series championships in the middle five of those years.

Lopat post a sterling 2.60 ERA throughout 52 World collection innings, and he was likewise useful with the stick. He aided his own reason with 3 RBI in ~ the key in World collection games and was even used together a pinch hitter in the consistent season a pair of times.

Winning Words indigenous Eddie Lopat


"The most necessary pitch you can have in your repertoire is the noodle."

15. Gil McDougald – 5 (Tie)


Career: 10 periods (1951-60)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .276 BA, 1,291 H, 112 HR

Championship years: 1951-53, 1956, 1958

Bottom Line: Gil McDougald


Gil McDougald to be a slick-fielding super utility guy who could play everywhere the infield. His 5 World series championships came with him play three various positions: shortstop, second base and 3rd base.

McDougald wasn’t known for his power due to the fact that he never hit much more than 14 house runs in a season, however in 1951, he became the first rookie to club a grand slam in a World collection game.

He appeared to discover a power surge every October, together he hit 7 World series home runs, which quiet ranks amongst the top 10 of all time.

Winning Words indigenous Gil McDougald


"It"s basic to have actually a good day once you feel good, and easy to have actually a horses*** day as soon as you feel prefer horses***. The inquiry is, once you feel prefer horses***, can you still have a great day?"

15. Mariano Rivera – 5 (Tie)


Career: 19 periods (1995-2013)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: 82-60, 652 SV, 2.21 ERA, 1,173 K

Championship years: 1996, 1998-2000, 2009

Bottom Line: Mariano Rivera


The greatest closer in MLB history was also, unsurprisingly, the greatest closer in World series history.

Over 36.1 innings pitched, Mariano Rivera posted a microscope 0.99 ERA on the method to 11 saves. Rivera actually began his Yankees career together a setup man instead of a closer and would go into the video game in the saturday inning during his first World collection run in 1996.

Over the following four human being Series, the would end up games and also his finest performance come in 1999 matches the Braves. Rivera earned two saves and one success over the four-game sweep and also became the 4th relief pitcher to be called World collection MVP.

Winning Words native Mariano Rivera


"I acquire the ball, i throw the ball, and then i take a shower."

15. Red Rolfe – 5 (Tie)


Career: 10 periods (1931, 1934-42)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .289 BA, 1,394 H, 69 HR

Championship years: 1936-39, 1941

Bottom Line: Red Rolfe


Red Rolfe spent his job in the zero of big names prefer Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio, however he to be an integral component of the Yankees in ~ the hot corner.

He was the Yankees No. 2 hitter his entire career, for this reason he set things up because that the big bats and did his job by scoring 100-plus runs in seven straight seasons. Rolfe"s ideal year came in 1939 as soon as he led the AL in operation scored, hits and also doubles, together the Yankees won their 4th straight human being Series.

After his playing career, Rolfe held countless roles in sports consisting of as a Yankees coach, the Detroit tigers manager and was the athletic director in ~ his alma mater, Dartmouth, native 1954-67.

Winning Words around Red Rolfe


"Red was one of the greatest 3rd basemen of every time." —Former brand-new York Yankees manager Joe McCarthy, top top hearing that Red Rolfe"s death in 1969

15. Andy Pettitte – 5 (Tie)


Career: 18 periods (1995-2010, 2012-13)

Teams: New York Yankees, Houston Astros

Stats: 256-153, 3.85 ERA, 2,448 K

Championship years: 1996, 1998-2000, 2009

Bottom Line: Andy Pettitte


Andy Pettitte was a great player ~ above some good Yankees teams and was component of the main point Fore together Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and also Jorge Posada. Pettitte"s 13 starts in the World series are second-most in MLB history and his 56 strikeouts ranking seventh.

The left-hander pitched in a complete of eight world Series, but not all of them were through the Yankees. He spent three seasons with the Astros, and also they made the World collection in 2005 versus the White Sox. Houston lost, which marked Pettitte’s third straight World collection defeat after ~ winning the an initial four of his career.

He perfect his career with one more World collection victory with the 2009 Yankees.

Winning Words native Andy Pettitte


"Never is a concept the Yankees won"t ever before come across."

15. Joe Gordon – 5 (Tie)


Career: 11 seasons (1938-43, 1946-50)

Teams: New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians

Stats: .268 BA, 1,530 H, 253 HR, 975 RBI

Championship years: 1938-39, 1941, 1943, 1948

Bottom Line: Joe Gordon


Joe Gordon to be the premier defensive 2nd baseman that his era and also would have won many Gold Gloves had actually the award been established when that played. Additionally, he to be the rare slugging middle infielder that averaged 26 homers every season.

Gordon’s number would have been even far better had that not lost two wins of his prime to military service, and also his teams didn’t also make the postseason in those years Gordon didn’t play.

His many memorable play came in his final World series game when he struggle a sixth-inning home run in video game 6 the the 1958 people Series. That homer provided the indians a 2-1 lead, and also it verified to be the game-winning home run, as Cleveland winner the game 4-3.

Winning Words around Joe Gordon


"He was among the greats of the video game — a important brilliant protective player. Come me, he to be the perfect second baseman v his ability to revolve the twin play and hit for strength in together a an overwhelming hitter"s park together Yankee Stadium. That made Phil Rizzuto and Lou Boudreau better. That wasn"t just good. He to be great." —Baseball Almanac

15. Catfish Hunter – 5 (Tie)

Career: 15 periods (1965-79)

Teams: Kansas City/Oakland Athletics, new York Yankees

Stats: 224-166, 3.26 ERA, 2,012 K

Championship years: 1972-74, 1977-78

Bottom Line: Catfish Hunter

One the baseball’s finest big-game pitchers, Catfish Hunter three-peated v the Athletics and then go to brand-new York and won back-to-back championships with the Yankees. His won-loss record was 5-3 in the World series with a 3.29 ERA across 63 innings.

In game 1 that the 1974 civilization Series, Hunter made a rare appearance in relief. The Athletics were up 3-1 beginning the ninth inning, but with one out from victory, Rollie Fingers gave up a homer and then a single. Through the game-winning operation at the plate, fingers was replaced by Hunter, that threw 5 pitches to record the critical out and earn his just postseason save.

Winning Words indigenous Catfish Hunter


"The sun don"t light on the very same dog"s a** all the time."

15. Johnny Mize – 5 (Tie)


Career: 15 seasons (1936-42, 1946-53)

Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, brand-new York Giants, brand-new York Yankees

Stats: .312 BA, 2,011 H, 359 HR, 1,337 RBI

Championship years: 1949-53

Bottom Line: Johnny Mize


Johnny Mize spent just 5 years through the Yankees and also won the World series in each of those years. ~ making his name as among the most feared sluggers in the so late 1930s and ’40s, the was merely a part-timer when he joined the Yankees in 1949.

In 1952, the hit just 4 home runs in the consistent season yet recaptured glimpses that his previous type in the postseason through smacking three homers, alone, in the people Series. That enabled him to win the 1952 World series MVP despite beginning just four of the 7 games.

Winning Words about Johnny Mize


"Mize was among the really impressive hitters in baseball history. Every ar he played, from the time he began to beat baseball till the moment he quit, he to be a premier hitter. Once he ambled up to the plate, human being expected huge things due to the fact that he made things happen. I constantly thought the was one of the an extremely best." —Hall that Famer Ted Williams in "The 50 greatest Players in St. Luigi Cardinals History"

15. George Selkirk – 5 (Tie)

Career: 9 seasons (1934-42)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .290 BA, 810 H, 108 HR

Championship years: 1936-39, 1941

Bottom Line: George Selkirk


Apart from being a five-time World series champion, George Selkirk has actually two significant distinctions the his career. One is that the Ontario-born Selkirk to be the very first Canadian player to do an MLB All-Star game in 1936. The various other is the he is the man who flourished Babe Ruth in right field for the Yankees.

But together Ruth fight 113 home runs in his an initial two years in pinstripes, Selkirk hit 108 homers in almost a decade. Selkirk to be still a very an excellent overall hitter, together he to be a walks machine who posted a .400 career on-base percentage.

Winning Words indigenous George Selkirk


"As i was going out to my position in the late part of the second game (on Aug. 12, 1934), Ruth left the game. The crowd to be clapping and cheering for the Babe. I just stood there and then i realized the I had taken off my cap and I was clapping mine hands, as with those people in the stands. It to be something that came from the heart. I felt a little ashamed of myself, thinking that i was just a busher, and then i looked around, and there were the rest of the Yankee players, and they were doing the exact same thing." —George Selkirk in Yankees Magazine

15. Invoice Skowron – 5 (Tie)


Career: 14 periods (1954-67)

Teams: New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox, California Angels

Stats: .282 BA, 1,566 H, 211 HR, 888 RBI

Championship years: 1956, 1958, 1961-63

Bottom Line: bill Skowron


Bill "Moose" Skowron gained his nickname as a 7-year-old once he acquired a haircut resembling that of Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, shortened to Moose.

He played in a total of eight human being Series, winning 4 with the Yankees and one through the Dodgers. By to win the 1962 World collection with brand-new York and also then the 1963 World collection with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Skowron is just one of just 6 players to success back-to-back World collection with different teams.

His many memorable power was in game 7 of the 1956 World collection when the hit a grand slam in the seventh inning to seal the victory for the Bronx Bombers.

Winning Words about Bill Skowron


"Moose could flat-out hit ... For average, and he had real power. World used come look at our lineup and concentrate ~ above the men in the middle of the order. Moose might have to be batting 6th or seventh, yet he made ours lineup deep and an ext dangerous. You didn"t desire to give him as well much roughly the plate. The was like Yogi Berra. He can hit negative pitches out and beat you." —New York Yankees teammate and also Hall the Famer Mickey Mantle

15. Gene Woodling – 5 (Tie)


Career: 17 periods (1943, 1946-47, 1949-62)

Teams: Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, new York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Senators, brand-new York Mets

Stats: .284 BA, 1,585 H, 147 HR, 830 RBI

Championship years: 1949-53

Bottom Line: Gene Woodling


A player front of his time, Gene Woodling was a high on-base percentage guy who had a 2:1 walk-to-strikeout proportion for his career. He played simply six years with the Yankees yet won World collection in five of those seasons, all of them comes consecutively.

Woodling’s time in pinstripes came v him being used in among the early on platoons in baseball. That would generally start versus right-handed pitchers, when Hank Bauer would get the nod versus southpaws. The platoon would certainly later end up being a coaching partnership, too. Once Bauer came to be the Orioles’ head coach in 1964, he rental Woodling as his first base coach.

Winning Words about Gene Woodling


"Gene played best field. We supplied to call Gene, Rock. He was as tough as one. Harder, maybe." —Former MLB pitcher Allie Reynolds in "The October Twelve"

15. Paul O’Neill – 5 (Tie)


Career: 17 seasons (1985-2001)

Teams: Cincinnati Reds, new York Yankees

Stats: .288 BA, 2,105 H, 281 HR, 1,269 RBI

Championship years: 1990, 1996, 1998-2000

Bottom Line: Paul O’Neill


Paul O’Neill was known as the emotional leader of those so late ’90s Yankees teams for which he won four rings. However, plenty of forget the he nabbed his first World series victory v the 1990 Cincinnati Reds, and that might be O’Neill’s favourite ring, together he’s a indigenous of Ohio.

O’Neill to be a career .288 hitter and also hit .284 in the postseason, however he hit simply .261 throughout 27 World collection games. Furthermore, even though that hit 11 postseason residence runs, none of those come on the grandest phase of the civilization Series.

Winning Words native Paul O’Neill


"You beat the game to win the game, and not to worry around what"s on the earlier of the baseball card at the end of the year."

8. Red Ruffing – 6 (Tie)


Career: 22 seasons (1924-42, 1945-47)

Teams: Boston Red Sox, new York Yankees, Chicago White Sox

Stats: 273-225, 3.80 ERA, 1,987 K, 335 CG

Championship years: 1932, 1936-39, 1941

Bottom Line: Red Ruffing


While cultivation up in Illinois, Red Ruffing to be a promise young baseball hitter. But when he was a teenager, he suffered a freak injury that price him 4 of his toes and also left him unable to beat in the field. Thus, that was compelled to switch to pitcher, and he would just go on to win much more World collection games 보다 all but one pitcher in MLB history.

And when the injury made Ruffing impotent as a pitcher, that did nothing to diminish his hitting an abilities that the retained. Ruffing was typically used together a pinch hitter transparent his career and hit 36 house runs, the fourth-most by a pitcher.

Winning Words around Red Ruffing


"As a kid I threw the out-curve, and also in-curve, and also drop — a slider. My hero to be the Yanks" Red Ruffing. He had actually this good windup, would pick his left foot up, and also keep that high in the air. I said, "I"m going to pitch prefer him." So ns did someday in Coney Island, choose up that leg, and fell appropriate on my a**." —Singer Robert Merrill in "What Baseball means to Me: A celebration of Our nationwide Pastime"

8. Lou Gehrig – 6 (Tie)

Career: 17 periods (1923-39)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .340 BA, 2,721 H, 493 HR, 1,995 RBI

Championship years: 1927-28, 1932, 1936-38

Bottom Line: Lou Gehrig


The Iron equine was a fixture in the people Series, as his Yankees teams progressed nine time in his 17-year career. Lou Gehrig was among those rare players who performance enhanced in the playoffs. That hit .340 through a 1.080 OPS in the regular season, contrasted to hitting .361 with a 1.214 OPS in October. Across his 34 World series games, he reached base safely in all but two that them.

Gehrig infamously retired and also gave his “Luckiest man in the World” speech beforehand in the 1939 season. The Yankees would certainly go top top to success the World collection that year, but that doesn’t count as among Gehrig’s six rings since he didn’t participate.

Winning Words indigenous Lou Gehrig


"The ballplayer who loses his head, who can"t store his cool, is worse than no ballplayer in ~ all."

8. Frankie Crosetti – 6 (Tie)


Career: 17 seasons (1932-48)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .245 BA, 1,541 H, 98 HR

Championship years: 1932, 1936-39, 1943

Bottom Line: Frankie Crosetti

Even despite Frankie Crosetti tied because that eighth ~ above this perform with 6 rings as a player, no individual in the history of baseball has actually been a component of an ext World series championship groups than him.

Crosetti spent his final three seasons as a player/coach before coming to be strictly a coach because that 20 more seasons. In his 37 years with the Yankees organization, he winner 17 World series championships and also participated in a full of 23 people Series.

As a player, Crosetti was known for his glove and also only his glove. That’s why he stuck roughly for as lengthy as the did, posting simply a .174 batting average across 29 World series games.

Winning Words indigenous Frankie Crosetti


"I was an extremely quiet, girlfriend know. I never opened my mouth. Lou made me feel choose I belonged." —Frankie Crosetti top top Lou Gehrig helping him change during his rookie year with the Yankee in 1932

8. Johnny Murphy – 6 (Tie)


Career: 13 seasons (1932, 1934-43, 1947)

Teams: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox

Stats: 93-53, 107 SV, 3.50 ERA, 378 K

Championship years: 1936-39, 1941, 1943

Bottom Line: Johnny Murphy


Johnny Murphy wasn’t fairly the Mariano Rivera the his era, but he to be the pre-eminent closer that the 1930s and also ’40s. 4 times that led the AL in saves, and never did the save an ext than 19 gamings in any type of of those seasons.

But Murphy would pitch two-to-three innings ago then to get the save, and also he would certainly go on come save four World series games, which ranking tied because that third-most all-time.

Following his play career, Murphy then invested 22 years working in the front workplaces for the Red Sox and Mets. He to be the basic manager that the 1969 miracle Mets that shocked the baseball people by to win the people Series.

Winning Words from Johnny Murphy


"I once asked (Lefty) Gomez around the special partnership he had actually with Johnny Murphy, a famed Yankee relief pitcher. In the declining years that Gomez"s career, Murphy was generally called upon to complete Lefty"s gamings for him. "In those critical years," Lefty said, "I can go, maybe, six innings, and also then mine arm would certainly stiffen up, and I simply couldn"t go anymore. It was always nice to view Murphy comes in to conserve me. A an extremely special relationship. Murphy listed me as a dependent on his revenue tax."" - Columnist Emmett Watson in The Seattle Times

8. Whitey Ford – 6 (Tie)

Career: 16 seasons (1950, 1953-67)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: 236-106, 2.75 ERA, 156 CG, 1,956 K

Championship years: 1950, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1961-62

Bottom Line: Whitey Ford


Whitey Ford was the ace that the Yankees rotation during the 1950s and also ’60s, and also because that that, the piled increase World series stats. That is the all-time leader in World series game wins (10), innings (146), strikeouts (94) and also games began (22). Those stats are likewise the very same as his complete postseason stats because, earlier then, the just playoff collection was the human being Series.

But ironically, in spite of Ford starting 22 World collection games, he never started a game 7 throughout his career. There to be plenty the opportunities, as the Bronx Bombers play in seven game 7s during his career, however Ford never obtained the sphere in any type of of them.

Winning Words indigenous Whitey Ford


"You would certainly be amazing how plenty of important outs you can acquire by working the count down to where the hitter is certain you"re walk to litter to his weakness, and then litter to his power instead."

8. Allie Reynolds – 6 (Tie)


Career: 13 periods (1942-54)

Teams: Cleveland Indians, brand-new York Yankees

Stats: 182-107, 3.30 ERA, 1,423 K

Championship years: 1947, 1949-53

Bottom Line: Allie Reynolds


Allie Reynolds had actually a distinct career — the was occasionally used together a starter and sometimes used as a closer, often in the same season. That brought about his strange 1945 season once he finished 5th with 18 wins while additionally finishing 3rd with four saves.

He to be used similarly in his 15 World collection games, as he began nine the them and pitched in relief in 6 of them. For his career, Reynolds racked up 7 World series game wins, i m sorry is second-most all-time, and four World collection saves, i m sorry is third-most all-time.

Winning Words about Allie Reynolds


"One great Yankee the is frequently forgotten this day is star pitcher Allie Reynolds. Reynolds, nicknamed "Superchief," to be an indispensable member of the Bombers’ pitching staff from 1947 to 1954."—Bronx Pinstripes

8. Vic Raschi – 6 (Tie)


Career: 10 seasons (1946-55)

Teams: New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Athletics

Stats: 132-66, 3.72 ERA, 944 K

Championship years: 1947, 1949-53

Bottom Line: Vic Raschi


Because that his military organization during human being War II, Vic Raschi didn’t come to be a big Leagues consistent until he was 28 year old. Yet he quickly comprised for shed time, as he won 6 World collection rings by the moment he to be 34. Even though he frequently played second fiddle come Allie Reynolds, Yankees manager Casey Stengel stated that Raschi to be his best starter to walk a full nine innings.

He did simply that in his many memorable game, which came in game 1 the the 1950 human being Series. Raschi threw a complete game shutout, enabling just two hits to the Phillies. Raschi, himself, had a base hit, therefore he had fifty percent the variety of total bases together the entire Phillies lineup. The Yankees won that game 1-0 and also would go on to sweep Philadelphia.

Winning Words indigenous Vic Raschi

"My ideal pitch is something the batter grounds, lines, or pops in the direction of Rizzuto."

3. Babe Ruth – 7 (Tie)


Career: 22 seasons (1914-35)

Teams: Boston Red Sox, new York Yankees, Boston Braves

Stats: .342 BA, 2,873 H, 714 HR, 2,214 RBI

Championship years: 1915-16, 1918, 1923, 1927-28, 1932

Bottom Line: Babe Ruth


The most well known baseball player who ever before lived won his very first three World collection with the Red Sox, and also primarily together a pitcher, prior to winning the last four as a hitter v the Yankees.

Babe Ruth’s World series ERA that 0.87 (31 innings) is the fifth-lowest in MLB history, and also he won all three postseason games he pitched in. He also smacked 15 house runs in October, i beg your pardon is second-most all-time, and that has two separate three-homer games.

Ruth’s ideal all-around game came in video game 4 the the 1918 World series when that hit a two-run dual while also pitching eight innings, enabling just 2 runs. He choose up the victory and listed the just RBI of the game for the Red Sox, which beat the Cubs to go up 3-2. Ruth and also the Red Sox would go on to victory the World series in 6 games.

Winning Words indigenous Babe Ruth

"I only have actually one superstition: i make sure to touch all the bases once I hit a residence run."

3. Bill Dickey – 7 (Tie)


Career: 17 seasons (1927-43, 1946)

Teams: brand-new York Yankees

Stats: .313 BA, 1,969 H, 202 HR, 1,209 RBI

Championship years: 1932, 1936-39, 1941, 1943

Bottom Line: bill Dickey


Not every player is may be to increase to the occasion of postseason baseball and also take their video game to another level, such as the case with bill Dickey.

He was among the best hitting catchers of all time, and his job .313 mean is the second-highest through a catcher. However, that typical dipped to .255 across 38 World series games.

But in spite of his futility, the Yankees tho won seven of the eight World collection that Dickey played in. After ~ retiring, that then went back to the Yankees as a very first base coach and won an additional six human being Series, providing him a full of 13.

Winning indigenous From invoice Dickey


"A catcher have to want to catch. The must comprise his mind that it isn"t the devastating job that is painted, and that he isn"t going to say every day, "Why, oh why with so plenty of other location in baseball did i take increase this one.""

3. Hank Bauer – 7 (Tie)


Career: 14 periods (1948-61)

Teams: New York Yankees, Kansas City Athletics

Stats: .277 BA, 1,424 H, 164 HR

Championship years: 1949-53, 1956, 1958

Bottom Line: Hank Bauer


No relationship to Trevor Bauer, Hank Bauer had actually abominable performances in the an initial half that his World collection career. With his an initial four people Series, the three-time All-Star fight .123 throughout 20 gamings with 0 house runs. However something clicked in 1953, and also he walk a 180. 

During the final five World collection he play in, Bauer hit .298 throughout 33 games with seven home runs. No one could figure the end what resulted in the innovation in Bauer, as his consistent season numbers were usually opposite his postseason.

Winning Words about Hank Bauer


"When the was on the field, you to be his enemy. Turn off the field, he to be ... Among the nicest guys you"d ever before want come meet. But on the field, it was his job." —Former Yankees teammate and also Hall of Famer Yogi Berra

3. Mickey Mantle – 7 (Tie)


Career: 18 seasons (1951-68)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .298 BA, 2,415 H, 536 HR, 1,509 RBI

Championship years: 1951-53, 1956, 1958, 1961-62

Bottom Line: Mickey Mantle


Mickey Mantle is, statistically, the biggest World series hitter of every time. The is the loss Classic’s job leader in residence runs, RBI, complete bases and runs scored. This, of course, have the right to partially it is in attributed to Mantle getting so many much more opportunities 보다 all however a handful of other players.

He actually struggled in the postseason compared to the constant season, together he hit only .257 throughout 65 World series games. His most memorable postseason hit was in video game 7 the the 1952 World collection when Mantle fight a go-ahead residence run in the sixth inning, together the Yanks would certainly defeat the Dodgers.

Winning Words native Mickey Mantle


"Somebody once asked me if I ever went approximately the plate trying to hit a residence run. Ns said, "Sure, every time.""

3. Phil Rizzuto – 7 (Tie)


Career: 13 seasons (1941-42, 1946-56)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .273 BA, 1,588 H, 38 HR, 149 SB

Championship years: 1941, 1947, 1949-53

Bottom Line: Phil Rizzuto


Billy Madison’s least-favorite player to be born in Brooklyn, elevated in Queens and also spent his entire pro job in the Bronx.

Phil Rizzuto had a knack because that either gift really good or really poor in the postseason. In four civilization Series, that hit above .300, when in an additional four, the hit below .200. Simply once in ripe World collection did that hit in between .200 and .300.

After gift released during the 1956 season, Rizzuto went into broadcasting the next year and stayed there for four decades. His 40 years calling Yankees games make the the longest-serving broadcaster in team history.

Winning Words native Phil Rizzuto


"I"ll take any way to get into the room of Fame. If they want a batboy, I"ll walk in together a batboy."

2. Joe DiMaggio – 9


Career: 13 periods (1936-42, 1946-51)

Teams: New York Yankees

Stats: .325 BA, 2,214 H, 361 HR, 1,537 RBI

Championship years: 1936-39, 1941, 1947, 1949-51

Bottom Line: Joe DiMaggio


Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio winner nine World series rings in 10 World series appearances. He’s best known for his legend 56-game hitting streak in 1941 and his longest hitting streak during the World collection was seven gamings from 1938-39. In the 1941 civilization Series, he had hits in 3 of the 5 games played.

But DiMaggio’s brilliance went beyond the fight streak, together he was a fantastic defensive center fielder and also earned the nickname “The Yankee Clipper” because a broadcaster likened his variety to the of an airliner.

He patrolled Yankee Stadium’s massive facility field, i m sorry robbed himself of many home runs when at the plate. Of DiMaggio’s 361 career house runs, just 40 percent of them came at home.

Winning Words from Joe DiMaggio

"I"d choose to give thanks to the an excellent Lord because that making me a Yankee."

1. Yogi Berra – 10


Career: 19 seasons (1946-63, 1965)

Teams: New York Yankees, brand-new York Mets

Stats: .285 BA, 2,150 H, 358 HR, 1,430 RBI

Championship years: 1947, 1949-53, 1956, 1958, 1961-62

Bottom Line: Yogi Berra


With 14 World series appearances and also 10 World series rings, Yogi Berra owns many of the all-time Fall classic records. He’s the all-time leader in games, plate appearances, at-bats and also hits, despite beginning his World series career 5-for-46 (.109).

The World collection MVP wasn’t awarded until the 1955 season, after ~ Berra had actually already gathered six rings, yet the Yankees’ catcher never ever won the award during his career. His ideal effort came in the 1956 World collection when the Yankees beat the Dodgers in 7 games. Berra struggle .360 throughout the series with three house runs and also 10 RBI, which were both among all players.

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But Don Larsen outshined Berra by throwing what continues to be the only perfect game in World series history, and also Larsen won the MVP.

Winning Words from Yogi Berra


"Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other fifty percent is physical."