due to the fact that a cylinder is closely related to a prism , the formulas for their surface locations space related.

remember the formulas for the lateral surface ar area that a prism is ns h and the complete surface area is p h + 2 B . Since the base of a cylinder is a circle, we substitute 2 π r because that ns and π r 2 for B whereby r is the radius the the base of the cylinder. So, the formula because that the lateral surface ar area that a cylinder is l . S . A . = 2 π r h .
example 1:

find the lateral surface area the a cylinder v a base radius of 3 inches and also a elevation of 9 inches.


l . S . A . = 2 π ( 3 ) ( 9 ) = 54 π   inches 2

≈ 169.64   customs 2

The general formula for the full surface area of a cylinder is T . S . A . = 2 π r h + 2 π r 2 .
example 2:

discover the total surface area of a cylinder with a base radius of 5 inches and a elevation of 7 inches.


T . S . A . = 2 π ( 5 ) ( 7 ) + 2 π ( 5 ) 2 = 120 π   inch 2 ≈ 376.99   inches 2

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