What is Barium Chloride (BaCl2)?

Barium Chloride is an inorganic salt that is consisted of of barium cations (Ba+) and also chloride anions (Cl).

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It is additionally called Barium Muriate or Barium dichloride. The is a white solid i beg your pardon is water-soluble, hygroscopic and gives a slight yellow-green colour come a flame. The chemistry formula the Barium Chloride is BaCl2.

Barium salts are broadly used in the industry. The sulfate is used in white paints, specifically for outside use. Barium chloride is poisonous in nature.

Structure of Barium Chloride (BaCl2)


Structure the Barium Chloride

Properties that Barium Chloride – BaCl2

Barium ChlorideBaCl2
Molecular weight of Barium Chloride208.23 g/mol (anhydrous)
Density that Barium Chloride3.856 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
Melting point of Barium Chloride962 °C
Boiling allude of Barium Chloride1,560 °C

Barium chloride is fairly soluble in water (as is the case with most ionic salts). That is recognized to dissociate right into barium cations and chloride anions in its liquified state. At a temperature the 20 oC, the solubility of barium chloride in water is about equal to 358 grams every litre. However, the solubility the this compound in water is temperature-dependent. At a temperature that 100 oC, the solubility that barium chloride in water is equal to 594 grams per litre. This link is additionally soluble in methanol (however, that is not soluble in ethanol).


Under standard conditions, barium chloride exists as a white crystalline solid (as presented above). Anhydrous BaCl2 crystallizes in an orthogonal decision structure. However, the dihydrate kind of barium chloride is well-known to have actually a monoclinic crystal structure.

Uses of Barium Chloride (BaCl2)

Barium Chloride is used as a raw product to produce barium salt.It is offered in chlorine-alkali industries.Used in the production of rubber.It is widely supplied in oil refining.It is used in the papermaking industry.It is provided in the hardening the steel.Used to purify brine solution.

Preparation that Barium Chloride

Industrially, the is obtained in 2 steps.

Step 1: from barium sulfate at high temperature

BaSO4 + 4 C → BaS + 4 CO

Step 2: indigenous Barium sulphide

BaS + 2 HCl → BaCl2 + H2S

Chlorine have the right to be used rather of hydrochloric acid.

It can also be acquired from barium carbonate or barium hydroxide.

Effects on Health

This compound is toxic when ingested. Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) and also Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) are probable antidotes together they form BaSO4 (barium sulfate). BaSO4 is comparatively non-toxic because of its insolubility.

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Frequently Asked questions – FAQs

What is barium chloride used for?

The primary commercial application that BaCl2 is in the purification that the brine options that are offered in corrosive chlorine plants. This compound is likewise used in the case-hardening of steel and the production of heat treatment salts. This link has minimal applications as result of its high toxicity.

What is the oxidation variety of barium and chlorine in BaCl2?

Barium chloride molecules attribute an ionic bond in between barium cations and also chloride anions. Barium is a steel that exhibits one oxidation state that +2 in this ionic salt whereas chlorine is a non-metal which exhibits an oxidation state of -1 in BaCl2.

Is barium chloride toxic?

Yes, like most other salt of barium, BaCl2 is very toxic to human beings. Exposure to this compound can reason irritation that the eyes, mucous membrane, and also skin. Sloop down or inhalation the barium chloride can also prove fatal. Barium chloride can additionally negatively affect the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the kidneys.

How is barium chloride created industrially?

The industrial production the barium chloride follows a two-step process. First, barium sulfate (usually in the type of the mineral barite) is reacted with carbon in ~ high temperature to kind barium sulphide and carbon monoxide. Then, the barium sulphide is treated v hydrochloric mountain to yield barium chloride together with hydrogen sulphide.

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What are the properties of aqueous options of BaCl2?

Aqueous options of barium chloride have neutral pH values because they contain the cation of a solid base and the anion the a solid acid. When exposed come sulfates, a white precipitate the barium sulfate is obtained.