It glistens through fat, native the cheese come the steak. You might never have actually visited Philadelphia, however you probably know about its renowned gastronomic delight, the philly cheesesteak, pictured here. Both cheese and steak are commonly high-fat foods, for this reason this sandwich is definitely not encourage if you are complying with a low-fat diet. We need some fats in ours diet for good health, yet too lot of a an excellent thing can be harmful to our health, no matter how good it tastes. What space fats? and why execute we have such a love-hate relationship with them? check out on to find out.

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Types of Lipids

Lipids might consist of fat acids alone, or they might contain various other molecules as well. For example, part lipids save on computer alcohol or phosphate groups. Types of lipids include triglycerides, phospholipids, and also steroids. Each type has different functions in living things.


Triglycerides are formed by combine a molecule the glycerol with 3 fatty acid molecules. Glycerol (also referred to as glycerine) is a straightforward compound well-known as a sugar alcohol. It is a colorless, odorless liquid that is sweet tasting and also nontoxic. Triglycerides room the main constituent of human body fat in humans and also other animals. Lock are additionally found in fats derived from plants. Over there are plenty of different varieties of triglycerides, through the main division being between those that contain saturated fat acids and those the contain unsaturated fat acids.

In the human being bloodstream, triglycerides play critical role in management as energy sources and also transporters of dietary fat. They contain much more than twice as much power as carbohydrates, the other significant source of energy in the diet. Once you eat, your body converts any type of calories it doesn"t must use best away right into triglycerides, which room stored in your fat cells. When you need energy in between meals, hormones create the release of some of these save on computer triglycerides back into the bloodstream.

Figure \(\PageIndex3\): Triglyceride Molecule. The left component of this triglyceride molecule represents glycerol. Every of the three long chains top top the right represents a various fatty acid. From top to bottom, the fat acids room palmitic acid, oleic acid, and alpha-linolenic acid. This fatty acids are displayed in figure \(\PageIndex2\). The chemical formula because that this triglyceride is \(\ceC55H98O6\). KEY: H=hydrogen, C=carbon, O=oxygen.


Phospholipids room a major component of the cell membranes of all living things. Each phospholipid molecule has a "tail" consist of of two lengthy fatty acids and also a "head" consisting of a phosphate group and also glycerol molecule (see diagram below). The phosphate team is a small negatively charged molecule. The phospholipid head is hydrophilic or attractive to water. The fatty mountain tail of the phospholipid is hydrophobic or repelled through water. This properties enable phospholipids to form a two-layer, or bilayer, cabinet membrane.

As displayed in the chart below, a phospholipid bilayer develops when many phospholipid molecules line up tail come tail, developing an inner and outer surface ar of hydrophilic heads. The hydrophilic heads allude toward both the watery extracellular room and the watery intracellular an are (lumen) the the cell.

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