The 4 inner planets -- Mercury, Venus, Earth and also Mars -- share several functions in common. Astronomers contact them the “terrestrial planets” because they have actually solid, rocky surfaces roughly similar to desert and also mountainous areas on the earth. The within planets are much smaller than Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and also Neptune, and also they every possess stole cores.

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Inner planets are lot smaller than the external planets, and are rocky with an iron core.

Astronomers theorize that the an extremely early solar system created as a ring of products surrounding the sun. Heavier aspects such together iron and also nickel condensed reasonably close to the sun, vice versa, substances such as hydrogen, methane and also water condensed in cooler regions aside from that out. The terrestrial planets developed as clumps that rock and also heavy facets from the inside ring that materials gathered due to gravitational attraction; in a comparable way, the external band of gaseous substances produced the external planets.

Compared to the four gas gigantic planets that comprise the external solar system, the inner planets all have actually diminutive sizes. The the four, earth is the largest, through a diameter the 6,378 kilometers (3,963 miles) at the equator. Venus is a close 2nd at 6,051 kilometers (3,760 miles). Mars is much smaller v a 3,396-kilometer (2,110-mile) diameter, and Mercury is the smallest terrestrial planet, measuring 2,439 kilometers (1,516 miles) across.

The terrestrial planets all have actually rocky surface that feature mountains, plains, valleys and other formations. The temperature of the inner planets space low enough that rock exists greatly as a solid in ~ the surface. To various degrees, they additionally have meteor influence craters, return the dense atmospheres the Venus and also Earth protect them from most meteors, and weathering and also other factors wipe the end all but the most recent craters. Mars has very low atmospheric pressure, and also Mercury has practically none, for this reason craters are an ext common on this planets.

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Astronomers think all four of the terrestrial planets possess an iron core. During their early on formation, the planets were warm blobs of molten metals and also other elements; being heavier, many of the iron and also nickel finished up ~ above the inside through lighter elements such together silicon and oxygen creating the outside. Geologists have actually concluded that the earth’s iron core is partly liquid and partly hard by observing the behavior of earthquake tide traveling with the earth. Researchers speculate the the other terrestrial planets may also have partly liquid cores.

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