Making it come a Super bowl is other every NFL franchise dreams about

In the background of the NFL, over there are four teams that have actually never had actually the chance to suffer playing in a at sight Bowl. Only among these 4 NFL teams have actually made it as much as their Conference Championship game. This is a list that no NFL franchise desires to it is in on. Let"s take it a look in ~ the four NFL groups that have never been to the at sight Bowl.

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Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have actually not make it come a super Bowl because coming ago to the NFL. They have not tasted playoff football since the 2002 NFL season. In fact, the Browns have failed to have a winning season since 2002.

The last time the #Browns make the playoffs to be 2002. Cleveland visited Jacksonville that season and also prayers to be answered. #CLEvsJAX

— Ed_in_Columbus (

Cleveland has not won a playoff game due to the fact that the 1994 NFL playoffs prior to the team to be relocated come Baltimore. The bad part for Cleveland is the the Baltimore Ravens have won a super Bowl. It has actually been 17 years 6,305 days since the Cleveland Browns have actually made the NFL playoffs.

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Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have actually made the NFL playoffs a total of 12 times in their franchise"s history. Success in the playoffs has been rare for the Lions, who have actually not winner an NFL playoff game since the 1991 NFL season.

This is what Madden NFL looked favor the critical time the Detroit Lions winner a playoff game