Every movie studio dreams of producing a movie franchise that goes on because that years or even years -- and quite a couple of have done just that. Which collection have yielded the most function films? The answers may surprise you.

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The original five movies, beginning with ‘Planet that the Apes’ (1968), created the contemporary franchise template, informing one large-scale story over numerous movies. Following Tim Burton’s 2001 misfire, the collection righted itself v the fantastic ‘Rise that the planet of the Apes’ (2011) and also ‘Dawn that the earth of the Apes’ (2014).


Although he faces competition indigenous the X-Men and also even his pal Superman, Batman has actually been the superhero v the many big-screen appearances, from 1966’s campy ‘Batman: The Movie’ v 2012’s ‘The Dark article Rises.’ and there’s more to come as Ben Affleck dons the cowl next year…


The eight-film ‘Harry Potter’ saga is among the an ext self-contained series out there. Of course the studio would certainly love that if J.K. Rowling penned another seven books, however as the stands, the collection remains among the most continual -- and successful -- in screen history.


Studios view horror franchises together cash cows, and the saga that the vengeful undead son killer Freddy Krueger was specifically lucrative. The first, 3rd (‘Dream Warriors’) and seventh (‘New Nightmare’) installments room the best, yet 2003’s ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ is silly, bloody fun as well.


Starting v 1978’s ‘Halloween’ (with the exception of 1982’s ‘Halloween III: Season that the Witch’), this collection has followed the unstoppable serial killer Michael Myers and his torture family background to the track of $367 million worldwide. There’s been talk of an 11th film, but no sign of it yet.

The clumsy, it is not enough ability Inspector Clouseau bumbled his means through 11 movies, v Peter Sellers defining the role and Steve Martin acquisition over for two later on remakes. The original 1963 ‘The Pink Panther,’ 1964’s ‘A shoot in the Dark’ and 1975’s uproarious ‘Return that the Pink Panther’ are the funniest.

With 11 entries already and at least one more 11 coming, the interconnected movie of the MCU represent among the most ambitious franchises ever. From 2008’s ‘Iron Man’ v last May’s ‘Avengers: age of Ultron,’ the movies have actually put a comic book mythology top top the screen with largely satisfying results.

Of the large three modern horror icons -- consisting of Michael Myers and also Freddy Krueger -- Jason Voorhees wins for many movies. The hockey-masked murderer was featured in 10 the his own films, costarred in ‘Freddy vs. Jason,’ and got a reboot in 2009. And he might not be done yet.

The U.S.S. Enterprise has actually been voyaging on the huge screen for 36 years, with 6 classic-cast entries, four ‘Next Generation’ adventures and also two featuring the rebooted younger crew. Everyone has actually their favorites, however ‘Star Trek II’ and also ‘Star Trek VI’ are collection high points.

Fifty-three years, 23 movies (25 if you count two noncanon entries) and also six actors later, 007 is tho the coolest, most badass, most dashing and also most prolific spy hero around. The British an enig agent set the standard for all activity heroes the followed, and also he’s tho going strong.

The big green nuclear monster has terrorized audiences for an ext than 60 years, starring in 28 films from Japanese house studio Toho and also two American adaptations. Ideal of all? Godzilla will save stomping urban in both countries for years to come, through Toho and also Legendary photos both planning new Godzilla movies.

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Who would have actually thought that a series of low-budget, raunchy (for their time) brother comedy movies -- all produced and also directed through the very same two men, v a revolving actors of top-notch comedians -- would certainly run because that 34 years and encompass 31 movies? Well, that did, through this cult franchise absolutely living up to its name.