Think you recognize which hand a watch goes on because that a man? Think again! because depending which hand is a guy’s leading hand, that answer have the right to change.

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Let’s store it nice and simple: A guy should wear their watch on their non-dominant hand.

That method if you’re best handed, you should wear her watch on your left wrist. Whereas left-handed males should wear your watches on their appropriate wrists. Easy peasy, right?


That doesn’t rather tell the whole story, though.

For that, let’s take a closer look at several of the most usual questions about which hand a watch goes on for a man.

“Which hand should I stay my watch on?”

Short answer: your left wrist. Why? most watches room designed to it is in worn on the left wrist.

But! There room exceptions (as stated above), for this reason let’s explore those. Store reading.

Why room Watches Worn top top the Left Hand?

The reason for attract a watch on her non-dominant hand is simple: It protects the watch from acquiring damaged.

Since you will do it be utilizing your leading hand for more activities transparent the day, having actually a watch on the wrist would put it in hazard of getting scratched, chipped, and also tarnished.

As a side benefit, right-handers that wear your watch on their left wrist have the right to easily check the time while their dominant hand is liven writing, acquisition a call, or hold a beverage.

Why Do males Wear city hall on the best Hand?

Here’s the thing, guys. Yes sir a entirety lot that weirdness around whether attract a watch on your right hand says something around your sexuality.

This is the very same sort of thing that come up with almost every item of jewelry — that wearing it in an uncommon way method you’re gay, and also wearing the in the normal way way you’re straight.

Heck, some guys even think that men shouldn’t wear any kind of jewelry as well as a watch!

But together you can expect, there’s really nothing to this belief.

If she left-handed, wear your watch ~ above your right hand. That’ll keep it from acquiring banged up while you going around your day to day business, and also make it simpler to check the time if you’re creating or top top a phone call.

Is over there A Left-Handed Watch?

Okay, let’s take it it a class deeper.

If she serious around your watch selection, girlfriend may have actually noticed that part watches attribute the “crown” — that’s the tiny windy little on the next — in different positions.

When the crown is in the usual 3 hour position, it’s intended to it is in worn on her left wrist. If you discover a watch with the crown in the 9 o clock position, that’s referred to as a “destro” watch, and also it’s expected to be worn on your best wrist.

Why this difference in crown positions? that all about being may be to adjust the time v your off hand. To execute that, you’ll require to have the crown facing towards her fingertips (not towards your elbow).

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Otherwise, it’s a total pain to try and change the time; you’ll end up twisting your wrists approximately just come fine-tune your timepiece.