The halogens are a group of elements in the routine table. Castle are situated to the right of the other nonmetals and to the left of the noble gases. Elements in the halogen group have seven electrons in their external shells giving them plenty of unique properties.

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What aspects are halogens?The halogens include the five aspects fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and also astatine. They make up column 17 that the periodic table.What are the similar properties of halogens?Halogens share many comparable properties including:They all kind acids when merged with hydrogen.They room all reasonably toxic.They readily incorporate with metals to type salts.They have actually seven valence electrons in their outer shell.They are extremely reactive and also electronegative.They every exist as diatomic molecule (two atoms) once in their pure form.Phases Under traditional ConditionsUnder traditional conditions, the halogens exist in all three key phases that matter: Iodine and also astatine are solids; bromine is a liquid; and also fluorine and also chlorine space gases. The just other facet to be a fluid at room temperature is mercury.

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Order the AbundanceAll that the halogens can be found in the Earth"s crust. Fluorine and also chlorine are reasonably abundant with iodine and also bromine being rather rare. Astatine is incredibly rare and is taken into consideration one of the rarest naturally arising elements on Earth.Here is the order of abundance in the Earth"s crust:FluorineChlorineBromineIodineAstatine
Interesting Facts around HalogensThe surname halogen originates from the Greek indigenous "hals", meaning "salt", and "gen", an interpretation "to make."Fluorine is thought about one of the most reactive elements in existence.Simple compounds the contain halogens are dubbed halides.Fluorine gas is deadly. Breath air with just a little concentration of 0.1% fluorine can reason death.Small quantities of fluoride are supplied in water and toothpaste to aid prevent this decay.The an initial halogen to be isolated and also recognized together an aspect was chlorine.Astatine has uncovered uses in medicine even though it is radioactive and also decays quickly. Bromine fluid evaporates quickly at room temperatures create an orange vapor.Bromine has actually a very strong and poor odor. It it s okay its surname from the Greek indigenous "bromos" which means "stench."Despite the reality that fluorine and chlorine space poisonous, small amounts are essential to human being health and life. Iodine is likewise needed for human health.More top top the Elements and also the periodic TableElementsPeriodic Table
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