In Mathematics,symmetry way that one shape is the same to the other shape when it is moved, rotated, or flipped. If an object does not have symmetry, we say that the thing is asymmetrical. The ide of the opposite is commonly found in geometry.

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A form or an object has the contrary if it have the right to be divided into two the same pieces. In a symmetrical shape, one-half is the mirror image of the various other half. The imaginaryaxis or line along which the figure can it is in folded to obtain the symmetrical halves is referred to as the heat of symmetry.

Symmetry Definition

A form is stated to symmetric if it deserve to be split into two an ext identical pieces which are inserted in an arranged way. For example, as soon as you room told to reduced out a ‘heart’ native a item of paper, you simply fold the paper, draw one-half that the love at the fold and cut it the end to uncover that the other half exactly matches the an initial half.The heart sculpted out is an instance of symmetry. Similarly, a constant pentagon when split as presented in the photo below, has actually one component symmetrical to the other.


The meaning of Symmetry, in Math, claims that “symmetry is a winter image”, i.e.,when picture looks similar to the original photo after the shape is being turned or flipped, climate it is dubbed symmetry. Symmetricityexists in patterns. The is a balanced and also proportionate similarity discovered in 2 halves of one object, which meansone-half is the mirror image of the other half.Symmetric objects are found all roughly us in day to day life, inart and architecture.

Line of Symmetry

The line of the opposite is a line the divides things into two the same pieces. Here, we have a star and we can fold it into two equal halves. When a figure is foldedin half, along its line of symmetry, both the halves match each other exactly. This heat of the contrary is called the axis the symmetry.


The line of symmetry deserve to be categorized based upon its orientation as:

Vertical line of SymmetryHorizontal line of SymmetryDiagonal line of Symmetry

Vertical heat of Symmetry

A vertical heat of the opposite is that line that runs down vertically, divides picture into two identical halves. For example, the adhering to shape have the right to be separation into two the same halves through a standing straight line. In together a case, the heat of the opposite is vertical.


Horizontal line of Symmetry

The horizontal heat of symmetry divides a form into similar halves, when break-up horizontally, i.e., reduced from best to left or vice-versa. For example, the complying with shape have the right to be separation into two equal halves when reduced horizontally. In together a case, the line of symmetry is horizontal.


Diagonal line of Symmetry

A diagonal line of the opposite divides a shape into the same halves when split throughout the diagonal line corners. Because that example,we can split the following squareshape across the corners to type two identical halves. In such a case, the heat of symmetry is diagonal.

A line of the opposite is an axis follow me which things when cut, will have actually identical halves. These objectsmight have actually one, two, or multiple currently of symmetry.

One line of symmetryTwo currently of symmetryInfinite lines of symmetry

One heat of Symmetry

Figures through one line of the contrary aresymmetrical only around one axis. It may be horizontal,vertical, or diagonal. For example, the letter"A" has one heat of symmetry, that is the vertical heat of symmetry follow me its center.

Two lines of Symmetry

Figureswith 2 lines that symmetryare symmetrical only about two lines. The lines may vertical,horizontal, or diagonal lines. For example, the rectangle has actually two lines of symmetry, vertical and horizontal.

Infinite lines of Symmetry

Figureswith infinitelines of symmetryare symmetrical only around two lines. The lines may vertical,horizontal, or diagonal lines. Because that example, the rectangle has actually two lines of symmetry, vertical and also horizontal.

The adhering to table shows the examples for various shapes with thenumber of currently of symmetry that they have.

Number of lines of symmetryExamples of figures
No heat of symmetryScalene triangle
Exactly one heat of symmetryIsosceles triangle
Exactly two lines the symmetryRectangle
Exactly three lines of symmetryEquilateral triangle

Symmetry canbe viewed when you flip, rotate or slidean object. There are four varieties of symmetry that can be observed in various cases.

Translational symmetryRotational symmetryReflexive symmetryGlide symmetry

Translation Symmetry

If things is relocated from one place to another, v the very same orientation in the forward and also backward motion, it is dubbed translational symmetry. In various other words, translate in symmetryis characterized as the slide of one object about an axis. Because that example, the complying with figure, wherein the shape is moved forward and backward in the exact same orientation by maintaining the addressed axis, depicts translational symmetry.


Rotational Symmetry

When an item is rotated in a details direction, about a point, climate it is known as rotational symmetry, additionally known together radial symmetry. Rotational the contrary existswhen a shape is turned, and the form is the same to the origin. The edge of rotational the opposite is the the smallest angle at which the figure can be rotated come coincide v itself and the bespeak of the contrary is how the object coincides with itself when it is in rotation.

In geometry, over there are many shapes the depictrotational symmetry. For example, figures such together circle, square, rectangle depictrotational symmetry. The adhering to image shows just how the structure of a starfish complies with rotational symmetry.If you turn or rotate the starfish about point P, it will certainly still look the very same from every directions.The famousFerris wheel, the London Eye, is an instance of rotational symmetry. You deserve to find countless objects in genuine life that haverotational symmetry like wheels, windmills, road-signs, ceiling fans, and also so on.


Reflexive Symmetry

Reflectivesymmetry, additionally called winter symmetry, is a kind of the contrary whereone fifty percent of the object shows the other half of the object.For example, in general,human faces are similar on the left and right sides.


Glide Symmetry

Glide the opposite is the combination of both translation and also reflection transformations. A glide enjoy is commutative in nature andthe readjust incombination’s order does notalter the output of the glide reflection.

Fun truth on Symmetry

A kaleidoscope has actually mirrors within it that develop images that have actually multiple present of symmetry. The angle in between the winter decides the variety of lines of symmetry.We may have observed number of symmetrical objects in our everyday life like rangolis or kolams. The striking element of symmetry have the right to be it was observed in rangoli designs. These designs are famed in India for their unique and symmetrical patterns. Lock depict the vibrant science the symmetry.

An object has a point symmetry if every part of the object has a corresponding part. Countless letters the the English alphabet have point symmetry. The suggest O is the main point and also the matching parts room in the contrary directions.


If an object looks the same once you revolve it upside down, climate it is said to have point symmetry. The shape and the corresponding parts have to be in the contrary directions.

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Important Notes

Given below are some crucial points related to the principle of symmetry:

All consistent polygons are symmetrical in shape. The number of lines of the contrary is the very same as the number of its sides.An object and also its image are symmetry with reference to its mirror line.If a figure hasrotational the opposite of 180º, then it has allude symmetry.