In great 7 the learners investigated the relationship between the Earth and the Sun, day and also night, the seasons and how the Sun"s energy is used by plants, and how fossil fuels space formed. In grade 8 they looked at the planet as part of a bigger system, specific the solar system. This year lock will study the planet as a device itself and also the various parts that consist of this system. "Systems" is an essential theme that runs through all of science and also here us learn around systems in yet an additional application.

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In the first chapter the components of the Earth"s mechanism (the spheres) and how the parts job-related together room examined. The hydrosphere and water cycle to be studied in earlier grades and revised here. The biosphere is also studied throughout natural Sciences. The continuing to be two spheres space investigated this year - the lithosphere (Chapter 2 and 3) and the environment (Chapter 4). In the lithosphere we look at how rocks space formed, the minerals discovered in rocks, exactly how we extract these minerals and the affect our interactions through the lithosphere has on the other spheres. The great of the setting are studied in the last chapter.

The examine of the lithosphere and atmosphere links up through what learners have actually learned around the atom and compounds in the power and readjust section, as well as phases that matter and knowledge around gases, prefer oxygen, carbon dioxide and also methane.

This will certainly prepare learners for research in great 10 and also further, where the various branches of organic Sciences separate into Life sciences (Biology and also Environmental Sciences), Physical scientific researches (Chemistry and also Physics) and Earth scientific researches (Geography).

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1.1 Spheres the the planet (3 hours)




Activity: trying out the spheres of the Earth

Observation, data collection, writing

CAPS suggested

Activity: Interaction in between the spheres


CAPS suggested

Activity: identifying the interaction of the spheres ~ above Earth

Interpreting information, analysis

CAPS suggested

Activity: Upsetting the balance

Analysis, Application, Prediction


What are the various parts of the Earth? exactly how do these components interact? Why can we refer to the planet as a system?
In grade 7 girlfriend learned around the relationship between the Earth and also the Sun and also the prestige of the sun for life ~ above Earth. In grade 8 friend looked in ~ the relationship in between the Earth and also other planets in our solar system. This year we will certainly look at the planet as a system and also all the parts of this system.


You have actually learned about systems and also cycles throughout your studies of natural Sciences end the previous 5 years. Because that example, you have learned around the life bicycle of a butterfly, power systems in food network or electrical circuits, and the solar system. Lot of what us observe in nature is component of one or many systems or cycles. In this chapter we space going to learn about the earth as a close up door system and the four different parts (spheres) the this system.

The names of the 4 spheres are acquired from the Greek indigenous for rock (litho), air (atmo), water (hydro), and also life (bio).

The word "sphere" is supplied in math to define a ring shape. The earth has the form of a sphere. When we talk around the four spheres the the Earth, we do not median a round shape, however rather we describe the touching and overlapping layers within Earth.

The earth is comprised of 4 systems, or spheres. The biosphere (life), the lithosphere (land), the hydrosphere (water) and the environment (air). On planet land, water, air and also life interact with one another. Together humans, we room also component of this interaction. Over there is a good balance between these four systems - if the one i do not care altered, it has an effect on every the others.

The Biosphere

The biosphere contains all life on earth - plants, animals and humans. Most of what is learned in Life and also Living is around the biosphere. The biosphere additionally includes life in the oceans, and under the soil. For instance bacteria life on decaying plant material and also the smallest sea creatures and plants are component of the biosphere. Almost all the life ~ above the planet is found between 3 meters below the surface of the Earth, approximately 30 meters above the ground, and in the peak 200 meter of the oceans.

Biosphere 2 is a man-made research centre in America, in the Arizona Desert, where researchers have constructed a huge enclosed fabricated biosphere.

Scientists constructed a self-contained facility dubbed Biosphere 2, to study the interactions between living things and the environment.

An amazing study was done by a research study team in Arizona, USA, whereby they built a self-contained facility dubbed Biosphere 2 to research the relationship in between living things and their environment. The facility had absolutely no call with noþeles on Earth, other than the Sun. The first group of world lived inside, without exiting, because that 2 years. The task wasn"t as successful as they planned and also they realised that we carry out not understand enough about the interactions in between the systems on Earth. The job is quiet ongoing and used for substantial research. Much more information is easily accessible here ( This deserve to be offered as an expansion reading for her learners.

all living things and their habitats form part of the biosphere. The following photographs administer examples of different organisms in their habitats, living in the biosphere.

A grasshopper
dolphins in the sea.
Escherichia coli bacteria.
sugar cane fields.
an earthworm in the soil.
Limpets in a rock pool.
Moss in a forest.
Phytoplankton in the sea.
A blue crane ~ above the river"s edge.
mushroom in a field.
kids at school.

The very first person to use the term "biosphere" to be the geologist Eduard Suess in 1875 when he wrote a meaning for the biosphere as "the ar on Earth"s surface ar where life dwells."

The hydrosphere

The hydrosphere contains all water top top the planet - the oceans, lakes, rivers, groundwater, rain, clouds, glaciers and ice caps. About 70% of the surface ar of the planet is extended with water. The oceans contain most of this water, with just a small section of it being fresh water. Every the water on planet forms component of the hydrosphere.

The full mass of the hydrosphere is about 1,4 × 1018 tonnes! The volume the one tonne of water is about 1 cubic meter (this is around 900 A4 textbooks).

an iceberg.
A river.
The sea.
The environment

The atmosphere consists of all the air over the surface of the planet all the method to space. All the gases that are current in the wait are consisted of in the atmosphere. Many of the setting is found close come the surface ar of the earth where the wait is many dense. The air includes 79% nitrogen, less than 21% oxygen, and a small amount of carbon dioxide and other gases. We will look much more closely at the atmosphere afterwards in this chapter.

The peak of Earth"s atmosphere.
The an ar of an are occupied through Earth"s atmosphere.
The lithosphere

The lithosphere has the Earth"s crust and also the upper component of the mantle. Every mountains, rocks, soil and minerals included in the Earth"s tardy are part of the lithosphere. Also the seafloor is part of the lithosphere, due to the fact that it is additionally made increase of sediments that sand and also rock. We will look much more closely in ~ the lithosphere in the next section.

All the rocks, soil and also sand ~ above Earth kind part the the lithosphere, as shown in the following photographs.

absent formations.
Sand dunes.

The complying with collage shows the 4 spheres the the Earth.


Watch this video clip for a an introduction of the 4 spheres the the Earth. Http://

This is a really short (2:07 min) video clip of the four spheres of the Earth.

It summarises what was covered so far in this chapter. If you have facilities, this deserve to be play to the course at the finish of the lesson. If not, the content is spanned in the text in this section.

exploring the spheres that the planet INSTRUCTIONS:

Find an example on your school ground or at house where all four spheres space present. For example a tree farming in her garden. Describe the location and what you have included in your example. Identify each of the spheres in a short paragraph. Your teacher might additionally ask friend to current your example as a poster through illustrations and short descriptions, identifying each sphere.

This activity is only about identifying the various spheres. The next section will certainly look at the interaction of the spheres. You have the right to use the instances which the learners have chosen to develop the next lesson upon.

Learner-dependent answer. The learners needs to have the ability to identify the miscellaneous spheres in ~ the example they have actually chosen, because that example: A tree in a pot.


The soil/sand is part of the lithosphere. The soil consists of water, i beg your pardon is component of the hydrosphere, the plant is component of the biosphere and also the air about the plant is component of the atmosphere. The plant absorbs carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen once photosynthesis takes place, and the reverse throughout respiration. Oxygen and also carbon dioxide are part of the atmosphere.

Alternative options are: A tree cultivation on the institution grounds, a frog in a pond, etc.

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Instead of being a written task, you can likewise ask learner to execute a small poster v a illustration of their example, through annotations describing the various sphere.

Fly along with NASA satellites and also view the earth with this interactive website. Http://