Castles, castles, which nation has the many castles? You’ll likely be surprised in ~ the answer.

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Wales, a nation on the west edge that England, has more castles than any kind of other in the joined Kingdom! total castle numbers differ from end 500 to 641, depending on who you speak with, however either way, friend won’t need to drive far between castles!

Wales, the Castle resources of the people – optimal Castles come See

With so numerous castles to select from, the decision of i m sorry castles to visit is a difficult one. After hrs of castle research online and also through mine bookshelves (what, doesn’t everyone own at least 4 coffee table books about castles?) I worked out on 10 castles that space well worth visiting during a Wales vacation.


Raglan Castle

Raglan CastleOne of the last medieval castles to be built in Wales, Raglan castle was developed for comfort and also showmanship fairly than defense. The boyhood house of Henry Tudor, later on King Henry VII, Raglan Castle had a reputation for to chat which proceeds to today as the castle on regular basis hosts poetry reading, plays, singing, and dancing.

Conwy CastleA people Heritage Site, Conway lock is for this reason well intact that nearly all of the castle is easily accessible to visitors. The city of Conwy, v its medieval walls and an easy streets, will transfer you back to the 13th century.

Harlech CastleRising, seemingly from the cliffs over the ireland Sea, Harlech Castle might be among the most dramatic in Wales. One more World legacy Site, Harlech lock is attached to the catastrophic heroine the Branwen in Welsh mythology, a decade-long siege throughout the ‘War of the Roses,’ and was one of the critical Royalist holdouts to autumn to Cromwell.

Pembroke CastleBuilt over a herbal cavern, this massive rock fortress, started by william Marshall in the so late 1200’s, continues to be impressively intact. The birthplace the Henry VII, the castle has the distinction of having never fallen to the Welsh.

Carreg CennenWales’ “most romantic ruin” lies ~ above the western edge the Brecon Beacons national Park. Located on a craggy hilltop, archeological evidence points come Iron period Man and also Roman occupancy long prior to a lock was developed here. Once owned by Henry that Bolingbroke, later King Henry V, the castle ruins are currently privately owned and also can be checked out 364 job a year.

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Castell Dinas BranThe just castle on this list developed for a Welsh prince and not Norman occupancy, the damages of Castell Dinas Bran, developed in the mid-1200’s, sit high above the Dee Valley. Easily accessible only after a rugged, yet well-marked, climb, the views of the valley from the castle are astounding.

Put just one or 2 of this Welsh castles on your self-drive tour and then see where rather the roadway takes you. You will do it likely uncover a lock or 2 you think must be included to this list!

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Ruthin Castle: welshbaloney via photopin, cc

Cardigan Castle: Castell Aberteifi Cardigan Castle, cc

Caerphilly Castle: Richard Gourlay, cc

Caernarfon Castle: faisalzh, cc

Raglan Castle: Ian Weddell, cc

Conwy Castle: Fred Selby, cc

Harlech Castle: MsTanyaUK, cc

Pembroke Castle: Rowan Crawshaw, cc

Carreg Cennen:cc

Castell Dinas Bran: Pentlandpirate, cc

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