The Olympic rings host a lot of importance and during the games, the rings are seen in the flags and the medals. They also represent the spirit of Olympianism and add plenty of definition to the games. However what is the background behind it and also the significance of the Olympic rings?

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What carry out the colours in the Olympic rings signify? i beg your pardon colour represents Asia?

The Olympic rings signify the union of the five continents that get involved in the games. The accompanying white background represents those nations that room not component of the games. We watch the colors blue, yellow, black, green and red in this logo.

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Blue means Europe, red represents the Americas, green stands for Oceania, black represents Africa and yellow represents Asia. From left come right, the Olympic rings logo design goes has actually the blue, black and also red rings on top, and the yellow and green ones in ~ the bottom.

Rule 8 the the Olympic charter says that:

"The Olympic symbol symbol expresses the task of the Olympic Movement and also represents the union the the five continents and the meeting of athletes from throughout the people at the Olympic games."

History of the Olympic Rings

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