Fact 1: Catalonia is both one autonomous community within Spain (big yellow area above), but also a historic principality that expanded into what is now France (small dark yellow area).

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Catalan is just one of 3 official languages in the Spanish autonomous an ar of Catalonia (along v Spanish and Occitan), vice versa, Catalan has actually no official status in ~ France (although it has recognition in ~ the regional level).

1747 La Feuille Map that Catalonia and parts that Roussillon, discovered via Wikimedia

Fact 2: The French part lies about within the existing French département that Pyrénées-Orientales and also was ceded to France in the contract of the Pyrenees in 1659. It’s refereed to by different names consisting of Catalunya Nord (Catalan), Catalogne Nord (French), yet is most frequently known together Roussillon, especially by French speakers who comprise a bulk of the population.

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Topographical map of Catalonia

Fact 3: Catalonia has huge topographical range. Going from the heights the the Pyrenees (red above) to the Catalan coastal Depression (light green), where many of the population live.

Map created by lavanguardia.com, showing percentage of human being using Catalan as their major language

Fact 4: Catalan is no the most common an initial language talked in Spanish Catalonia. For day-to-day use, 45.92% greatly use Spanish, 35.54% greatly use Catalan and 11.95% use both languages equally.

However, together the map over shows the varies commonly by region. The area v the lowest variety of speakers is ironically in and also around Barcelona, the biggest city and capital of Catalonia.

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Areas in grey showing where Catalan is spoken

Fact 5: when Catalan might not be the many widely talked language in Catalonia, it’s also not the only ar where it’s spoken.

Besides phibìc Catalonia (in France), it’s also spoken in Valencia (where it’s dubbed Valencian), the Balearic archipelago (which include Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera), the eastern of Aragon, the nation Andorra and in Alghero on the Italian island of Sardinia.

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It’s the sole official langue that Andorra, a co-official language in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and a well-known minority language in Aragon (Spain), Pyrénées-Orientales (France) and also Alghero (Italy).

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Catalan Dialects

Fact 6: In full there are estimated to be 4.1 million native Catalan speakers in the world, through a additional 5.1 million people in Spain who have a high degree of fluency. These speakers room then subdivided into a whole host of dialects (see above).

While it’s difficult to measure precisely how extensive the language is, approximates for total variety of people who case they deserve to speak it space (data native Wikipedia):

Catalonia (Spain): 5.7 million (2.8 million native) Valencian ar (Spain): 2.4 million (1 million native) Balearic archipelago (Spain): 700,000 (400,000 native) Roussillon (France): 125,000 (35,000 native) Andorra: 60,000 (26,000 native) La Franja (Aragon, Spain): 45,000 (33,00 native) Alghero (Sardinia, Italy): 20,000 (8,000 native) Rest of World: 350,000

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Valencian dialects. Map developed by Pepetps & Ebrenc via wikimedia

Fact 7: while linguists consider Valencian a variety of Catalan, plenty of within the Valencian ar do not. Over you deserve to see the not only does Catalan have actually a selection of dialects, but that the Valencian language has its very own sub-dialects.

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Provinces and Comarques the Catalonia. Map developed by HansenBCN via wikimedia

Fact 8: Catalonia is divided into provinces, which are then subdivided into comarques and municipalities. That is 4 districts are Barcelona (5.5 million people), Tarragona (800,00 people), Girona (750,000 people) and Lleida (440,000 people). For a total population of around 7.5 million people.

It’s local economy is the largest in Spain through a GDP the €200 billion ($223 exchange rate USD) approximately the exact same size together Portugal, greek or Oregon.

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Comarques of Catalonia. Map by Rwxrwxrwx via wikimedia

Fact 9: It’s comarques and municipalities vary widely in size and also population. The biggest comarques in regards to area is Noguera in ~ 1,784 sq km yet with only 40,000 people.

The the smallest in regards to area is Barcelonès i m sorry is just 145 sq km, yet is wherein Barcelona is located, hence making the the many populous with 2.2 million people. The the very least populous is Alta Ribagorça with just 3,873 people.

When looking in ~ municipalities the numbers are even more divergent. The largest municipality in regards to area is Tremp in ~ 302 sq km but only 6,305 people. The smallest in area is Puigdàlber, simply 0.4 sq km and only 532 people. The many populous municipality is Barcelona v 1.6 million people and also the the very least populous is santclaus Jaume de Frontanyà with simply 24 people.

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World map native 1375 in the Catalan Atlas. Uncovered via reddit

Fact 10: Catalans were very talented cartographers together the world map above demonstrates. It was taken native the Catalan Atlas, published in 1375, and also one the the most important works in cartography during the middle Ages. It’s interesting due to the fact that it put the southern as the top and north in ~ the bottom (the preview above has to be rotated).