Kenmore Refrigerator dimension By design Number

Which version is mine Kenmore refrigerator?

Kenmore models constantly have a three-digit prefix, eg. B. 110 or 665, then a full stop and also then more digits. Then look for an aluminum stick or a silver or bleaching label. The model number deserve to be published or stamped top top the label and can be published in two various sizes or characters.

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And exactly how do I find the design of mine refrigerator?

The model and also serial number are printed on the brand at the bottom left that the machine on the outside and on the front. Within the refrigerator over there is another label top top the side wall above the top compartment.

So the inquiry is: just how do I know in what year the refrigerator to be built?

How to inspect the age of the refrigerator.

open the refrigerator door and also find the serial number. Walk to the brand’s website on your refrigerator. You can additionally visit a basic website about the maker online (see resource below) to find the year and also month the an equipment was manufactured.

Do you likewise know what year mine Kenmore refrigerator was built?

The day of to produce is suggested on the serial variety of this refrigerator. The third digit that the serial number (3) indicates that this frozen fridge was made in 2003. The following two digits (02) suggest that the refrigerator will be completed in the second week the 2003. This frozen refrigerator is simply over 5 year old.

How old is my an equipment based on version number?

To recognize the period of the device, use the serial number (not the version number) to determine the date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by 6 digits. The two letters at the start of the serial number indicate the month and also year that manufacture.

Where is mine model and also serial number?

How long do refrigerators last?

Ages 14 to 27

How carry out I read my Kenmore design number?

Find the serial number of a Kenmore Frigidairemade washing machine. Begin with two letters followed by part numbers. The an initial number shows the year the manufacture. For newer models, the number 2 represents 2002, 3 because that 2003, 4 for 2004, and so on.

How execute you find the cubic foot the a Kenmore refrigerator?

Take a ice measure and also measure the width, depth and height in the refrigerator. Main point the numbers (W x D x H) and also divide the amount by 1728 to gain the cubic foot. Because that example, if you have a 30 x 30 x 48 high refrigerator, multiply 30 x 30 x 48.

Which version is mine Kenmore tumble dryer?

2 answers. Most Kenmore upstream dryers have actually the design number plate roughly the door. Open up the dryer door and also look out. Part dryers have the sticker on the bottom left or right.

What design is mine Frigidaire refrigerator?

Check the exterior of the box. The design number can be inserted at the bottom or in the upper left edge of the back.

What perform the Frigidaire version numbers mean?

For example, the Frigidaire color code is the 10th number of the version number and consists that 16 letter representing the colors.

Below is an example of Frigidaire FGUN2642L refrigerator?

which is available in three colors … E means ebony black, F stands for stainless steel and also P means pearl white.

How old is my Frigidaire refrigerator?

The very first letter the a serial number shows where the device was manufactured. The 2nd letter suggests the form of device. The very first number is the year the an equipment was manufactured. The following two digits room the mainly of the year.

What is the design number?

Where is the serial variety of a refrigerator?

You can discover the model and also serial number top top the label at the bottom left of the an equipment and top top the front. Within the refrigerator there is an additional label ~ above the side wall above the top compartment.

What parts is the refrigerator make of?

Refrigerator Common locations Glossary Compressor. The refrigeration compressor is sold as component of a compressor motor kit. Compressor control capacitor. Compressor start relay. Assembling the compressor motor. Capacitor. Condenser fan. Sensor pan motor. Avrim bimetallic. What walk the Samsung refrigerator design number mean?The Samsung refrigerator version number is not just a number, the version number contains information to help the buyer choose. Because that example, you deserve to use the model number to recognize which kind of refrigerator, i m sorry year the refrigerator design was developed, which country the frozen refrigerator was manufactured for.

Which Samsung refrigerator model do ns have?

The model and also serial number have the right to be uncovered on the label at the bottom left on the external of the appliance and also on the front or back of the refrigerator. Within the refrigerator over there is an additional label top top the side wall above the upper compartment.

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What version is my GE refrigerator?

Find the model and serial variety of your GE TopFreezer refrigerator in the new food area top top the top left wall. In the freezer, top top the ceiling, in front. Near the temperature controls. Behind drawers sharper.