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Part that what make American Chopper together a an excellent Discovery Channel TV show was the town hall the talented crew in ~ Orange ar Choppers churn out top quality custom bikes. Among the youngest top top the team at the time, Cody Connelly, continually verified that he had what it take it to become a rock-solid worker, regardless of his lack of experience.

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It’s been fairly some time now since Cody, now 33, left OCC earlier in 2007. Every now and also then, you would see the American motorcycle builder pop earlier up through appearances top top American Chopper: an elderly vs. Junior, helping out Paul Teutul Jr. And also Vinnie Dimartino at Paul Jr. Design (PJD), however there hasn’t to be too plenty of other television appearances. That’s why we’re going come look at just how he gained his start, whereby he ended up after ~ leaving OCC, and how lot he’s precious today.

Cody Connelly’s Career

Cody prospered up in brand-new York and also was elevated by his parents, Sean Connelly and also Darci Dembeck. He acquired the itch for motorcycles at the young period of five. His very first bike was an XR-50, and his father confirmed him firsthand how to keep it. This is essentially where Cody’s passion first developed.

He was still attending Valley main High institution in new York once he gained his first job in ~ Orange county Choppers in 2001. During that time, he likewise attended the American Motorcycle academy (AMI), whereby OCC covered the tuition fee as part of his training. Because of that, ~ finishing AMI and also graduating high college in 2005, he continued to job-related for Paul Teutul Sr. In ~ the motorcycle shop.

In at an early stage 2003, prior to the very first episode the the show even aired, Cody was affiliated in the design and also helped construct a tradition bike known as “The Cody Project.” The bike was eventually sold, and it was collected during the year’s Daytona beach Bike Week, which was checked out in the reality show on the 6th episode that the an initial season.

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By 2007, over there was tons of drama in ~ the shop. Human being were leave left and right, debates happened everyday, and eventually, Cody had enough. That left OCC to start working for his former colleague Vincent Dimartino, who’s likewise known because that his various other custom shop dubbed V-Force Customs. Vinnie and Cody were previous workers at OCC, and also they always got follow me great, therefore the change wasn’t all that surprising at the time. Today, he can still be uncovered at both Vinnie’s shop as well as Paul Jr.’s shop together a fabricator, continuing to execute what that loves.

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Things rotate a little sour after ~ Cody filed a lawsuit against Orange county Choppers, seeking misappropriation of likeness, breach that contract, and fraud. He also included that he never ever received “an old-school chopper” that he aided design, regardless of Paul Sr. Giving it to him throughout one of the episodes. The situation was eventually settled in 2011, and all charges have been dropped.

Cody Connelly’s network Worth

According come Celebrity net Worth, the American motorcycle builder has an approximated net worth of around $200,000. No too bad for a guy that gets to work approximately his passion and also with his best friend every day!