Legendary hefty metal singer Ronnie James Dio to be laid to remainder at the hall Of Liberty at forest Lawn Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles after public and also private memorials and also was entombed in the erstwhile Jackson Three children sarcophagus in the courts of Remembrance. Surrounding notable crypts encompass Sandra Dee, Albert "Cubby" Broccoli, Isabel Sanford, Morey Amsterdam, Freddie Prinze Sr.

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, George Raft, Liberace, Charles Laughton, Andy Gibb, Lou Rawls and Bette Davis.

Video footage of Dio"s last resting location — shot yesterday (October 5, 2010) — deserve to be regarded below.

***UPDATE***: A representative for Niji to chat Group, the agency formed through Ronnie James Dio and also his wife/manager Wendy Dio, has requested that video footage that Ronnie"s gravesite not be publicly displayed.***

Dio passed away of stomach cancer ~ above the morning of might 16, in ~ the age of 67.

He to be renowned transparent the human being as one of the greatest and also most prominent vocalists in heavy metal history.

The singer, who was recording and also touring with SABBATH offshoot HEAVEN & HELL before his illness, to be diagnosed through stomach cancer late last year. The underwent chemotherapy and made what is now his final public appearance in April in ~ the Revolver gold Gods Awards in Los Angeles.

HEAVEN & HELL previously in the year canceled summer tour plans due to the fact that Dio was no going to it is in well sufficient to tour.

The tape released a new studio album in 2009, titled "The evil one You Know".

Ronnie James Dio, genuine name Ronald James Padavona, was born in new Hampshire ~ above July 10, 1942.

He moved to Cortland, brand-new York in ~ a young age, whereby he began playing with regional acts. A street in Cortland, Dio Way, was called after the in 1988.

He released his first single, with a band called RONNIE and THE REDCAPS, in 1959.

His very first heavy absent act, ELF, released three albums and opened because that DEEP PURPLE, whereby Dio"s voice caught the ear of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. Blackmore recruited Dio because that his own band, RAINBOW, ~ leaving PURPLE in 1975.

Dio recorded three studio albums and one live set with RAINBOW before exiting in 1978, including "Rising" and also "Long Live Rock and also Roll".

He changed Ozzy Osbourne in BLACK SABBATH in 1980, record the "Heaven & Hell" and also "Mob Rules" albums, plus "Live Evil", prior to leaving in 1982. The rejoined the team 10 years later on for an album called "Dehumanizer", and again teamed through the team under the HEAVEN & HELL banner in 2006.

He has also recorded 10 studio albums v his very own band, DIO, including a classic 1983 debut, "Holy Diver".

Dio was also behind the HEAR N" AID project, a arsenal of metal artists who videotaped the monitor "Stars" in 1985 come raise funds for African scarcity relief.

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