Cato Williams (younger brother), Psolomon Williams (younger brother), Pharaoh Williams (half-brother), David Williams (half-brother), expect R. Williams (older half-sister), Carrie Williams-Parks (older half-sister)


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Date the birth: November 15, 2008

Pharrell Williams has become a father for the very first time in 2008. Then his then-girlfriend (and currently wife) Helen Lasichanh offered a bear to a cute baby boy. The couple named a kid after Elton John popular song – “Rocket Man”, thus having actually made an homage to a legend singer.

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Rocket Ayer is a real incentive for his father. Pharrell dedicated his soundtrack to the very first part the “Despicable Me” come his kid.

Three newborn Triplets (with Helen Lasichanh)

Date the birth: January 2017

In at an early stage 2017 Helen and Pharrell invited triplets. The happy parents consisted of a decision not to re-superstructure the details the their new parenthood suffer with the audience. Till now the name of the kids and also their genders are not known. Yet no doubt, two celebs are extremely happy to raise three more kids.

Who space Pharrell Williams parents?

Pharaoh Williams (father)

Date the birth: July 19, 1952

Pharaoh is in his 60s. The is a husband that Carolyn Lh Williams and father that their three sons. Previously he to be married come Vanessa Taylor and had three kids with her, too. The male earned his living v painting homes for affluent people. He was also a handyman. Very often the patriarch the Williams family stayed v nothing in his pockets. Yet he to be a loving dad to his sons. To thank his dad for everything, Pharrell bought that a mansion.


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Carolyn Lh Williams (mother)

Date that birth: October 1, 1955

Pharrell’s mom used to it is in an educator and also mass media specialist. She hold a doctorate degree in education. The woman told in her interview, the she joined career through the duty of “mother of four”, due to the fact that she taken into consideration her husband together a kid, too.

Carolyn tells the she had actually never been aimed to raise a star indigenous her kid Pharrell, however she walk her ideal to assistance his interest in music. The mrs tried come teach him the ideal things, too. In ~ first, it seemed to her, the he didn’t listen, but later she understood, that he had actually studied all her lessons.

Pharrell Williams siblings

Cato Williams (younger brother)


Date of birth: February 3, 1982

He is Pharrell’s younger brother. The male resides in Miami, FL together for now. He is a pro skateboarder. Cato studied movie sector in Los Angeles University.

Psolomon Williams (younger brother)


Date of birth: September 6, 1993

He wrote music come the brief drama “Rock Bottom”. Currently, he stays in Miami. FL.

Pharaoh Williams (older half-brother)


Pharrell’s half-brother and also the oldest son and namesake of his father renders his fortune as a music producer. His mother’s name is Vanessa Taylor and also previously she was married to Pharoah I.

David Williams (older half-brother)


The 2nd son of the rapper’s dad from his an initial marriage, David sell furniture in the it s as beautiful as picture city the Delaware.

Hope R. Williams (older half-sister)


Actually, Pharrell has actually not just brothers; he also has an older half-sister. Hope was born in the household of Vanessa and also Pharoah Williams. Her parents divorced after nearly a te of family members life.

Carrie Williams-Parks (older half-sister)


Date the birth: 1973

Date the death: 2015

The mother of 5 children, she passed away a pair of years ago. The mrs was married come Gilbert Parks.


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Surely, there is simply a handful of people from Poland come Vietnam, that doesn’t know Pharrell Williams. He is a notable figure in the people of music and also fashion, author of a number of loud access time (he co-wrote Britney Spears “Slave 4 U” and also “Hollaback Girl”, perform by Gwen Stefani). Having started together a percussionist in the school band, he relocated forward and co-wrote a song “Rump Shaker”, which to be performed by the band “Wreckx-N-Effect” and also became a huge hit in the early on 1990s.

After an ext than a decade of songwriting and also producing activity, Pharrell finally dared to relax his debut solitary – legend “Frontin”. As for now, the is responsible because that 2 solo albums, several prolonged plays numerous singles. That is the owner of apparel gigantic “Billionaire boys Club”. Besides, Williams wrote music to all three parts of “Despicable Me”.

The person, who completed incredible success in the music industry, can boast with a an excellent family.

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He tried a variety of odd jobs in his young years. One of this works as a cashier at McDonald’s yet was dismissed because that a variety of incidents, consisting of stealing nuggets.He has a number of tattoos, which that made in his youth. Currently the rapper regrets around it and tells the he “was young and inexperienced”.In 2014 he gained the star in ~ Hollywood go of Fame.At initial stages of his career, he founded the hip-hop team “N.E.R.D” in collaboration with his friend Chad Hugo, who he met in a summer camp.His favorite book is “The Alchemist” of Paulo Coelho.