In situation you can not use heard the news, BergHOFF cookware has actually arrived. It’sthe an initial choice for those who room concerned about their health and also the environment.

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In this review, we will dig into why the BergHOFF EarthChef cookware is coming to be synonymous with healthy living.

Is it all the it’s cracked up to be?


Chances space you are currently aware of the not-so-great news around nonstick pans, particularly when that comes under to the toxicity fumes offered off by Teflon, which had once been touted together the biggest thing in cookware.

Not so.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), i beg your pardon was offered to do DuPont’s well-known Teflon coating for decades, to be phased the end after a 2006 negotiation with commonwealth regulators, that had linked the coating toa myriad of serious diseases, consisting of cancer. It is believed that the manufacturers had known around the dangers lurking in their product for an ext than twenty years.


According tothis article, in that time, PFOA had the ability to spread internationally and tiny amounts of the chemical can also be “found in the blood of almost every American and also in the bodies of polar bear in the Arctic and also dolphins in India’s Ganges River”.

So with all of that poor press in mind, it’s no surprising that many people still have concerns when it pertains to nonstick in their kitchen. However, EarthChef provides only non-toxic, PTFE-free (no harmful fumes gift released), and PFOA-free nonstick cookware and also bakeware.

In fact, their ceramic nonstick coating is six times more powerful than timeless nonstick!

Not only are commodities by EarthChef heathier because that our bodies, yet they are likewise energy efficient and great choice because that the environment, as well.

What’s fascinating about the EarthChef products is that their dedication together a agency to healthy and balanced living goes past healthy and non-toxic pots and pans, but also goes into other kitchen commodities as well. For example, as many civilization prefer not to use metal utensils, orstainless steel cookware, due to the likelihood the scratching cookware.


Bamboo is the perfect instead of for hardwood utensils in kitchen; together anaturally invasive species, this tree is quickly renewable together it grows quickly. This attractive and durable cooking accessories show that this is one agency that isn’t simply offering lip company when it concerns supporting the environment; they are the genuine deal.

Seriously, also the packaging is made from recycled materials!

So now that we’ve watched that theBergHOFF EarthChefline is certainly a firm that we feel comfortable doing business with, stop dive deeper into the cookware set, maintenance, care, warranty, and then take it a look at the competition.

The BergHOFF EarthChef Premium Copper Clad 10-piece cookware set includes:


The set is dishwasher safe (but we’ll discuss this in more detail below and also offer our very own opinion top top the matter). BergHOFF EarthChef Premium Copper Clad 10-piece cookware set is perfect because that all level surface stovetops including electrical coil, electrical smooth top, gas, and even prepared forinduction cooking.

Induction cooking is a an ext efficient method of cooking than electricity and also even much faster than gas. In a nutshell,induction cooking works through reverse magnetism which may honestly, sound a tiny sci-fi, but it’s been provided by experienced chefs, hotel chains, caterers, and even homes in Europe and Asia about the civilization for a long time.

To check if your pots and pans room induction ready, carry out a simple magnet test. If a magnet sticks come the bottom of her pot or pan, congratulations, that is induction ready!

Developing induction all set cookware goes back to EarthChef’s commitment to the environment.


Here space three ways that induction cooking saves power (which is good for the environment and also your monthly expenses):

Ok, for this reason by now you space probably gaining pretty excited around the EarthChef collection (or is that simply us?). Once you have discovered a cookware set that really suits your needs, you will desire to maintain it in that pristine problem for as lengthy as friend can.

To certain you get the most, and longest, wear the end of your set, we have actually a few tips to aid you keep your cookware.

Before utilizing your set for the very first time use, wash the pots and also pans in warm, soapy water through a soft sponge, to wash thoroughly, and dry totally with a soft cloth.

Wait, handwash? Didn’t us say previously that this set is dishwasher safe?

Yes, us did and EarthChef cookware is dishwasher for sure (obviously friend will desire to use the economic situation cycle), but the fact is though, washing her pots by handa) uses much less water and energy and also b) protects your pans native the harsh heat and detergents that a usual dishwasher. Heat and also harsh chemicals in the laundry detergent can damages the anti-oxidation layer i m sorry will bring about corrosion of her set.

Just a side note, if friend do notification that your cookware has actually becomes prone to corrosion; just reverse the by making use of a stainless steel cleanser.

If you do firmly insist on washing in the dishwasher (we acquire it, sometimes there simply isn’t time come hand wash), do at least dry ~ above the lowest heat setup to prevent damages to the anti-oxidation layer.

Of course, always clean your pan thoroughly after each use but remember to cool your pans down prior to cleaning them together the pans have the right to warp if placed directly into water when they are still hot.

When it involves hand washing, don’t usage anything abrasive come clean her pans (such as steel structure or nylon scrubbing pads, range cleaner or other abrasive detergent).

Also remain away native citrus- or chlorine-based cleaners i m sorry will damages the beautiful end up on your new cookware set.

But what happens when food it s okay stuck come the cookware? It wake up to us all, but this deserve to be quickly dealt with by spanning the bottom of the pan through water and letting that soak off at a an extremely low temperature on your stove. Use a wooden utensil come coax the food or burnt material native the pan (not metal which will certainly gouge the surface of the pan).

So did you do it washed and also dried your brand new set and you are prepared to put it come work! before cooking with your brand-new EarthChef nonstick cookware for the very first time, easy coat the inside of the pan with a little vegetable oil utilizing a document towel or soft fabric to easy season the pan’s surface and enhance the nonstick properties of the difficult ceramic coating.

Once friend seal your pots because that the first time, girlfriend literally won’t must use any additional oils while cooking due come the all-natural nonstick ceramic coating.

You may still desire to add a small oil when food preparation (we recommend using one of the healthiest oils on the planet;coconut oil) to lug out the flavors in your herbs and spices, but before additional oil to your pan, take a look at this guidelines:

Preheat the oil in the pan because that a minute or 2 before adding your herb and spices. This will not only carry out the flavors yet it will certainly also assist to more enhance the nonstick properties of the pan.
Don’t add cold or frozen food directly to the pan (which will quickly decrease the temperature of the oil) however rather let the food concerned room temperature before adding it to the pan.
We love this collection so much, and also we recognize that you will too, that us went trying to find some added ways to keep pots and pans pristine for a long time:

If utilizing a gas cooktop, be certain to readjust the flame so that it does not flare increase the sides of the pan. This is not just a security precaution yet it will prevent damages to the handles and discoloration top top the external of the pan (plus, it saves energy by using less gas).
Always use medium warm when food preparation (high warm is only essential when boiling pots complete of water or other liquid).
Try not to use metal utensils or to reduced food while the is in the pan, together this will scrape your cookware (besides, EarthChef renders such beautiful bamboo tools you i will not ~ have any type of need for anything else).
The strong, skilled riveted handles are made of solid actors stainless steel which will continue to be firmly attached to her cookware for a lifetime.

EarthChef’s cookware and bakeware comes through a restricted lifetime warranty, and also its induction cooktops bring a one-year restricted warranty.

BergHOFF was founded in Belgium in 1964 yet the company now operates worldwide. The technicians and designers at the European technical research center continue to find out revolutionary products to update their fix up products.

BergHOFF actually developed the EarthChef regime for Canadians, teaming up with a community investment partner and Canadian retailers (The Bay, Zellers, and also Home Outfitters).

All EarthChef products and coatings passedProp 65(the for sure Drinking Water and also Toxic Enforcement action of 1986), lead safety and security testing, and also the an ext stringentTUV German food safety and security standards.

Obviously as soon as you are looking to do an investment, such together purchasing a new cookware, you will be passionate to look at a couple of options. The BergHOFF EarthChef set, honestly, was standing alone in plenty of regards, specifically for the health mindful who are also acutely mindful that whatever they do ultimately impacts the planet.

One other collection that frequently piques the interest of consumer is the every Clad set. So just how does the BergHOFF EarthChef line compare v the All-Clad cookware set?

All-Clad cookware is handcrafted in Pennsylvania, v American-made steel together it has been because that 40 years. The All-Clad cookware collection comes with a lifetime warranty (as well together a price tags worthy of such accolade).

Both sets space excellent, however aren’t necessarily aimed in ~ the same consumers. The BergHOFF EarthChef set will appeal greatly to healthy, earth-conscious individuals with a more modest budget plan for their cookware, yet who still value high quality.

TheAll-Clad brandwill appeal come consumers who are in search of a US-made cookware set and who are willing to pay a higher price.

All in all, we discovered that the BergHOFF EarthChef Premium Copper Clad 10-piece cookware collection is an excellent choice because that those focused on healthy, ecological, mindful living.

Nate is an aspiring chef, and also father the two. He is constantly on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. He has actually a enthusiasm for cooking delicious miso black color cod and enjoys a quite sip that pinot ~ above occasion.

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