The Little couple sure has a large home! Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein purchased the 5,441-square-foot home in St. Petersburg, Fla. in 2017, as detailed by Realtor. The sprawling, three-story abode sits straight on a canal, surrounding by lush, elegantly-landscaped greenery. The very first story is greatly garage an are for increase to four vehicles, v ample living space on the second and third stories. All told, the house price Bill and also Jen a cool $2.1 million, however from the looks of it, it was well worth the money (and lock can certainly afford it!).

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While one side of the Little Couple stars" gorgeous home encounters a canal that feeds into Tampa Bay, the other side looks the end onto a golf course, ensuring that the views from the home windows will constantly be bright green. Additionally, the sea wall surface that was included on the canal side protects the dwelling need to a storm surge come to be an issue during or ~ a hurricane. That"s a pretty smart addition!

So what does the beige home with lot of of windows and a Spanish-style roof look like on the inside? check out on, since we"re taking you within the tiny Couple"s $2 million canal-front home.

First, before we step inside the home, let"s get to know the community just a bit. When Dr. Jen Arnold was available a sweet job at Johns Hopkins all Children"s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., the Little Couple stars made decision to relocate indigenous Houston, Texas. "It was really kind of a match made in heaven," Jen called the Tampa only Times. "I quiet have family here and also my husband has family members on the east coast of Florida together well."

After that, Jen and her husband, bill Klein, purchased their gorgeous home and also were all relocated in by the end of 2017. The home is situated in the preferable Snell Isle neighborhood, an affluent neighborhood where 80 percent of the residences boast waterfront views. It"s additionally not much from Downtown St. Petersburg, which has all kinds of shops, restaurants, and also things come do. Top it off with area schools that are above average (via Niche), and you have actually the perfect place for a family members to thrive. Oh, and don"t forget the adjacent beaches!

One that the most popular places come hang out in the tiny Couple"s $2 million canal-front home is absolutely the large swimming pool (and spa). According to Realtor, the heated, outdoor pool is also saltwater, which way you don"t need to worry around getting over-chlorinated if you invest a most time in there. Additionally, surrounding the swimming pool is an elegant tile terrace, replete v comfy swimming pool furniture, with canal views beyond the lush palm trees.

If you follow Dr. Jen Arnold ~ above Instagram, you probably already know the she and also her family members hang the end in the swimming pool often. It"s definitely a hit v Will and also Zoey! "I"m pretty certain the kids" favorite component of our brand-new house in #Florida is the pool," Jen composed in a post. 

Indeed, that unbridled enthusiasm to be on full screen in an episode of The small Couple. In the clip, you have the right to see just just how thrilled Will and Zoey to be to jump right into their gorgeous pool for the an initial time, simply after they relocated to Florida. Of course, their proud parents were best by your side, happy to see their youngsters so delighted.

If you"re a pan of The tiny Couple, girlfriend probably understand that the kitchen you see in the Zillow listing for their residence is different than the kitchen you see on Dr. Jen Arnold"s Instagram page. That course, there"s a reason for that, according to bill Klein. "No home is going to be move in all set for us where we don"t should remodel several of it to do it comfortable for me and also Jen to make dinners," he said in an illustration of The little Couple (via People). "So why pay for a brand-new kitchen when that"s all got to go?" He has actually a point!

The cameras to be rolling once Bill and his wife had actually their house renovated to fit their brief stature. As for the remodeled kitchen, the looks both high-end and also gorgeous, with elegant countertops, innovative white cabinets, classy glass backsplash, and also an island because that gathering. And also it"s simply the right size because that Will and Zoey to chef dinner in (with your nanny supervising, the course).

Of course, no house would be finish without a life room, and that contains the Little Couple stars" home. Nearby to the kitchen in an open-concept floor arrangement (via Realtor), the living room is the love of Dr. Jen Arnold and also Bill Klein"s large abode. It has high ceilings with several ceiling fans mounted to ensure that you can gain a breeze moving to save the wait fresh. Additionally, the living room also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect because that letting in the renowned Florida sunshine.

The Little couple and their youngsters love security time in the life room, i m sorry you can see ~ above Jen"s Instagram page. Over there are lots of comfy locations to sit, relax, or also nap if the tireds fight you. It"s likewise where the family members sets up their Christmas tree throughout the holiday season, which has to be among Will and also Zoey"s favourite times that the year. It definitely looks prefer they do out like bandits every Christmas!

While the kitchen and also living room certainly show up to be whereby the action takes ar in Jen Arnold and Bill Klein"s home, there"s one more place that the pair and their two kids can enjoy a well meal. That would certainly be the official dining area, i beg your pardon can quickly accommodate not only Jen, Bill, and their children, but additionally Will and Zoey"s grandparents. The space is made specifically elegant through a chandelier dripping with crystals, which would certainly make everyone dining under it feel sophisticated (via Zillow).

Once you exit the dining area, friend can"t aid but notification the certain gorgeous stairway, i beg your pardon spirals the end onto the key floor that the house. It has elegant iron work on either side, complete with polished wooden banisters, which is possibly why it"s served as the background for photos the Will and also Zoey. Talk around an elegant means to do an entrance! We"ll intend the prom snaps to be taken there once the youngsters are in high school.

If girlfriend don"t feel choose taking the stairs in the Little Couple stars" Mediterranean masterpiece, you"re in luck, together there"s one more option because that going up and down in their gorgeous house. That"s right: There"s an elevator in Dr. Jen Arnold and also Bill Klein"s three-story home, so if friend can"t climb stairs because that one factor or another, you have the right to ascend or descend in layout (via Redfin).

While the elevator isn"t exactly front and center top top Jen"s Instagram web page — it"s a big house, after ~ all, and also there are plenty of other locations to take photos — it could come in handy at times because that the family. According to the Tampa only Times, both Jen and Bill have undergone many surgeries, therefore if they"re ever before feeling achy, having actually an elevator must be a relief. Additionally, if the family ever has friends over who are in wheelchairs, this is a much more accessible alternative for them.

One of the nicest things about the Little Couple stars" beautiful residence is that it has actually not one, not two, but six bedrooms, as detailed by Redfin. It definitely makes girlfriend wonder if Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband, invoice Klein, arrangement to adopt much more children in the future, as that"s a lot of of room for a family members of simply four!

Still, also though Will and also Zoey room the only kids in the house (for now), lock both have equally amazing bedrooms that any type of kid would dream of. Fans of The tiny Couple gained a tourism of both of them in one episode, in which the youngsters showed their brand-new bedrooms to their grandparents. Zoey"s room is furnished in soft pinks and boasts an incredibly gorgeous chandelier. There"s also plenty of space for she doll collection. Together for Will"s room, it has dark blue walls and also accents courtesy of will himself: Legos, airplanes, and lots that Star Wars swag. "It"s a boy"s dream come true," bill remarked. It really is!

One of the most vital rooms in any kind of house is, that course, the grasp bedroom. Insofar together the tiny Couple"s $2 million Mediterranean mansion goes, the master suite doesn"t disappoint, to say the least. According to Zillow, Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband, invoice Klein, lay your heads down in a huge suite with their really own personal balcony and also bathroom. Additionally, the floor is do from dark hardwood, which is sleek so that shines beautifully when the light access time it. Top it off through a ceiling fan for an prompt breeze, and you have a perfect and comfy location to rest and recharge.

But that"s not all. If Jen and also Bill room craving a cup of coffee or a snack, however don"t want to walk all the method downstairs to get it, they deserve to just brew a pot in the kitchenette ideal there in their bedroom (via Realtor). We"re all about that life!

According to Zillow, the Little Couple stars" home has not two, not three, but four bathrooms and one half bathroom — that means there are enough restrooms in the home that everyone might have your own, v one come spare! 

While the listing states that the understand bathroom boasts one "oversized walk-in shower v multiple heads, beautiful vanities through marble counters," it"s very likely that the couple had to renovate their bathrooms to account because that their quick statures. For this reason while what"s pictured there can not it is in what the looks choose now, Dr. Jen Arnold mutual some bathroom snaps on she Instagram page. In one she"s clearly having a funny spa day with Zoey, who is enjoy it a cucumber eye treatment.

Additionally, in another post, Jen talks around just how essential her restroom is come her. "If medicine wasn"t my calling, ns would have actually been an inner designer," she wrote in the caption. "I love mine bathroom, my sanctuary to reap some #gentlemoments alone as soon as I need to decompress or with my entire family as soon as everyone requirements to acquire ready at the same time." must be nice!

When the Little pair purchased their St. Petersburg home, it to be replete v a super comfy-looking media room, as listed by Redfin. Located on the second story that the house, the media room has a big television, 4 deluxe-looking animal leather chairs, big windows with views the greenery, and also a ceiling fan with blades shaped like leaves. It really looks favor the perfect ar to take it in a movie or party a series with the family.

However, it"s uncertain if the couple kept that an are as a viewing room or if they made decision to use the room because that something else. Lock do have a television in one more room in the home, which you can see ~ above Dr. Jen Arnold"s Instagram page. However, that doesn"t appear to it is in the best place because that comfortably watching TV while sit down, together Zoey demonstrated in one Instagram post.

Before 2020, only a details percentage of the workforce can say that they work from home. However, as soon as stay-at-home orders to be issued that year, a chuck 42 percent of workers were doing simply that full-time, as noted by Stanford University.

While Dr. Jen Arnold works at a hospital and also Bill Klein has the pet shop to run, chances are the Little Couple stars have actually some job-related to carry out while they"re in the house. To the end, it"s a good thing their $2 million abode has a home office, according to Realtor. That means there"s always a quiet space that either bill or Jen can use to write emails or testimonial records.

However, the house office isn"t wherein Will and Zoey obtain their schoolwork done, as they both have desk set-ups in the living room. That"s where they carry out their learning, v Bill serving as the "lead " of your homeschool, according to a write-up on Jen"s Instagram page. "I"m thankful for our health and wellness and ability to continue to be home and also learn," she created in the caption.

Probably the swankiest thing around the small Couple"s St. Petersburg home is the truth that it has not one, yet two dock lifts, according to Zillow. That method that the household can head out via watercraft to Tampa just whenever lock like and also enjoy all the the estuary needs to offer, including boating and also wildlife spotting.

Naturally, if you have actually a dock elevator at your house, you need to have a boat, which the Little Couple stars certainly do. You deserve to see the in the background of a write-up on Dr. Jen Arnold"s Instagram page. Jen, she husband, and also the youngsters make sure to gain out top top the water as frequently as possible, i beg your pardon you can see in another post (as well together on the show). Sometimes, offered that the loves swim so much, Will also jumps off of the boat and into the water! "Will went swimming in the only today," Jen mutual in another post. "Only because that 10 seconds due to the fact that mom to be nervous!" the looks choose so much fun!

One thing that the Tampa only area in Florida is recognized for is the region"s particularly beautiful sunrises and also sunsets. Whether you clock the sunrise from the parking garage in ~ Tampa international Airport or capture the sunset indigenous Pier 60, you"ll be cure to a gorgeous view.

Of course, the Little pair don"t need to leave their house to capture a beautiful view. That"s since there"s a private balcony simply off the master suite where Dr. Jen Arnold and also Bill Klein have the right to watch the morning sun climb in the skies (via Redfin). Bill even posted a beautiful shot of their view on his Instagram page, and also we"re official jealous. Jen likewise shared the beauty, beauty on she Instagram page, this time in a calm video. "Thought I"d re-superstructure this relaxing video to calm us during a time that need," she wrote in the caption.

The Little Couple stars" $2 million canal-front home has it all, native its posh kitchen come the sweet grasp suite come the outdoor pool and spa, as detailed by Realtor. It"s not surprising in the least that the famed family every look therefore happy in your house, both top top the show and on social media.

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But the home has one an ext perk that we haven"t pointed out yet: also though the climate in St. Petersburg is usually quite warm, that hasn"t stopped the household from enjoying their own integrated fire pit! They also fired it as much as celebrate July 4, follow to a post on Dr. Jen Arnold"s Instagram page. There"s a great chance the household uses the fire pit when it it s okay chilly, too, as what"s better than that? We certain would if we had actually one of our own.