A: To move the boulder in ~ Mt. Coronet, and also any various other boulder for that matter, you need to have the pokemon move HM Strength. Girlfriend can’t use it until after you beat the 6th pokemon gym though, and it’s derived from Riley at the height of the lost Tower on iron Island.

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in addition, whereby is the an enig potion in Pokemon Platinum?


gamings an approach
GSC Cianwood City Pharmacy (from pharmacist, after speaking through Jasmine in ~ the sparkle Lighthouse)
DPPt Valor Lakefront (from Cynthia)
HGSS Cianwood City Pharmacy (from pharmacist, after speaking through Jasmine at the sparkle Lighthouse)

Also, where is toughness platinum?

You find strength at iron island and also Riley will give it come you.To acquire to iron island you take a boat at canalave city. Go to steel island then walk to riley the blue guy then that will give you it. Girlfriend can obtain it by going to the lost tower.

in the same way What Pokemon have the right to push boulders aside? How have the right to we push boulders aside in Pokemon Fire Red? – Quora. Just like almost every Pokemon game, particularly designated boulders have the right to be pushed aside with the use of HM 04: Strength.

How execute you acquire rid of large boulders in Pokemon Platinum?

Where is the an enig potion in diamond?

The Secret Potion (ひでんのくすり Secret medicine ), named SecretPotion before Generation VI, is a unique type of medicine exclusively spread by the Pharmacy in Cianwood City.

Where is the medicine in Cianwood City?

You need to head come Cianwood City to acquire the medicine for the Ampharos in Olivine city, and also while you’re there, you need to pick increase the Gym badge too. You’ll acquire something really cool if girlfriend win. To like the boulders near the peak of the city to discover some amazing stuff.

How carry out you get surf in Pokemon Platinum?

In short, HM03 Surf is discovered in Celestic town after the player defeat the Galactic boss, Cyrus. Cynthia’s grandm will give it come the player within the ruins.

Do you need strength to gain Gible in platinum?

1 Answer. Unfortunately, no. You have the right to only get Gible in the bottom level the Wayward cavern in Diamond/Pearl, and that deserve to only be accessed after ~ you get the HM Strength.

How do you obtain Pastoria City in Pokemon Platinum?

After fighting those thugs off, be sure to discover the nook on the eastern edge of the beach. Damage the absent blocking it and grab the TM40 ~ above the various other side. Then, move northward to reach the small, grassy area of path 213 that will certainly lead straight to Pastoria City. Pokemon (w/ LV.)

How perform you push big boulders?

To acquire it, you have to smash the rocks in Rusturf tunnel utilizing Rock Smash. Climate the guy in there will offer you Strength, teach that to among the compatible Pokemon and you’ll have the ability to push boulders aside. Rotten_sleazebag answered: You need the HM toughness to press it away.

What TM is supplied to move boulders?

strength (Japanese: かいりき super Strength) is a damage-dealing Normal-type move presented in Generation I. It to be HM04 in Generations I with VI. … Description.

games description
XYORAS The target is slugged v a punch thrown in ~ maximum power. This can likewise be used to move heavy boulders.

How perform you push boulders in Pokemon White?

other Answers

Teach a Pokemon HM04 Strength. That’ll permit you to move the gigantic rocks. User Info: MetalKingBoo. MetalKingBoo (Expert) – 10 years earlier 3 3. obtain strength by going north of the nimbasa city pokemon center and talk to the man at the table. Then use stamin to relocate the boulders. User Info: genebomber.

How do you get rid of boulders in mystery base platinum?

1 Answer. Catch 50 flags – get a platinum flag, remove all of the boulders in her base, acquire a star on your trainer card.

How perform you push huge boulders in Pokemon Diamond?

To move boulders, you need to use the HM toughness at the shed Tower in course 209, i m sorry is below Soleceon Town. Aeon-Flux answered: You move boulders by Hm Strength, which have the right to be discovered it the lost Tower on route 209. Expect this helps you!!!

Where is Pastoria?

Pastoria City is a city on the south-east part of the island of Sinnoh. This city has a small harbour in the south-east and contains access to the Safari Zone that the Sinnoh region.

Where is the an enig potion in Pokemon Silver?


You need to take the stairs and fight the trainers in the lighthouse. … go up into the lighthouse and go all method up,jump out the home window and go around and go inside and also find ladder to obtain to Jasmine. … You obtain it indigenous the building next come the pokemart in cian wood town.

How execute you do a mystery potion?


start the chase in the city with that one guy water gym leader person. The grunt is through the « safari » zone. … just go to Veilstone and also walk upwards towards the optimal of the city and Cynthia will come and also talk 2 u and likewise give u the SecretPotion . … have actually friend tried beginning from where the chase began? … in the Pokemart.

What Pokemon go the man in Cianwood City provide you?

Before the player meets him, he is bullied by silver- into offering up his rare Pokémon—Sneasel.

What wake up if you offer Shuckle back?

If the player returns to Kirk later on in the game, climate he will ask because that the Shuckle back, uneven it has actually a high friendship stat. You have the right to either offer the Shuckle ago or tell him whereby to pole it, enabling you come steal his Pokémon for yourself.

What level is Jasmine?

Jasmine come to battle with two level thirty Magnetites and also a lone level thirty-five Steelix. These males are far, far stronger than the Pokemon girlfriend faced earlier at Chuck’s gym in Cianwood City, for this reason you’re walk to have to be prepared.

Do you need surf in Pokemon Platinum?

1 Answer. Yes, friend do require a pokémon to understand to complete the main story.

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Where execute I obtain Waterfall platinum?

Pokémon Platinum Version

Topic: Where perform i get waterfall?
Rex the Water driver Bloodthristy Eye s-e-e-k-e-r total posts: 1701 since: Sep 2007 The waterfall is held by a girl with 2 ponytails hair near sunnycity water. At beach. Bit east of the GYM that Sunnyshine city

Mar 29, 2009

What gym carry out you obtain surf in platinum?

The Hearthome Gym is the 5th Gym in Pokémon Diamond and also Pearl but is encountered before the 3rd and 4th Gyms; however, Fantina is absent from the Gym until after the player has received HM03 (Surf) from Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town. In Pokémon Platinum, the Hearthome Gym is the 3rd Gym.