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What are Orbeez balls? In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is come know around Orbeez, everyone’s favourite squishy water marble. Friend may have heard of castle or have come throughout one of the hundreds of YouTube videos showing human being playing and also experimenting with this bizarre toy.

What is Orbeez?

Orbeez is a water-absorbent polymer bead that increases into a soft, dewy, bouncy round after submerging in water. It’s incredibly popular with both kids and grown-ups because of that slippery smooth yet springy surface, which offers a most sensory play possibilities.

You can squeeze it, dribble it, litter it, and play with it yet you want. And they’re recycle too! So when you or your children get bored of them, you can simply mix castle in through your garden floor or plop castle in her flower vase. They’re non-toxic and also 100% biodegradable.

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When you an initial encounter Orbeez, you’ll view that castle look like tiny tough beads no bigger 보다 a toy pistol pellet. However, that’s just the beginning. When you submerge the beads in water, they’ll flourish up come 150 times their size! It may feel like magic but there’s a very good explanation for it.

Orbeez, i beg your pardon are additionally known together water beads, are made up of supervisor absorbent polymer (SAP) that deserve to absorb and also retain an incredibly huge amount the liquid. This kind of polymer is hydrophilic, which means they’re very attracted to water!

It’s this network of at sight absorbent polymer that offers Orbeez the unique and amusing feature. The polymer’s very huge molecules absorb the water molecule by linking through them and also storing them in in between their chains, efficiently merging v the liquid. For this reason if you cut open a character language Orbeez ball, girlfriend won’t see any water spilling.

With enough time to go through this process, Orbeez can grow up come a diameter that 14mm, but some water bead variants deserve to reach approximately 57mm in diameter, i m sorry is almost the size of a tennis ball!


Who invented Orbeez?

Water beads or water crystal gels aren’t new. Lock were an initial invented in the early 1960s together a way to retain an ext water in the floor for tree longer. Castle have countless uses exterior of play, here are some of the common ones:

They supply water to little animals (like crickets!)They help retain much more water in the soil for plants.They have the right to replace the soil in potted at home plants and also can be offered to to fill flower vases.They deserve to be used as ammunition because that toy guns.They’re provided as colorful decorations for synthetic snow.They can additionally be used in large amounts to control and also contain flooding.

The creators of the brand name Orbeez to be Ron Brawer and Sharon Cohen who called their company after their earliest daughter, Maya. Once they saw their daughter toying v some squishy polymer orbs sitting in a vase, that’s when the idea for Orbeez came.

Their company, Maya Toys, started occurring Orbeez in your family’s garage in 2009. Luckily, Brawer already had some relationships after year of working within the toy industry, so it wasn’t an overwhelming to get in touch with the right people. Since of that, they to be able to gain a couple of products top top shelves in Target stores and also Toys R Us.

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And after ~ airing advertisement in Nickelodeon and also Cartoon Network, their sales thrived from $5 million to almost $100 million dollars in 2012. Even now, Orbeez remains well-known with kids, parents, young adults, and also a lot of YouTubers!

How long does the take because that Orbeez come grow?

It take away at the very least 4 hours for one Orbeez bead to absorb sufficient water to prosper into a nice, squishy orb. Come reach your maximum size, make sure to soak castle in pure, distilled water. If girlfriend soak the beads overnight, they can grow also bigger! 

What’s cool is that even if friend crush or cut the hydrated orbs, lock won’t spill any kind of water. That’s since the polymer absorbs the water by merging through it, so through that process, the water becomes part of the orb itself. Fascinating, isn’t it?

You can likewise shrink the Orbeez ago to its initial size if you leaving them in an open up container because that 24-48 hours. Come quicken the process, you can likewise leave them the end in the sunlight to dry. When you’re ready to play through them again, you can soak castle in water once more and they’ll regrow just like before.

If you want to reuse her Orbeez because that play and also make them critical longer, right here are part tips:

Always wash her hands before and after playing with Orbeez.Wash her Orbeez v soap before and also after playing.Store your Orbeez in a sealed, airtight container to retain their complete size. Keep lock in the refrigerator because that maximum freshness.Add a pinch the salt to the water before submerging the Orbeez beads.

Remember: If your Orbeez starts to smell or flourish mold, it’s time to litter them away and get some brand-new ones.

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Are Orbeez balls toxic?

Orbeez might look yummy and also tempting come eat yet they are absolutely not edible! lock are reasonably safe if your son accidentally swallows one. It will pass through their digestive system without any type of problems. 

Orbeez balls are non-toxic and also non-poisonous. The balls won’t stick with each other inside her digestive tract and won’t be absorbed by her body. If ingested, the beads can only flourish up come 7mm inside the intestines, which would enable them to pass normally.

However, if a large amount of Orbeez is swallowed, instant medical fist is a must. Character language Orbeez balls can additionally become a choking risk when consumed or chewed. One Orbeez bead can likewise get lodged inside a child’s ear or sleep so make certain to constantly supervise your youngsters when playing.

Although Orbeez space non-toxic, they deserve to still posture a couple of hazards for this reason ensure safety as soon as playing through them.

How execute you do Orbeez balls?

After buying a pack of Orbeez, friend can prosper them by putting the tiny, dried beads right into a bowl and also filling it v 1 cup the warm, purified water because that every 100 Orbeez. So if you have actually 1,000 Orbeez beads, you need to soak castle in 10 cup of warmth water. Soak them because that at least 4 hours and also they need to be prepared for playing! 

If you want your Orbeez to flourish bigger, you have the right to soak them overnight. Just make sure to keep refilling the key or container of Orbeez v water so they stay submerged. You may additionally need to change the container through a bigger one if they begin to overflow when they expand.

You’ll recognize your Orbeez room ready once they look prefer perfect spheres about the dimension of marbles (or bigger.) strain the Orbeez to eliminate the excess water and also enjoy!



Can i make Orbeez in ~ home?

You can absolutely make something comparable to Orbeez in ~ home. If you desire the experience of having actually these squishy orbs together a funny playtime snack, try using tapioca pearls. They’re not just delicious but additionally much quicker to make. 

You have the right to enlarge tapioca pearls the same way you do with Orbeez yet instead the soaking them for 4 hours, you boil them in water for simply 20 minutes. 

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There’s likewise a recipe online using gelatin, vinegar, water, and chilled oil. It’s frequently used in molecular gastronomy, which is prefer a an ext scientific means of making food. And also you can conveniently replicate it!

Simply dissolve 5 packets of gelatin in 1 cup of hot water. Include vinegar. Then, microwave and stir the mixture until every little thing is totally dissolved. Include food coloring, and just wait for it come cool.

After it has cooled, you can then transfer the mixture come an empty squeeze bottle. Squeeze and drop tiny globs that the mixture right into the cool (but not frozen) oil. What you’ll obtain is something the looks and also feels prefer Orbeez, yet much smaller, like small jelly spheres.

The recipe provides the truth that water and oil don’t mix. For this reason the water-based droplets, that were made from the gelatin-water-vinegar mixture, produced colloid spheres once they fell into the cool oil.

Retrieve the jelly spheres native the oil through a strainer and rinse with water. And there you have actually it, an alternate version of Orbeez you can shot at home!

What can you do with Orbeez?

A far better question would certainly be what can’t you do with this crazy orbs? right here are few of the many ways you deserve to have fun at home with Orbeez:

Create a sensory bin filled with Orbeez. Add funnels, cups, and also scoops because that your son to beat with and also explore.Create a sensory problem course utilizing multiple bins. It could get slippery though!Make a DIY Orbeez stress ball by putting hydrated Orbeez within a balloon.Freeze her Orbeez and smash them!Warm her Orbeez up and dip her toes in them because that a therapeutic experience.Add her favorite essential oil come the water prior to submerging your Orbeez.Try filling a water bottle v water beads one by one. (This is quite an overwhelming – these things space slippery!)Practice fine motor an abilities by balancing Orbeez ~ above golf tees.Try put Orbeez inside cookie cutters.Fill a kiddie pool or bath tub with Orbeez and shot swimming in them.Make an waiting freshener by adding your favorite essential oil right into a jar full of character language Orbeez.Add shaving cream to her container of Orbeez because that an interesting sensory experience.Add a LED light inside a jar full of Orbeez to do a unique lamp.Create jelly art in glass jars using different colored Orbeez.Use Orbeez beads as ammunition for your toy guns instead of plastic pellets.

How execute you usage Orbeez balls with plants?

Since water beads were originally produced for agricultural purposes, particularly to maintain water and release lock in the soil slowly, friend can certainly reuse Orbeez in her garden or flower bed. Girlfriend can even fill your vase through Orbeez to keep them fresh and hydrated. 

Simply mix Orbeez in through the soil in your garden or change the floor in your indoor plants through them. They’re non-toxic therefore they won’t influence your plants’ health, and they’re 100% biodegradable therefore they will at some point decompose.

Where have the right to you to buy Orbeez balls?

Most toy stores, handmade stores, and some garden shop will have actually water beads or Orbeez balls in stock. You can additionally order Orbeez ~ above Amazon and other basic online shop that have them in stock.


How much do Orbeez balls cost?

It depends on what type, what amount, and where you’re buying your Orbeez, however they’re reasonably inexpensive. If you’re looking come buy a tiny pack the 1,000 Orbeez native the Maya toys website, climate it might cost approximately $5.99, however if you desire larger, multi-colored orbs, then a pack of 2,000 Orbeez will cost about $19.99. 

A costlier alternative would it is in to to buy a specially-designed Orbeez toy that utilizes its soft, squishy structure to carry out a relaxing, therapeutic effect. One instance of this is the Orbeez Ultimate reassuring Foot Spa which attributes a foot spa basin, and also a waterfall attachment the cascades heat Orbeez tenderness onto your feet. How’s the for relaxing?

Overall, you can expect come pay all over from $5 come $39 because that Orbeez depending on size, quantity, and special attributes like crushing materials for creating Orbeez art, light impacts and dedicated lamps, fun devices that let girlfriend squish, smash or cut them, and other distinct setups the maximize every little thing this flexible, small orb needs to offer.

How deserve to you dissolve Orbeez balls?

Accidents happen and sometimes you may need come dissolve Orbeez balls in situation they fall down the drain and also clog your pipes. You deserve to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to dissolve the Orbeez layer by layer, which way you might need come repeat the procedure a few times.

Pouring salt deserve to also help draw the water out, substantially reducing the size. Alcohol can likewise have the exact same effect. Follow to the website, using rubbing alcohol deserve to reduce Orbeez size by 25%.

Remember to it is in patient and also know when it’s time to call a expert plumbing organization to assist unclog your drain. Leaving Orbeez grounding in her pipes have the right to potentially reason it come burst, so it is in careful!


I expect this answers every one of your questions about these fun, little orbs! one of my favorite ways to play with them is by filling a clean balloon with many Orbeez and using it together a colorful, stress and anxiety ball. The orb-filled balloon feels incredibly satisfying come squeeze and helps me unwind after ~ a lengthy day.

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No matter how an excellent Orbeez are, mental to practice safety when using them. Don’t allow them near kids without supervision, and constantly cover the drainpipe if you plan to usage them in the tub or sink. And also most importantly, never ever before flush castle in the restroom if you don’t want an irreversible mess!

Whether you’re thinking of what to gain your children for a gift or you desire to gain Orbeez for you yourself to use as a tension buster, these delightful water beads may be simply what friend need. Go and also have part mindless, sensory fun through these crazy, miracle orbs.