Troy Aikman started four games for Oklahoma before getting hurt and transferring come UCLA, wherein he became a star.

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We continue our series looking at the many successful 2nd chance stories in college football history. We will highlight players and coaches the have uncovered success or redemption in ~ a 2nd school after a deliver or coaching readjust in dual Dip, presented by IHop. Today, we examine Troy Aikman" deliver from Oklahoma to UCLA, which resolved for every parties involved. 

First Stop: Troy Aikman started his college career at the college of Oklahoma and took over together the Sooners" starter in 1985, his sophomore year. Under Aikman" leadership, the Sooners began the season 3-0, including a success over competitor Texas. Versus Miami, in the just loss that the season because that Oklahoma, Aikman" ankle was broken, and also he to be ruled the end for the season. 

With Aikman out, Barry Switzer switched his offense from one I-formation, pro-style system earlier to the run-heavy wishbone offense. That change proved come be very successful, and the Sooners go on to success the 1985 nationwide championship running the wishbone with Jamelle Holieway together quarterback. 

With Oklahoma earlier in the wishbone, Aikman chose to move out that Norman to go to a program where he would certainly be in one offense much better suited for him and throw the round more. He ended up deciding on UCLA, leaving Oklahoma because that Los Angeles. 

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Double Dip: Aikman sat the end the 1986 season at UCLA as result of NCAA transport rules however took over together the Bruins" starter in 1987. Over two periods at UCLA, Aikman completed 64.8 percent the his passes and threw because that 5,298 yards, 41 touchdowns and also 17 interceptions.

In 1987, Aikman was called the Pac-10 offensive Player of the Year together the Bruins walk 10-2 v a success in the Aloha bowl over Florida. In 1988, Aikman winner the Davey O" Award as the peak quarterback in the country and was named a consensus All-American when finishing 3rd in the Heisman Trophy voting. The Bruins go 10-2 again in 1988, winning in the noodle Bowl against Arkansas to end the season. 

Aikman" move to UCLA verified to it is in a optimistic for both schools and also Aikman together Oklahoma found success in the wishbone and also UCLA winner 20 games in 2 years under Aikman" guidance. ~ his two great seasons in ~ UCLA, Aikman became the peak commodity in the 1989 NFL Draft and also was taken an initial overall by the Dallas Cowboys. 

Pro Career: Aikman" time in ~ UCLA paid off in a large way as soon as he acquired to the NFL. After a rough 1989 season for the Cowboys, they went on to come to be the team the the 1990s.

Aikman had actually a room of reputation career v the Dallas Cowboys, leading them to 3 Super bowl titles in the at an early stage 90s. He was a six-time Pro-Bowler, won the Super key MVP in 1993 and also is the Cowboys" all-time leading passer with 32,942 yards. 

He was named to the pro Football room of call in 2006 and also the university Football hall of fame in 2008. Aikman right now works as an NFL analyst and color commentator because that FOX Sports.