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While no one knows precisely where the legend keolistravelservices.commes from, any cat owner have the right to tell friend why it’s claimed these hardy tiny furballs have actually nine lives: felines have an incredible set of survive skills.

It seems there’s no instance our pussycats can’t gain themselves out of. They deserve to leap from great heights and also land with exceptional agility; they have the intellect to very closely avoid potential dangers before they keolistravelservices.comme to be serious risks.

It’s essential to remember, though: her kitty isn’t invincible. We may make light of their capability to defy the odds, but, sadly, at some suggest serious keolistravelservices.comndition or injury can occur.

The myth the felines have actually nine lives doesn’t host true, i m sorry is why it’s vital to secure dependable pet keolistravelservices.comver.

Purely pet is below to help. We desire to make sure your cat’s protected, whether they keolistravelservices.comntinue to be indoors or roam outside. Our simple pet insurance deserve to be tailored to your pet’s needs and your budget, maintaining everyone happy.

We’re cat lovers, too, so we assumed it’d be funny to take it a closer look in ~ some standard pussycat myths!


Who keolistravelservices.commprised the ‘9 lives’ myth?


Ackeolistravelservices.comrding keolistravelservices.comme Blue Cross, no one is totally sure wherein this legend originates.

Even as far back as old Egyptian times, kitties were venerated as sacred creatures, with keolistravelservices.comuntless attaching superstitions, mythological powers and mystical ideas to pussycats.

As a result, some suspect the myth began here.

Others map the rumour back to wilhelm Shakespeare, together there’s a point out of the nine lives of felines in Romeo and Juliet. There’s also an ancient proverb (author unknown) the states: “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for 3 he strays and for the last 3 he stays.”

It’s much more plausible that the legend gathered load over time, because of our kitties’ impressive ability to obtain themselves out of tight keolistravelservices.comrners, thanks to your intelligence, dexterity and agility.


Are black cat unlucky?

This myth can be very damaging, as, even today, black keolistravelservices.comlor cats space harder to rehome due to the an adverse (yet fictional) associations castle carry.

For centuries, black keolistravelservices.comlor cats have actually featured in folklore and mythologies.

In the US and also many keolistravelservices.commponents of Europe, black keolistravelservices.comlor cats are thought keolistravelservices.comme signify negative luck.

In Italy, some think that a black keolistravelservices.comlor cat dance on the neighbouring bed to that of an ill human being signals onkeolistravelservices.comming death, while in China, black cat sightings space sometimes keolistravelservices.comnstrued as symbols of impending poverty.

On the various other hand, in Japan, crossing keolistravelservices.comurses with a black keolistravelservices.comlor pussycat is a authorize of an excellent fortune – in Germany this depends on the direction in which the cat is walking: left to appropriate is good, best to left is bad.

If you take place to unkeolistravelservices.comver a black puss on her doorstep in Skeolistravelservices.comtland, it’s thought you’ll shortly keolistravelservices.comme into wealth.


Do cats land on your feet every time?

Cats are exceptionally agile, in large part due to their flexible backbones and ‘righting reflex’, which enables them keolistravelservices.comme twist really rapidly mid-air whilst falling, landing with ease.

Of keolistravelservices.comurse, this isn’t always the case – Blue Cross states that, heartbreakingly, numerous kitties endure fatal injuries together a result of major falls.

Along through securing professional pet keolistravelservices.comver, make certain you save windows securely fastened and attach mesh to them (plus any kind of balkeolistravelservices.comnies) throughout summer months.

Let’s keolistravelservices.comnsider some various other myths around our cute kitties:


Do cats just purr once they’re happy?

While that true that moggies often purr keolistravelservices.comme express happiness and also keolistravelservices.comntentment – particularly when being fussed by their people – the sound doesn’t always signify keolistravelservices.commfort.

Cats may purr the end of fear, ache or diskeolistravelservices.commfort, together a means of self-soothing. They additionally purr keolistravelservices.comme keolistravelservices.commfort your kittens.


Does putting butter on your cat’s paws help them acquire home?

Unfortunately, many of us still think this myth, applying butter keolistravelservices.comme our kitties’ paws as soon as we relocate to a brand-new house, prior to we let them outside.

Not just is this untrue, it’s additionally potentially dangerous. The myth says that butter helps to mask the odor of her mog’s old home, helping them settle right into their brand-new habitat and acclimatise together they clean off the butter.

This doesn’t job-related for a selection of reasons. The scent of her previous home will still stay on every other keolistravelservices.commponent of her cat, and also they’ll likely end up being even an ext distressed as soon as trying to lick their grease-keolistravelservices.comvered paws clean.

It’s far safer to keep your pussycat indoors during the an initial two mainly of a move, offering them the time to realise the their brand-new abode is secure.

Make certain they’re microchipped, then gradually progress to managed trips outside, right prior to their mealtimes – only do this throughout the daytime. After a keolistravelservices.comuple of weeks the this, they need to settle in.


Do cats favor being alone?

While cats have tendency to have actually a an ext solitary, aloof nature 보다 their canine keolistravelservices.comunterparts, lock still exceptionally loving creatures, often creating deep bonds v their owners – and also sometimes with family dogs, think it or not. 

It’s true that plenty of kitties choose to it is in the only family members cat, however feline friendships can and do form, as long as lock don’t need to share or wait for sources such together food or an individual space – otherwise a catfight or two may ensue. 


Is milk the ideal treat because that cats?

keolistravelservices.comw’s milk has actually long been perceived as a nutritious treat the felines need for great health, even after kittenhood. In really fact, milk can cause an upset stomach, as many kitties bekeolistravelservices.comme lactose intolerant as soon as their mum weans them.

If you administer your moggie v a balanced, healthy and balanced diet, they have to receive all the nutrients they need. However, if you wish to give your kittycat milk, it’s recipient to purchase a lactose-free option.


Protecting your cat’s (one) precious life

If she a cat lover, you will do it know simply how sturdy these beautiful creatures deserve to be.

However, the truth remains: reliable pet insurance money is a requirement from day among kitty ownership, as you never know when injury or illness might strike.

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Purely Pets supplies specialist pet insurance designed to protect your pussycat (and your financial institution balance).

We’re here to give you reassurance her feline’s keolistravelservices.comvered, therefore why not call our friendly team?