The St. Luigi Classic! usage on thin-crust pizzas,sandwiches and also salads. Pearl in a 5lb block - next DAY AIR extremely recommended, especially throughout warmer months of the year (April - October; varies relying on where you live). Please view our Shipping/Returns web page for more information ~ above shipping methods of perishable items.

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If friend love Provel...then this is the ar to obtain it!

Posted by David Ahmadi on 4th Nov 2021

Outstanding customer service and also quick shipping. Arrived in perfect condition! thanks Viviano and also Sons!

Provel cheese worth every dollar!

Posted by Margaret Collier on 28th Oct 2021

We have had actually a delightful and tasty endure with ours order the Provel cheese. The mouthfeel is so silky and also buttery the it is now considered our go-to cheese. Ours on-line stimulate was handled expertly by one resourceful lady Gina Viviano. Say thanks to you.


Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2021

I love how provel melts. Like, that is FANTASTIC. But lately ns am putting it into cheese grits and it is amazing. This product is fully worth it and it transport so quickly. An excellent buy!!

Creamy & dreamy cheese

Posted by Joyce A Ess ~ above 19th Oct 2021

We provided to live in the St. Louis area yet moved come Idaho 8 years ago. Naturally, Provel cheese is not easily accessible in Idaho so us scoured the internet for a provider and until we discovered Viviano's us were overpaying because that the product and also the shipping. This is our second order indigenous Viviano's and we will proceed to do service with them due to the fact that the product is shipped quickly and also reasonably priced and also their price is the best on the internet. Thanks, Viviano's, because that making Provel accessible over the internet.

Provel Cheese

Posted by Mike Gerken ~ above 18th Oct 2021

Just do garlic bread with the Provel cheese that is wonderfull.cannot wait to try it top top pizza!!!

Best deal on Provell

Posted through Jeff Schmitt top top 15th Sep 2021

Prompt shipping, good value

A Taste of house

Posted by Stev Moonbeam on sixth Sep 2021

Thank friend so really much for offering me with the chance to attain the Provel that i dearly love. There really is nothing quite choose it. Shipping and delivery went there is no a hitch. Extremely satisfied.

Great Cheese

Posted through Dwayne Sullivan top top 24th Aug 2021

We first bought Provel cheese native Viviano's about eight years back while visiting "The Hill". I did an digital search because that Viviano grocery and saw the online shopping. Our opportunity to obtain the best cheese was just a couple of clicks away. That tastes just as great as years ago. Now we don't need to wait come get good cheese. Shipping was a total of about three days native order to my door.

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Best Pizza Cheese ever

Posted by ann DeSaix on 16th Aug 2021

Love Provel on our homemade pizza's. For sure the best. For this reason creamy and melts perfectly over the toppings I put on the pizza. Always get 5 pounds once in St. Louis and also have to order in between times. Have never had any type of problem v UPS delivery.

St Louis on the East shore

Posted by i get it Schnaare on 2nd Aug 2021

We love Imo's and also Farotto's pizza in St Louis but we live in new Jersey - so we bought a it is provided of Provel cheese and will try create St luigi pizza in new Jersey