the shrine of thomas BecketDuring the Middle eras thousands of pilgrims came on a trip to Canterbury each year to visit the shrine of thomas Becket come pray and also seek assist for your problems. Countless would come long distances, including from everywhere Europe. Some would come on foot, while those who might afford it can ride ~ above horseback.

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Who space the pilgrims going to visit in the Canterbury Tales?

The story (mostly created in verse, back some space in prose) room presented as part of a story-telling dispute by a group of pilgrims together they travel with each other from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint cutting board Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

What shrine room the pilgrims walk to and also for what reason?

The reason offered for the trip in the general Prologue to The Canterbury story is to visit the shrine that St. Thomas Becket. Becket to be a Christian martyr who was believed to have actually special heal powers.

What is the name of the ar where Chaucer the pilgrim meets the various other pilgrims?

This rejuvenation inspires civilization to walk on pilgrimage to the shrine of cutting board Becket, aka St. Thomas Beckett at Canterbury, one of the most popular pilgrimages in middle ages Britain. Chaucer-as-pilgrim is at the Tabard Inn in ~ Southwark, around to set out alone ~ above this pilgrimage, once the rather arrive to invest the night.

Who is recognized as the father of English poetry?

Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the 1340s in London, and though that is long gone, the is by no means forgotten. Ever due to the fact that the finish of the 14th century, Chaucer has been known as the “father the English poetry,” a design of creating to be imitated through English poets.

What is the reward for the finest tale?

He states that they will certainly each call tales. They will each tell 2 on the means down and then two an ext on the method back. Whoever tells the finest one it s okay a free dinner in ~ the inn as soon as they return.

Who is the best character in the Canterbury Tales?

This is a subjective question, yet many doubters agree that ideal character in The Canterbury tales is the wife of Bath. She is vividly drawn and also has an unforgettably lively, opinionated, and forthright personality.

What were they going to Canterbury to see?

All the characters in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” space headed come Canterbury because that a pilgrimage. They are all going to visit the dig of Saint thomas a Becket. Becket was killed in 1170 and was revered because he had actually been killed because of his devotion come the Church.

Why was everyone at the Tabbard?

Why was everyone at The Tabbard? They were on their method making a pilgrimage to Canterbury. What to be they going come see? They were going to check out the shrine of cutting board a Becket.

How walk the narrator recognize the world at the Tabard Inn?

Why go the narrator understand the civilization at the inn? They have actually all met by chance and also decided to take trip together. The most accurate description of the team of pilgrims is together a? number of ppl that represent many different occupations, classes, and also personalities.

Why perform the pilgrims want to walk to Canterbury?

Why carry out the pilgrims walk to Canterbury? The reason that every one of the travelers space going to Canterbury is to pay your respects to Saint cutting board a Becket, the Archbishop the Canterbury. Becket went down in background as a martyr and also a saint because that standing up for his faith, and the 30 travelers room on a expedition to check out the tomb of Becket.

Why was Becket’s shrine in ~ Canterbury for this reason important?

Becket’s shrine at Canterbury now came to be the most important place in the nation for pilgrims to visit. Once Becket to be killed, local world apparently regulated to achieve pieces of fabric soaked in his blood.

Why are the pilgrims walk to watch Becket?

The factor that all of the travelers are going come Canterbury is come pay your respects come Saint thomas a Becket, the Archbishop the Canterbury. Becket went down in history as a martyr and a saint because that standing up because that his faith, and the 30 travelers space on a expedition to view the tomb of Becket.

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Where do Christians walk to pray in Canterbury Tales?

In Judaism, it’s the Wailing wall in Jerusalem. Christians have numerous destinations. Part make the journey along the Camino de Santiago in Spain to the shrine that the Apostle St. James. But, Brits commonly opt to journey to Canterbury come pray in ~ the shrine the St. Thomas.