Driving in fog might seem favor an impossible task as you inch follow me in a dream-like white blur. Fog is among the most dangerous weather conditions that vehicle drivers face. Thick fog deserve to decrease a driver’s visibility to almost nothing. Every year, fog causes significant pile-ups and also numerous mishaps when motorists are can not to view the roadway ahead the them. If you uncover yourself in this spooky situation, store these advice in psychic to drive safely.

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7 Tips because that Driving in Fog

Turn On her Defroster

Because fog typically occurs in high humidity, the is probably a an excellent idea to usage your vehicle’s interior defrost function. This will aid dry turn off the within of your car’s windows. Shot to stop wiping the windows v a rag or piece of your clothing. Not just will this distract your fist from the road, it is additionally likely to reason the home windows to smear. This is a quick guide come combating a fog within the vehicle:

Keep A Look out For other Vehicles’ Lights

The white lights of oncoming traffic will it is in more daunting to see than the red lamp of vehicles in former of you.


Don’t Slam On her Brakes

When friend come to specifically dense area of fog, your an initial instinct could be to prevent so that you have the right to regain your bearings. Mental that various other vehicles space behind you and also will be comes upon the same lessened visibility. Stopping in the center of the road in diminished visibility will increase your chances of obtaining rear-ended by an approaching vehicle. Protecting against your auto could reason a chain reaction and also a significant pileup.

Keep her Distance

Keep a much greater distance between your car and the vehicle in prior of you. Return you might not feel comfortable shedding sight of one of the only objects the is visible to you at this time, make certain that over there is a far-reaching distance in between your car and the vehicle before you.


Stay concentrated on the road and keep the street

If foggy conditions becomes overwhelming or reasons you to feeling disoriented, pull end to the side of the road and turn on your risk lights. Fog is usual in the early on morning hours and will disappear ~ the sun has risen. If you are driving in extremely thick fog at night, you might need come take regular breaks to rest your eyes.

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