What occurred to Yukon Men? The discovery Channel collection was a favourite that many, therefore let’s acquire its fate explained. Is that finished?

When a show you love hasn’t reared that head for a while, friend can’t aid but feel a tiny curious.

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A number of shows have actually been cancelled this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to problems with shooting and also rising costs etc.

So, it’s no surprise that Yukon males fans desire to know what happened with the show.

The collection premiered top top the exploration Channel back in 2012, centring on the resides of fishermen and also trappers in the Alaskan village of Tanana.

Audiences have actually long appreciated learning around survival with Stan and Joey Zuray, Charlie and also “Bob” Wright, the Moore family and also Jamie Roberts.

Now, let’s think about where the present is today…


What taken place to Yukon Men?

Yukon guys wasn’t renewed because that an eighth season.

Distractify note that possibly the show’s ratings no warrant renewal. The source also draws attention to the show’s moving nature end the years, addressing the advent of dramatic reenactments, with the cast dramatising moment which had actually happened.

However, audiences have the right to expect to examine out fan-favourite Stan Zuray in a brand new show…

The Stan Project

“The goal of this project is to present a different way of life with the eyes of a male who has overcome so lot to be able to live the method he does. It’s around finding happiness and also working in the direction of something meaningful. It’s about exploring what gives you purpose and also finding the ship to follow it yourself.”

Continued: “We seldom take the time to evaluate what us have and hopefully this project will inspire you come live in a an ext thoughtful way. We hope to encourage others to discover the strength and perseverance in ~ themselves come live their own ideal life.”

Filming started in the summer that 2019.

It’s uncertain as soon as the documentary will be released but you deserve to follow the page on Instagram because that updates and also head over to the website.

In other news, let’s talk Masterchef.

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