Buddy Valastro to be just presented to Food Network audiences on Buddy vs. Duff, a really weird show, and also now his original series is returning to television after almost two years off the air—but Cake Boss won’t it is in on either TLC or Food Network.

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Instead, Cake Boss is return on discovery Family for its main season nine. If episodes have aired on discovery Family and also Food Network, the show’s original home was TLC.

It premiered 10 year ago, and aired new episodes with the end of 2017. Cake Boss aired numerous specials and gave means to numerous spin-offs, including Next great Baker, Kitchen Boss, and also Buddy’s Bakery Rescue.

The present is now relocating to a smaller, rather less-visible network (what used to be discovery Kids and later The Hub) despite Buddy’s visibility on a higher-profile network.

Buddy has an additional show, Bake friend Rich, at this time airing top top Food Network, and also that’s a competition, like all of Food Network’s other shows (and choose the recently-concluded Buddy vs. Duff, on i m sorry Buddy shed the competition come Food Network continual Duff Goldman).

Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman, that compete versus each other on girlfriend vs. Duff. (Photo by Food Network)

Perhaps a documentary-style collection like Cake Boss just doesn’t fit on Food Network, or maybe the relocate to discovery Family is making use of his present to shot to lug attention and viewers come a smaller sized network.

Cake Boss—which will certainly air Saturdays at 9 beginning May 18—isn’t just about Buddy, due to the fact that it adheres to what’s happening in ~ Carlo’s Bakery, which has actually a bigger staff. Buddy referenced lock in his push release quote:

“The famiglia and also I room back, baby! Season ripe is easily one of our craziest through cakes and also Carlo’s Bakery shenanigans … we love the opportunity to bring a small bit the Hoboken in to everyone’s homes!”

Here’s exactly how the network defined the present and new season:

“Buddy’s creative thinking works in overdrive this season as the amazing cake concepts from his plenty of consultations become a reality. Dedicated to his continuous mission to attain his late father’s dream of make Carlo’s Bakery a family members name, fans will witness friend in some of his most surprising instances yet. This season, Buddy and his crew architecture some the the many wild creations to come the end of the series including an epic fire-breathing dragon cake developed with pyrotechnics, a drive-in movie theater cake finish with a built-in projector screen and also even a beef jerky cake! more than 50 years and also thousands of customers later, Buddy and also his team proceed to find a means to embrace every new an obstacle and develop sweets the are bigger than life.”

CAKE BOSS functions Buddy Valastro and also his Carlo’s Bakery crew as they produce amazing cakes of all shapes and also sizes. Family always comes first, and also Buddy’s team contains his 4 sisters, two brothers-in-law and cousins. They along with expert bakers, decorators and also sculptors are tested each mainly to make the difficult both feasible and edible. Together, castle tackle mechanical cakes, coherent cakes, meat cakes and everything in between. No issue what the challenge, the Valastros prove the when family members works together anything and everything is possible!”


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