Game Clock

The video game clock in basketball keeps monitor of the amount of time in the current half or quarter throughout a game. The game clock differs between the NBA and also NCAA since the NCAA plays two 20 minute halves when the NBA plays 4 12 minute quarters. The game clock is the official clock offered for every games and also referees can stop pat in bespeak to change it or make sure it is correct. The game clock is mostly stopped through timeouts through coaches, players, or referees, however, fouls or other stoppages can happen that halt the game clock.

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NBA game Clock


In the NBA, there are 4 quarters that each critical 12 minutes. In one NBA basketball game, the game clock will start with 12 minute on the clock and tick till it will zero. Once the clock reaches zero, the quarter ends. Again, there are plays transparent a video game that can also stop the video game such as fouls and also timeouts.

College Basketball game Clock


In university basketball, there space two halves, every lasting 20 minutes. Obviously, this different from the video game clock that the NBA, however, the rules neighboring the game clock and also stoppages stay the same. Simply as in the NBA, the video game clock starts and also ticks until it reaches zero, when the clock get zero, the half ends. However, the video game clock starts at 20 minutes and ends in ~ zero in this case.

Buzzer Beaters

A buzzer-beater is when a player renders a basket when the game clock access time zero. Usually, the hatchet buzzer-beater is in recommendation to a game-winning shot but you can additionally hit a buzzer-beater at the end of a fifty percent or quarter. As long as the ball leaves a player"s hands before the game clock getting to zero, climate the basket will certainly still counting if that is made. Buzzer beaters are rather rare, yet when they take place in a video game they are interesting for fans and players.

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Game Clock Stops

As mentioned above the video game clock constantly ticks, however it will certainly temporarily stop once the ball is claimed dead by a referee. Below are some of the reasons the video game clock stops:

A foul is assessedA player is injuredA timeout is calledA referee stop play because of a video review or resolving of the video game clock

Once the round is put back into play v a jump round or throw-in, the game clock beginning ticking again. It does not protect against unless over there is one more stoppage the play. The game clock in the stadion is additionally matched by the video game clock top top television during the broadcast. This can regularly lead to technological difficulties between the clock ~ above tv and also in the stadium.