Why Smallville lost 3 Main characters After Season 7 Smallville had actually to rebuilt its cast in season 8 after shedding three main characters (Lex, Lionel, and Lana) in season 7. Here"s why the happened.

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Smallville shed three of its original actors members all reasonably close together in season 7. Lana (Kristin Kreuk), Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), and Lionel (John Glover) all left the show in the exact same season. Every three characters had been approximately since the pilot. Kreuk and also Rosenbaum were series regulars native the really beginning, while john Glover’s Lionel Luthor to be a recurring personality in season 1 prior to being offered a much bigger function starting in season 2.

A few episodes prior to the end of the season, Lionel was murdered through Lex in a minute that solidified his revolution into the evil DC Comics villain. Together for Lana, she disappeared in the season 7 finale, through Clark (Tom Welling) finding a goodbye video clip where she breaks up v him and explains that the world needs him more than she does. In the same episode, Lex — having just uncovered Clark’s secret — challenged off with Clark in ~ the Fortress the Solitude and also was presumably killed in their final confrontation. None of the three returned as collection regulars in season 8.

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Some have actually wondered why Smallville had to lose Lex, Lionel, and also Lana in simply one season. The reason for that is tied come the fact that the actors’ contract lasted v season 7. Tom Welling and also Allison Mack had theirs extended, but both Kreuk and Rosenbaum wanted to leave the show. Kreuk, that played the command character in Street Fighter: The Legend the Chun-li throughout the filming of season 7, i ordered it to appear in much less episodes towards the end, i m sorry is why she remained in a coma for part of the season. Kreuk had decided to part ways with Smallville once her contract was up so the the actress might move on to other projects. Rosenbaum left Smallville for the exact same reason, however had an additional one together well: he declared he was exhausted of constantly shaving his head come play Lex.

It would certainly seem that Lionel Luthor was removed from the display for story-related purposes. Glover has said in the past that his character would certainly be “useless” when Lex rotate evil, partly because Lionel’s importance to the show was tied directly to his partnership with Lex. He finished up having actually a vital dynamic v Clark, however it appears that this wasn’t enough to justify keeping him around for another season. Together a result, Smallville was put in a place where it had to rebuilt its cast in season 8 by having Green arrowhead (Justin Hartley) come to be a key character, make Lois (Erica Durance) Clark’s main love interest, and also introducing tess (Cassidy Freeman) together a replacement for Lex.

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Lana, Lex, and also Lionel quit being main to Smallville after season 7, but all three returned to the collection in part capacity. Lana came back for a wire of guest appearances in season 8 to effectively wrap up she romance v Clark, and an alternative universe version of Lionel Luthor offered as a rogue in the show’s last season and also played a duty in Lex’s resurrection. A different actor (whose challenge was never ever shown) had actually to beat Lex in season 8, yet Rosenbaum did end up reprising the role in the Smallville series finale.