If over there were ever before a factor to be happy around Julie Plec never really killing characters on The Vampire Diaries , Alaric Saltzman"s return is it. When The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premieres on Thursday, Alaric will officially it is in a series regular again after dying at the finish of Season 3. And, if it"s reason for solemn event because, frankly, Elena could really use the guidance right now and also he"s among the series" ideal characters, TVD fans should additionally be concerned. The circumstances bordering Alaric"s death were confusing, intricate, and resulted in Elena coming to be a vampire (which to be HUGE, obviously), so how will that influence who he"s become in Season 6?

You"ve more than likely forgotten all around the details the Alaric"s death — i don"t reference you, there to be a hell the a lot going on in ~ time. Alaric"s downward spiral to be tragic and messy and also it happened at the elevation of Klaus and Original vampire mania ~ above TVD. And, well, his death was sort of eclipsed by the truth that ELENA ended up being A VAMPIRE. Talk around stealing someone"s thunder, large time.

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So, now that Alaric"s earlier and better than ever before as a university professor in TVD Season 6, just take a moment to really let the sink in just how he finished up on The other Side in the an initial place.

The Gilbert Ring


The Gilbert Ring seems like such a excellent idea in theory — a human can"t be killed by a mythological while wearing it — yet it"s actually a devastating idea. Alaric passed away a startling number of times prior to his final death on TVD because he didn"t recognize there were after-effects to relying so heavily on the ring. Each time the died, however, he ended up being vulnerable to interference while he waited to it is in resurrected, i beg your pardon leads us to the actual reason Alaric died.

Esther Mikaelson"s Intervention


Every time Alaric died, Esther Mikaelson — you know, the original Witch — manipulated his spirit before he resurrected, bring about Alaric"s dark transform ego. This "Evil Alaric" come out while constant Alaric proficient black-outs and also essentially ended up being a blood-thirsty vampire hunter. But Esther"s final intervention came as soon as she turn Alaric right into an amplified Original Vampire so that he might finally death her children. This amplified Original, quite than gift bound to the White Oak tree choose Klaus and also his siblings, was bound to the doppelgänger"s life, aka Elena, which created a loophole in the Immortality assignment that required Alaric to die as soon as Elena died. And also so...

Alaric"s Death


Alaric didn"t finish up succeeding in killing the initial siblings since Rebekah took it upon herself to make certain that Elena died first. By to run Matt Donovan"s vehicle off the road, Elena was killed, hence killing Alaric and transforming her right into a vampire since she"d been given vampire blood by Meredith in the hospital. As soon as Alaric died, he went to The various other Side v every other supernatural creature, whereby he to be able to show up as a ghost throughout subsequent TVD seasons.

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As much as Alaric"s Season 6 return, we"re not totally sure of his existing supernatural status. It"s entirely possible that he"s now just a plain, old initial Vampire now that his bond come Elena"s life was damaged by death and also her change into a vampire. BUT, if Esther"s magic isn"t established by Elena"s superordinary status, Alaric"s life could still be attached to Elena"s even now that she"s a vampire. That would certainly make things amazing for TVD Season 6, however it wouldn"t necessarily be a game-changing revelation. Unless, you know, Elena"s trying to death herself in the wake up of Damon"s death.