Everyone think whitetail deer fawns space cute and playful. If you are an avid hunter, the is crucial to become familiar v the life bicycle of the whitetail deer, beginning with that is birth.

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One way I track fawns and does are with trail cameras.  Even if you are a no hunter and also want to store track of them once you space not around, this is the answer. 

A doe goes right into estrus in the fall, which means whitetail deer fawnsare normally born sometime in between late April and also early July.

Does birth one, two or sometimes three fawns. Though triplets room notas common, pair fawns are often spotted through recreational sporting activities personsand hunters.

At birth, white tail fawns have a spotted reddish coat that isfairly silky. There may be number of hundred spots on the coat. Thespots allow the fawn come camouflage itself, v the colorsblending well through the surrounding natural environment. They usuallyweigh in between 4 come 8 pounds at birth.

The whitetail fawn loser itsspots through the end of October of the very same year it was born, or within 3to 4 months after birth. Come me now is a good time to put out part cameras to watch what if any fawns are born in your area.

 Even because that the non-hunter it is so an excellent to watch the fawn flourish into being an adult. 

Natural Protection

The fawn is likewise weaned by the moment it loser its spots. By Novemberthe average whitetail masculine fawn will weigh close come 80 to 85 pounds,and the mrs fawn will certainly weigh 75 to 80 pounds.

As the point out disappear,the fawn"s coat also changes native its reddish color to a grayish wintercoat. The buck fawn"s face grows a little bit darker in color but the bellyremains white.

When a fawn is born the is odorless so that predators are notattracted come its location. In reality the mom doe will stayaway native the fawn because that a few days so the her odor does no rub off onthe fawn or entice predators come the area where the fawn is hidingwhile obtaining strength.

when a fawn detects danger it will remainperfectly still. Fawns that live previous the an initial week have actually a great chanceof making it through to adulthood.

Mom to the Rescue

Fawns typically don"t make any noises except for occasional bleatingwhen in distress. When the fawn bleats and the doe is unable to watch thefawn, she will certainly come to run to the fawn"s rescue. A doe and also her fawnslive as a family members group till the fawns room weaned.

Sometimes multipledoes and whitetail deer fawns will group together. Interestingly, thearea whereby the fawn is born usually becomes that is adult habitat.






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