Country music singer Deana Carter remembers 1996 as soon as she to be 30 year old and her tune of a bittersweet, hot summer night traction on the heartstrings of nation music fans throughout the nation.

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“Strawberry Wine,” currently celebrating the 25th anniversary, increased to number one ~ above the country music chart as the song topped the end on she debut album “Did I cut My Legs for This.”

Carter and her music producer didn’t understand her very first taste of fame was constructed into the album together they were busy at radio stations that year cultivating the album’s lead tune “I’ve Loved sufficient to Know.”

“I would play a couple of song on mine guitar and also the phones (in the station) would light up. Civilization were prefer ‘we favor that strawberry song,’” Carter recalled freshly in a telephone interview native her residence in Florida.

The fans, she said, driven the tune to enough sales to earn her first number one hit on the Billboard country Music chart. And also she recalled signing more than a few autographs on party of Boone’s farm Strawberry Hill wine.

Carter will carry “Strawberry Wine” and her gallery of songs for a concert in ~ the Bell Auditorium in Augusta on march 26 and also the Classic facility in Athens on march 27.

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Outside music, Carter claimed she enjoys being creative with house projects and while she drives a Mercedes around town, she and also her husband likewise own vehicles the time has actually touched, a 1978 Jeep and also an old Ford F-250 pickup.

“I work-related on cars. Human being don’t recognize that about me,” the memory an equipment said. “I love vintage cars. My dad always worked top top those v my brother.”