Chickens discover themselves in countless English expressions. And one relates to our sins or mistakes. Hear to uncover out more!


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Like numerous languages, English loves come use animals in expressions. So, now let"s talk around chickens!

English has several chicken expressions that explain human behavior.

For example, if you are an early riser, we can say you wake up up with the chickens.

If you space fearful of something, you might be referred to as a chicken.

And if girlfriend run approximately in a crazy method -- or just an extremely busy -- friend are stated to it is in running about like a chicken through its head cut off.

But now we are going to explore an expression v a little an ext meaning.

Today, us talk about our previous mistakes and also sins – the negative things we have actually done. We all have actually them. Yet the concern is: will they come back to haunt us? will they cause us problems?

But what walk our past sins have to do v chickens?

The answer is discovered in this expression: “Your chickens have come residence to roost.”

For a chicken, come roost way to clear up down for rest or sleep. For us, however, the expression is no at every restful. When our chickens come home to roost, it way our previous mistakes or wrongdoings have actually come earlier to cause us problems.

This happened with a guy named Alex. He to be very great at one point – lying. That lied to world at work. That lied come every woman he met. That lied to his neighbors and even come his family.

Then one day, he acquired into serious trouble with the police. He was accused the stealing indigenous his workplace. And also this time, the was not guilty. But no one thought him, and no one involved help. After years of lying to people, his chicken had ultimately come residence to roost. He was on his own.

This expression is likewise used one more way. Poor things might happen come you if you great for negative things to take place to others. When offered this way, us say, “Curses, choose chickens, come house to roost.” A curse is prefer a wish for something bad to take place to who else.

Let’s say two friends called Karen and Daniel have a falling-out – a huge fight. Their connection is really damaged and also probably will not it is in repaired. As soon as telling the story the the fight to his brother, Daniel says, “I expect Karen loses her project or something else really negative happens come her.”

Daniel’s brother cautions him, “You must be cautious what you expect for. You know, curses, choose chickens, come residence to roost.”

And that’s all the time we have for this Words and their Stories. Until next time … i’m Anna Matteo.

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Anna Matteo created this for VOA learning English. Susan Shand and also Ashley Thompson to be the editors.