A long vowel is a collection sound that is pronounced the same means as the name of the letter itself. For example, the long U sound is pronounced like "yoo," as would certainly be the case in words favor "lure" and "tube." through contrast, the short U sound is pronounced much more like "uh," together in words like "cub" and "tub."

Long vowel words, then, space words the contain a lengthy vowel sound. It"s necessary to note that the spelling the a word and also the means it sounds don"t always match up so perfectly. Words prefer "few" and also "beauty" also contain the lengthy U sound. Similarly, the long A sound in "bake" and "gate" can also be spelled choose "ay" (as in "pay") or "ai" (as in "paid"), amongst other variations.

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To understand this further, let"s look at some much more keolistravelservices.com of lengthy vowel words.

Long vowel Words Chart

Now that you know long vowels, examine out this vowel Words graph to find vowels with each that the long vowel pronounciation sounds:


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Long collection Words in Sentences

A an excellent way come understand exactly how long vowel words occupational is to watch them in activity in full sentences.

Long A Words

The long A sound is featured in the native in bold.

Can friend bake me a cake?There"s no way I"m going to pay because that that.At this rate, they"ll never ever come home.Jenny walk it for the fame and also fortune.Did girlfriend hear around the raid on the executive"s office?

Long E Words

The long E sound is featured in the indigenous in bold.

To be or no to be. The is the question.Pete plans come see she again soon.The gymnast excels top top the high beam.The actions was deemed inappropriate by the ethics board.That was rather the scene in ~ the deli.

Long ns Words

The long I sound is featured in the words in bold.

Sara and also I room going to the movies.The pine needles room everywhere!You"ll discover the jam in the bread aisle.Take a right rotate at the following intersection.Everything is going to be just fine.

Long O Words

The long O sound is featured in the words in bold.

The Lone Ranger is a well known fictional character.The nation road isn"t paved.Herbert was so excited, he began jumping up and down.Can you fetch me a hoe indigenous the garden shed?The tow van arrived just in time.

Long U Words

The long U sound is featured in the native in bold.

The rude waitress tho hasn"t taken our order.Have you watched the Statue that Liberty?The Duke and also Duchess of York checked out recently.With a queue favor that, we have the right to expect a very long wait.There the is, best on cue.

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Read and also Read

The English language is filled through all sorts of confuse words and even letters, like when "y" functions as a vowel. Words "read" can rhyme through "fed" (short E sound), however it can additionally rhyme v "seed" (long E sound), relying on which verb it s too dirty you"re trying to use through "read." together you proceed to brush up on your knowledge of vowels and how they work, why not examine words that end in a silent E? There are a the majority of them! for something more creative, check out these assonance keolistravelservices.com too.