We'll offer you the names of a couple of different U.S. States, and you try to guess: v the one state that touches every one of them. (No peeking in ~ a map!)

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Answer: Maryland

Maryland shares the Delmarva Peninsula with tiny Delaware, and also our nation’s funding sits top top the bokeolistravelservices.comer in between Maryland and Virginia. Pennsylvania also bokeolistravelservices.comers Maryland, to the north.

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Answer: Idaho

Idaho is bokeolistravelservices.comered by Oregon (and Washington) to the west, Montana to the northeast, and also Utah to the southeast. It shares a bokeolistravelservices.comer with Nevada and also Wyoming together well. If friend really want come test her deep-cut understanding of state lore, watch if you have the right to identify the U.S. State from just its flag!

Answer: Massachusetts

Those teeny new England states have the right to be tricky! yet Massachusetts is the only among them that straight bokeolistravelservices.comers both Vermont and Rhode Island. Massachusetts is additionally neighbors through Connecticut, brand-new Hampshire, and new York.

Answer: Arkansas

Tennessee bokeolistravelservices.comers eight states, yet Arkansas is the only one of those that likewise shares a bokeolistravelservices.comer with Texas!

Answer: Nebraska

Nebraska is smack in the facility of the contiguous 48 states—as a issue of fact, the specific geographical spot falls roughly 12 miles southern of the Nebraska-Kansas bokeolistravelservices.comer. Below are some an ext unusual roadside attractions from every state.

Answer: Minnesota

Along the Canadian bokeolistravelservices.comer, phibìc Dakota is Minnesota’s neighbor to the west. But it’s trickier come remember that Minnesota likewise bokeolistravelservices.comers Wisconsin; the Badger State and also Lake superior bokeolistravelservices.comer Minnesota to the east.

Answer: Wyoming

This state—the one through the smallest populace of every 50—gets its surname from a aboriginal American wokeolistravelservices.com, though historians are separated on precisely what it way (the most popular theory is “at the large plains”). Learn exactly how every other state in America acquired its moniker!

Answer: Kentucky

You may have actually thought this one was one more Midwestern state favor Iowa, however no! Kentucky is the just state the bokeolistravelservices.comers all 3 of this states; they every sit directly over it (in alphabet okeolistravelservices.comer, no less).

Answer: Missouri

Missouri could be the state human being forget most often when naming every 50, however it’s actually the state that bokeolistravelservices.comers the most others! Well, that tied for that honor through Tennessee—they both touch a full of eight various other states. Go ahead, counting ’em!

Answer: Pennsylvania

The Keystone State bokeolistravelservices.comers 6 others. In enhancement to new York, Delaware, and, yes, Midwestern Ohio, Pennsylvania likewise bokeolistravelservices.comers Maryland and also West Virginia. Test exactly how well you understand your state nicknames through our quiz.

Answer: Texas

This one can stump you—how might this deep-South neighbor to Mississippi and also the desert state of new Mexico re-superstructure a neighbor?—until girlfriend remember that the largest state in the contiguous United claims is down there v them. Regardless of its size, though, Texas just bokeolistravelservices.comers four U.S. States—it bokeolistravelservices.comers Oklahoma and also Arkansas in addition to new Mexico and also Louisiana.

Answer: West Virginia

Did we acquire you with this one by leaving the end Virginia itself? that course, the mountain State bokeolistravelservices.comers Virginia, too. Confused about why West Virginia, of all states, is nicknamed “the hill State”? Learn how every state in America acquired its nickname.

Answer: Oklahoma

Kansas likewise comes close, but it doesn’t rather reach the northwest corner of Arkansas!

Answer: Iowa

This tiny state is more than likely farther west 보다 you think—it in reality touches the mount Rushmore State!

Answer: Georgia

This can sound counter-intuitive—how deserve to Georgia re-publishing a bokeolistravelservices.comer with both if it’s south of southern Carolina? but the west edge of phibìc Carolina extends beyond the edge of its southern neighbor, far sufficient south come touch Georgia too! If you did fine on this quiz, you’re more than likely ready to watch how plenty of states you deserve to identify ~ above a totally empty map!

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