Another word for “Oh mine God”!!! There room so plenty of ways to say “Oh mine God” the you deserve to use. Listed below are common ways because that English students.

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Ways of speak “Oh mine God”

OH my GOD is one exclamation variously expressing disbelief, frustration, excitement, or to express anger. That abbreviation, OMG, is widely used in digital communication.

Oh gosh!O.M.G!Goodness gracious me!Oh my!Holy molyFor heaven’s sake!Oh Jesus!Blimey!For the love the God!Gosh almighty!Shitting Hell!That is ceiling sick!Heavens to Betsy!Holy crapOh mine goodness!Oh boy!

Examples of oh My God Synonyms

Oh gosh!

Oh gosh, that was a bad time in my life.


O.M.G! I’ve to let go the train.

Goodness gracious me!

Goodness gracious me! ” exclaimed the Faun.

Oh my!

Oh my, i think we’re walking hunting.

Holy moly

Holy moly. That must have actually been embarrassing.

For heaven’s sake!

For heaven’s sake, revolve down that music!

Oh Jesus!

Oh Jesus! the was scary.


Blimey, what a most food!

For the love of God!

For the love the God, phone call me what that said!

Gosh almighty!

I understand you’ve had actually a lengthy day at work, but gosh almighty, is the too much to ask because that you come take out the trash?

Shitting Hell!

Shitting Hell! i just broke that plate!

That is bare sick!

That is ceiling sick! I’ve missed the train.

Heavens to Betsy!

Heavens come Betsy! ns forgot to turn off the iron.

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Holy crap

Holy crap! This video clip hit 10 million just in one day!

Oh my goodness!

Oh mine goodness, it’s virtually 12:30.

Oh boy!

Oh boy! That’s great!

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