Ice cream...everyone loves it, right? Sure. Yet there room some parts of the nation that space obsessed with this cool treat. Therefore who eats the most ice cream in America?

This infographic from Bundle pinpoints what cities and states consume the most ice cream and frozen yogurt every capita. It transforms out the occupants of Long Beach, California enjoy it the most. Dallas come in 2nd while the Philadelphia ranked third.

Researchers discovered that as soon as it involved the highest consumers per state, the District of Columbia topped the list. Rhode Island and also Wisconsin came in 2nd and third, respectively. 

The infographic additionally has info on the top five ice cream chain in the country. Did you recognize the best marketing flavor at Ben & Jerry" is Cherry Garcia? Or that Baskin Robbins has actually 2,400 ice cream cream chains throughout the unified States? 

Check out various other cool facts by reading below. If you feel inspired, friend can shot your hand at making homemade ice cream.

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