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The stocktire dimension on the 94-00 V6 Mustang is 205/65/R15 mounted on a 15" X 7" rim.But what walk this mean?RIM elevation (15") Thediameter the the rim, which is also the diameter the the hole opening ofthe tire. Girlfriend MUST complement tire inter feet diameter to rim height.Which means you cannot placed a 16" tire on a 17" rim.RIM width (7") Thewidth in between the flanges the the wheel. (the component the bead the the tiretouches).SECTION broad (205 millimeters) Thelinear distance between the exterior of the sidewalls of an inflated tirewithout any load on the (this does not include any type of sidewall increased lettering).SECTION elevation (65% of SectionWidth) Thisis also known as the facet Ratio. This is figured ~ above a percentageof the ar width. A tire dimension of 205/65R15 would have a sectionwidth that 205 millimeters and a section height of 65 percent of 205 millimetersor 133.25mm.R:The "R" method Radial.UPGRADING come "BIGGER" TIRESIt isimportant to maintain around the SAMEoverall stock tire height when upgrading to 16" or 17" or even 18" rimsand tires. In reality, you space not placing on "BIGGER" tires.You are placing on broader tires through a lower profile. This is knownas add to Sizing.PLUS SIZING

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Plussizing is among the easiest means to attain enhanced performance and also improvethe appearance of her vehicle. In the instance above, a 15X7 wheelwith a 205/65/R15 tires is considered the O.E. (original equipment) size.Converting to a to add 1 size would mean enhancing the wheel diameter by1" (16X7 (or 7.5 or 8)) and also selecting an suitable tire come fit (225/55/R16).Likewise, moving to a to add 2 fitment would an outcome in a 17X8 (or 9) wheeland a 245/45/R17 tire. That is crucial to note that although thewheel diameter is increasing, the as whole diameter, or height, of the tireremains consistent. Together a matter of fact, this method typically maintainsthe all at once diameter that the tires within +/- .25 inches. This is crucialto keeping the speedometer reading and gear ratio. Acouple of things take place with the tire to rise performance as soon as we beginto move right into plus sizes. First, the tires is broader (section width) and also thereforegives a larger footprint. Second, the sidewall becomes much shorter (aspectratio) and much more rigid. The two added together give better lateralstability and increased steering response.DETERMINING TIRE elevation TireHeight = Rim elevation + 2 (Section Height).You will notice that tire sizes room measured in 2 units, millimetersand inches. To save things simple, it is finest to convert to ONE unit.I will usage inches. To transform millimeters to inches division by 25.4(Example: 205mm/25.4=8.07" or 8"). So, the stock tire is 8.07" wide.To recognize the section height, take it the aspect Ratio time the tire width.On the stock tire, the element Ratio is 65 or 65 percent that the width.Therefore, the section height on the stock tires is 8.07" X .65 = 5.2455"or rounded off, 5.25 inches. Remember, there space two ar heightswhen identify the overall height the the tire. The rim size is15 inches. Plugging these numbers into the tire dimension formula, wehave:Stock Tire height = 15" + 2(5.25") which equates to 25.5 inches.EXAMPLES OF some TIRE SIZESTHAT YOU can UPGRADE TO
you willnotice the the overall heights of the instances are within a 4 minutes 1 inchof every other also though the rim dimension varies native 15 to 18 inches.The table over is not all inclusive. There are various other sizes thatcan be utilized. These space the an ext popular sizes once upgrading.HOW "BIG" can I GO? Ipersonally think the "ideal" size to update to is 245/45/R17 on the V6Mustang. However, friend can quickly go "BIGGER." part peoplehave upgraded come 255/40/R17 in front and also 275/40/R17 in the behind withoutany problems of rubbing ~ above the fender well. Remember, that through twodifferent size on a car, the tires can not be rotated. Also, rememberthat "BIGGER" also means more $$$$ for the rims and also tires. A 18"or 20" tire deserve to easily expense in overfill of $300 each, to add the cost of therim.