When Khloe Kardashian announced a denim line because that every body, ns pulled out my credit card and also waited patiently to provide her every my money.

I collection various alarms on mine phone to make certain I wouldn"t miss out on the October 18 launch ofGood American. (As who who"s bought a Kylie Lip Kit, I know how quickly Kardashian-Jenner merch selling out.)

All told, ns ordered $1,868 precious of great American denim. Since the sizes run the gamut, ns asked a couple of friends to assist me through a straight- and also plus-size review. It was a bumpy ride...

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Good American is a premium denim line that goes from a size 0 to 24 and also ranges indigenous $149 come $215 per pair. It"s sold exclusively at Nordstrom.

photo: Instagram/khloekardashian

The collection provides three fits:

GOOD CUTS: accessible in four styles, these have actually a skinny, friend fit v a slimming hip and also classic directly leg.

GOOD WAIST: This cut only comes only in one style. The claims: butt-lifting, high-rise, and corset-like slimming with ample elasticity.

GOOD LEGS: There room 15 layouts to choose from here, every one of which have actually hip and also leg sculpting modern technology and a slim fit.

GOOD CUTS: ns ordered these in 18 and also 20. For reference, I"m 5"4" and I generally wear a dimension 18. I absolutely needed the 20 because that these jeans, which cost $215.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/MariaFischer

When I first put castle on, the jeans felt exceptionally soft and also stretchy. I had the ability to bend down, squat, and also not feel limited at all.

But the sizing for great Cuts runs little if you"re plus. I had actually a tough time zipping increase the size 20.

Another gripe: The holes hit in ~ the many awkward areas on my body. The one top top my upper thigh is so high the you can see my panties — say thanks to God ns wore Sonseeanti-chaffing undies or my stomach (and probably vagina) would have actually been out for anyone to see.

The length of the jeans appeared awkward top top me. Ns tried rolling lock slightly but they turned into capris.

These jeans were designed because that a straight-size body and also sized up because that a plus-size body. Girlfriend can"t placed a feet on the belly area the a jean for a plus-size girl. Not cool, Khloe.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/MariaFishcer

Here"s my coworker Alle in the same an excellent Cut blue jeans — color Blue015, tho $215. She"s 5"10" and also is put on the jeans in her usual size, i m sorry is a 2.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/JessicaTorres

From Alle: On first glance, ns was NOT right into these — they"re irradiate wash, loose-legged denim with a bunch of feet in the front and a high waist.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/JessicaTorres

That"s just SCREAMING to look bad on me. However they surprised me, in that when I rolling up the hem a couple times (they"re meant to it is in cropped, but they"re one awkward length anyway), i actually believed they were cute! My target looked great, i beg your pardon is clearlyvery vital to me.

The denim itself is thin, soft, and really stretchy, which makes them comfy. They"d be good weekend lazing blue jeans if castle didn"t cost $215.

That said, the feet in the former look like a cheap DIY. The sizing is likewise weird. They fit me through the thigh, but the waist is for sure massive; they void at the backwhen i bend end andI have the right to slip these on and off without unbuttoning them. Ns never ever before would have thought come order a size zero because that myself, yet I guess that"s my great American size. Vanity sizing, man. The end of control.

GOOD LEGS: we bought the great Legs in the White0022 color for $179 per pair. Here ns am attract (well, trying to wear) a dimension 18.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/MariaFischer

First I"ll it is in positive: they hit perfectly at my ankles and the stretch in the thighs was yes, really nice. I additionally thought the distressing and also holes were much more wearable because that the chillier months and for bigger bodies (read: my vagina wasn"t out).

The bad: These are not one 18, lock feel an ext like a 16 and they push right into my stomach to the point of pain. I can have to go as much as a 22 if I want to actually wear these and be able come breathe.

Here"s what Alle said around the precise same blue jeans in a dimension 2.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/JessicaTorres

When Jess organized these up, ns was like, "That is the smallest dimension 2 i have ever seen in mine life."

The jeans looked choose doll clothing lying on the table, and I did no think there to be any means I"d have the ability to cram mine ass right into them. Ns was wrong; these jeans have a many stretch. They"re usually leggings, they"re so stretchy.

But in the white color, they"re stretchy come the allude that you deserve to see EVERYTHING. I didn"t understand that us were doing this shoot today, so i wore my standard black undies, which you have the right to see! Clearly! girlfriend can also see the lace about the edge!

These jeans manage to it is in both really tight AND additionally quite large around the waist. Lock felt cheap to me.If i were going to wear these — i beg your pardon I"m not — I"d certainly need them taken in at least two inches in ~ the waist.

GOOD WAIST: us tried these $169 blue jeans on in the the shade Blue013. As soon as again, the dimension 18 fail me.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/MariaFishcer

The significant problem is the they wouldn"t zip, but they were also really tight around my calves and slightly looser in my thighs. Weird.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/MariaFischer

To me, these space basically jeggings. TBH, the high quality is no better than Forever 21.

Seriously perplexed by the sizing, we referred to as in our coworker Maria to try the an excellent Waists ~ above in a dimension 4." data-slide-position="10">

Seriously perplexed by the sizing, we called in our coworker Maria to shot the good Waists top top in a dimension 4.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/JessicaTorres

Maria is 5"7" and also usually wears a dimension 6.

Here"s what she had to say:

When Jessica inquiry me — a dimension 6 — to try the size 4 on, ns was nervous. When I purchase anything virtual – specifically “tight” denim — I generally order a dimension up.

However, I slid on the great Waist jeans in a size 4 and was shocked that they fit perfectly. The length, too, to be perfect and also I preferred the supervisor stretchy, comfortable feel of the material. The price is steep, however I genuinely think I’d purchase these.

I just would"ve never thought come order a dimension 4.

The an excellent Waist was also Alle"s favorite fit.

photo: keolistravelservices.com/JessicaTorres

At first glance, when again, ns was like, "There is no means these are gonna fit me." The dimension 2 looked cartoonishly small. But, similar to the other an excellent American jeans, they fit.

The silhouette is really tight but additionally stretchy and soft — prefer jeggings. The drawback is the they"re a little much shorter in the leg 보다 the other styles I tried on.

I preferred the tool blue wash, yet I"m no 100% offered on the distressed undertake lines roughly the hips— i alwaysfeel prefer those produce a monster vagina-bullseye effect.

Unlike the other jeans in this line, these flattened mine ass to a ridiculous degree. They provided me pancake butt, i beg your pardon is, like, opposing of the Kardashian brand.



- friend should absolutely size up. If you"re fuller in the stomach area, continue to be away from the good Cuts through all the holes.

- because that the great Legs and great Waist fits, i recommend going up 2 sizes.


- Ironically, based on our experience, us recommend that straight size customers order a dimension down, except maybe in the situation of the good Legs, i m sorry is a toss-up because that being true to size or a size smaller 보다 your usual.

FINAL thoughts

It"s exceptional that Khloe decided to be dimension inclusive through this heat (although, to add doesn"t protect against at a size 24...) and every one of the blue jeans are an extremely soft and stretchy. However next season she requirements to deal with the sizing and adapt the distressed and cut-up denim for rounder tummies. Us don"t want mom jeans, however we additionally don"t want a vast hole right alongside our cha-cha and also our belly roll.

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We also have significant questions about how well the extremely thin denim will organize up in the washer/dryer. And also similarly, how quick is the inseam the this thin denim going come disintegrate for girls that don"thave a thigh gap?

Plus-size fashion desperately needs much better options once it comes to higher end apparel — but, for the price tag, an excellent American demands some work.