A semicircle is one of the most common shapes seen in geometry in the form of a protractor. A semicircle is fifty percent of a circle and also some of the real-life instances that us see about us room a railway tunnel v which a train passes by, one igloo, fifty percent a watermelon, and also much more. Every these forms resemble a semi-circle while attracted on a 2D plane. In this article, we will be learning more about semicircle, the definition, and also the recipe - area and perimeter.

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1.What is Semicircle
2.Area the a Semicircle
3.Perimeter that a Semicircle
4.Circumference the a Semicircle
5.Angle inscribed in a Semicircle
6.FAQs top top Semicircle

What is Semicircle?

If a one is cut into half along the diameter, that fifty percent is dubbed a semicircle. The two cut halves are of equal measure. A semicircle can likewise be described as a half-disk and also it represents a round paper plate folded right into halves. There is one heat of the contrary in the semicircle the is taken into consideration as the reflection symmetry. Due to the fact that the semicircle is the fifty percent of a circle i m sorry is 360°, for this reason the arc the the semicircle always measures 180°.

Definition the a Semicircle

When one arc of a circle through its endpoints ~ above the diameter cuts a circle right into two equal halves, those halves are referred to as semicircles. That is the most usual shape we discover in genuine life, because that example, the form of the protractor, speedometer, taco, and also so on. The image below represents a semicircle PQR along with the arc and also the diameter (PQ) v both endpoints.


Area the a Semicircle

The area of a circle refers to the region or inner room of the circle. Since we understand that a semicircle is fifty percent a circle, the semicircle area will certainly be half of the area that a circle. So, the area the a one is πR2 whereby R is the radius that the circle. Hence,

Area that a Semicircle = πR2/ 2


π(pi) is 3.142 approximately

Perimeter the a Semicircle

The perimeter the a semicircle is not comparable to the area that the semicircle i.e. The perimeter is not the half perimeter of a circle. In fact, to calculate the perimeter that a semicircle we need to know either the diameter or radius the a circle together with the length of the arc. To determine the length of the arc the the semicircle, we require the one of a circle. Due to the fact that the one of a one is C = πd or C = 2πr, whereby C is the circumference, d is the diameter, and r is the radius, we have the right to determine the formula because that the perimeter that a semicircle i beg your pardon is:

The perimeter of a Semicircle = (πR + 2R) units, or after factoring the r, the perimeter of a semicircle = R(π + 2),


R is the radius of the semicircleπ(pi) is 3.142 approximately

Circumference of a Semicircle

The one of a semicircle is thought about the exact same as the semicircle perimeter as the perimeter is fifty percent the circle's circumference. A semicircle is composed of a directly line also which is the diameter the the circle, describing the distance about the shape. Therefore,

Circumference that a Semicircle = πR + 2R units

Angle enrolled in a Semicircle

The inscribed angle is a line drawn from each end of the diameter to any allude on the semicircle. No issue where the heat touches the semicircle, the angle that is inscribed is constantly 90°. In the below image, we have the right to see the edge B is at 90 degrees, and the diameter AC is 180°. Because a semicircle is half of a circle, the angle developed by the arc that provides the one a semicircle measure 180°.


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Semicircle Examples

Example 1: next to Dan's residence is a garden in the shape of a circle through a diameter the 12 yards, Dan desires to usage only half the garden because that a party, what is the perimeter of the part he desires to use?

Solution: We know that the diameter = 12 yards, we require to find the radius.

Radius = Diameter/2 = 12/2 = 6 yards

So, perimeter that a semicircle = R(π + 2) wherein π is 3.142

Perimeter = 6 (3.142 + 2)

Perimeter = 6 × 5.142

Perimeter = 30.852 yards

Therefore, the perimeter of half the garden the is going come be supplied by Dan is 30.852 yards.

Example 2: The radius the Rose's circular cake is 7 units. Uncover the area of half of the cake.

Solution: We understand that the radius = 7 units. The area the a semicircle = πR2/ 2 square units

So, through substituting the worth of the radius, Area = ((22/7) × 7 × 7)/2

Area = (22 × 7)/2

Area = 77 square units

Therefore, the area of half of Rose's cake is 77 square units

Example 3: uncover the circumference of a semicircle with a diameter of 8 units.

Solution: First, we need to discover the radius, radius = diameter/2 = 8/2 = 4 units. The formula to calculate the one of a semicircle is the very same as the perimeter. Hence,

Circumference = R(π + 2) units

Circumference = 4(3.412 + 2)

Circumference = 4 × 5.412

Circumference = 21.648 systems approximately

Therefore, the one of the given semicircle is 21.648 devices approximately.

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FAQs on Semicircle

What is the meaning of a Semicircle?

A semicircle is half of a circle. An arc in ~ a one connects native one end to the other developing the diameter that cuts the circle right into two equal halves which are the semicircles. Us can create two semi-circles from any circle. Few of the real-life examples of a semicircle are the shape of a protractor, the form of a round paper folded in half, etc.

How perform we calculate the Area the a Semicircle?

The area the a semicircle is the region within the semicircle. The is the exact fifty percent of the area the a circle, which is πR2, where R is the length of the radius of the circle. Hence, the area the the semicircle = πR2/ 2.

How perform we calculation the Perimeter of a Semicircle?

The perimeter that a semicircle is not half of a full circle perimeter. Instead, the perimeter and also the circumference room the same and also to calculate the perimeter that a semicircle we need the size of the arc and also the radius or diameter. Therefore the formula to calculate the perimeter is Perimeter the a Semicircle = (πR + 2R) units, whereby R is the size of the radius.

What is the edge Inscribed in a Semicircle?

The angle inscribed in a semicircle is a line from both the ends of the diameter to any point of the semicircle. The edge inscribed in a semicircle is constantly 90° or a ideal angle.

Is Perimeter and Circumference of a Semicircle Similar?

Yes, the perimeter and also the circumference of a semicircle space the same. Both stand for the boundary length which is the amount of the length of the arc and also the diameter the the semicircle.

What is the Diameter the a Semicircle?

Just prefer a normal circle, the diameter of a semicircle is simply twice the radius. If we kind a semicircle by cut a circle into two equal parts, then the diameter of the circle and the 2 semicircles created is the same.

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What is fifty percent a Semicircle Called?

Half a semicircle is dubbed a quadrant most times. But due to the fact that a semicircle have the right to be reduced into halves in many different ways, there is no specific term because that the parts.

What space the Semicircle Formulas offered in Geometry?

In geometry, the two key semicircle formulas that are offered are:

The formula to calculate the area of a semicircle v radius 'r' is offered as, Area the Semicircle = πR2/ 2 square unitsThe formula to calculate the perimeter/circumference the a semicircle through radius 'r' and also diameter 'd' is given as, The perimeter the Semicircle = (πR + 2R) units