Oceanography is the study of the composition and motion the the water column and also the procedures which are responsible for that motion.

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The major oceanographic processes influencing Australia"s continental shelf waters incorporate waves and also tides and wind-driven and also other oceanic currents. 

Australia is an island continent. This way that every state (excluding northern Territory and the ACT) is surrounded by s waters.

to the South however not bordered ~ above the Australian coast is the southern Ocean, to the West is the Indian Ocean and also to the east is the Pacific Ocean.


The shore of Australia is also bordered by numerous seas. The seas of Australia incorporate the Arafura sea which lies between northern Australia, Papua new Guinea and also Timor while the Coral sea lies between the phibìc east coast of Australia, Papua brand-new Guinea and also the Solomon Islands. The Tasman sea lies off the southern east coastline of Australia, in between Australia and brand-new Zealand.


Surrounding Australia is a shallow extension of the landmass recognized as the continent shelf. This shelf is fairly shallow, up that 200 meters deep compared to the countless meters deep in the open ocean, and extends external to the continental slope whereby the deep ocean begins.

Continental Shelf that Australia (light blue region)

over there are four major ocean currents that operate within Australias neighboring oceans and seas. 

These room the Indonesian Throughflow, the Leeuwin current, the Antarctic circumpolar current and the eastern Australian current.

Click this attach for an animation of Australia"s significant currents (from the CSIRO website).


as the name argues the Indonesian Throughflow is a system of currents the carries water from the west from the Pacific to the Indian s through the deep passages and also straits that the Indonesian Archipelago.

This is the only place in the human being where warm, equatorial waters circulation from one s to another. This heat tropical water influences the personality of the Leeuwin Current.

Click this connect for an computer animation of the Indonesian Throughflow current (from the CSIRO website).

Begins around mid-way along the western Australian coast and also flows under the coast and also around the bottom of west Australia. The Leeuwin current then operation Eastward throughout the great Australian Bight and reaches as far as the west coastline of Tasmania together the Zeehan Current.

This current move southward from close to Fraser Island in Queensland come the eastern coast that Tasmania. 

The east Australian current is usually stronger in summer, as soon as it reaches further south, regularly bringing through it north tropical types such together tuna and even large sea turtles complying with the existing into base Strait.

The eastern Australian current is a Western border current and is renowned for shedding eddies off the Queensland and new South Wales coasts.

The Antarctic Circumpolar present moves perpetually eastward chasing and also joining itself and at 21,000 kilometres in length, it comprises the world"s longest s current, delivering an estimated 165 million to 182 million cubic metres of water every second (a unit likewise called a “Sverdrup”) indigenous west come east, much more than 100 times the circulation of every the rivers on Earth. Delivering 130 million cubic m that water per 2nd (4.6×109 cu ft/s) 100 time the flow of all the world"s rivers. The extends from the sea surface ar to the bottom of the ocean, and encircles Antarctica.

the is an important for earth’s health since it keeps Antarctica cool and also frozen. It is also transforming as the world’s climate warms. It gives the main connection between the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The ACC is produced by the an unified effects of solid westerly winds throughout the southerly Ocean, and also the large change in surface ar temperatures in between the Equator and also the poles.

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Ocean density increases together water it s okay colder and as that gets more salty. The warm, salty surface ar waters of the subtropics are lot lighter than the cold, fresher waters close to Antarctica. We have the right to imagine that the depth of constant density level slopes up in the direction of Antarctica.